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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I am so pissed off about this bear situation at the gorge.

A man was attacked by a black bear at Red River Gorge..... and they've shut down the gorge til they catch and kill it....

Why kill it? I mean really... it bit a guys leg cause he had a fucking stick in his hand and his iphone in the other snapping pictures of it.... maybe it didnt want its picture taken.... well i mean obviously it didn't want its picture taken huh? hahahaa

But my point is this.... Your a god damned idiot if you go camping in a National Rustic Forest, and expect not to encounter wildlife... I m ean really.. they don't hunt down and kill sharks that bite people... why? Because them fucktards should know to watch for sharks... AND it's a risk u take when you hop your ass in the ocean.... DUH.... There are areas designated specifically for humans... it's called the city and your fucking house.... but when you put yourself into an animals territory your running a risk of an encounter with said animal... thats just how nature works...

I think it's retarded... I think the man is at fault, not the fucking bear.... people can be so stupid sometimes.

shut the fuck up already.

Ok, so the past week I've had to defend my beliefs over and over and over again... but let me say this... I don't question you when you say you love Jesus and Believe in God and all that jazz... because why? Because I don't fucking care... and it's not my fucking business... believe what you want to believe.. whatever makes you happy and life good is awesome.. believe your little hearts out.. BUT, when I tell you I don't believe in him then don't question me or look at me like I just farted.... leave me the fuck alone. lol I don't have to share your beliefs to be a good person, I don't need some made up being to help me live a good life... and I don't need your god damned hypocritical nonsense opinion about it either... YOU asked ME... I didn't just come up to you and be like hey guess what I don't believe in????? Don't ask questions that you don't really want the answers to.... Your belief in god doesn't make you any better of aperson than i am. DEAL WITH IT.... lol And leave me alone. Please. For fucks sake... Please!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Got asked by Seans boss if i would help run a Firework Store in Austin Indiana for them this year and of course I said I would.. lol So I've been working that from like 930 in the mornin til 8 or later at night... and it's not air conditioned in the building.. lol so I'm HOT all day... worn the fuck out I am... lol

But I'm enjoying working there, it's right up my alley and it's Indiana shit, not Ky shit so it's all the good stuff...hehe never gotten to (legally) sell the good stuff before. ;) Got to bring home some things tonight too... I have a 140 shot Cyber Candle... it's a roman candle u have to stick in the ground and it fires off 140 shots... it oughta be pretty f'n neat.. hehe Mik and Sean are out there burning them stupid snake things right now.. lol she loves the cheesy shit...

Had a really close friend of mine get really mad at me yesterday and even went so far as to say "I might lose her over this"....... that kinda dampered my day a little.. and I guess if I try to see it from a different perspective it's actually my fault... I asked that person to be a part of something that i wanted to share with them and a few others and they dont want to be part of it and i guess really doesnt me to either.... i can dig that... but theres a lot more to it, and it just hurt my feelings that someone i thought was truer than true to me made the statement that they would just walk away from me over this..... I told another friend of mine last night that I only want true friends, and by true, I mean that no matter WHAT i decided in life, your going to be there for me thru it... if I have to worry about you just bailing on me cause u disagree with my decision than thats not true... I give 150%to my friends and I expect the same... anyone not willing to give it back to me isn't really what I thought they were then.

We talked tho and worked it out.. and we are perfectly fine now... which relieves me.... but thats about all I'm gonna be able to say for now cause my laptop has 9 minutes of power left... lol

so I'll say tata. I stole more old pics from my photobucket tho so thursday I'll have something to post.. hehe not a new one, but it still works.. lol


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

good stuff go boom!

Seans boss owns a firework store and he asked me to help run it this year.. I'm so excited.. lol I'm very ready to work for a bit, and to get away from this house and all the lets get mad at robyn nonsense that happens always. My grandma raised her hand like she was going to hit me the other day... over some paint on the walls of the basement. She swore they were painted witht he wrong paint because my uncle told her we did it wrong.. and whatever said uncle says to her is like gods word.... but the situation as it really happend was this.... YES, we did use the wrong paint..... for the FIRST coat... I give you that, yes wrong paint for first coat... BUT, we used the RIGHT paint for the second coat. and the second coat is the one that matters right? I mean I'm pretty sure when I check out someones painting job, I don't scrape off a layer to see how it looks 2 layers down....

And on top of that nonsense, the 4th friggin coat we finally put on it just to appease all and let everyone think we are wrong like always... but it looks the EXACT same as it did. I can still rub my knuckle down it and my fingers white.... so the real paint isn't any better than what we did the first coat with..... it's just stupid.. and all I was trying to do was tell grandma that fine Iw ould go paint it Again. and she pulled her hand back like she was going to backhand me......

so yeah.... feelings a little hurt, but i should be used to it right? I do and do and do... I do absolutly everything I can for everyone but myself for as long as the hours of the day allows..... and then when its time for appreciation, it's nowhere to be found..... yay me.

But fuck all that... it's a new day and I figured out a way to get me some work instead of hover around grandmas til someone says hey robyn do this...... Yep... Seans boss asked me to help run his firework store in austin indiana. I ride with the other guy i work with everyday and we work open til close til the 4th... I'm so friggin excited... We went and wore my little ass out getting the store unpacked and stocked real neatly.... omg some of that shits heavy too.. lol but I'm STOKED that I get to sell indian fireworks this year... up to this point, the 8 times I've sold fireworks (in those tents you see everywhere) have been in KY where our firework laws teeter on elementary level shit.... omg they suck if it goes in the air or says boom too loud we can't have it, and they will get you for having them...... so yay to selling the good big BOOOOOOM stuff this year.. hehe and I get to do em for free... hehe yay again. lol

tired.... lol worked my little ass off today.. think I'm gonna hand the laptop over to my love so he can blow up innocent animals on his wild ones game that he's newly addicted to... lol


Thursday, June 17, 2010

did I mention this is stupid?

I subscribe to NORML NEWS and get the email newsletter every week.... well this weeks said a couple things that just strikes me funny.

1. Medical marijuana is now LEGAL in Colorado. I got a buddy in Denver.. might hafta move in with him.. lol

but 2. in Cali, for an adult, if you possess 28.5 grams or less of weed than it's not even a misdemenor.. it's called an "infraction" and they can't fine you anymore than 100 bucks plus court fees for it... it's not an arrestable offence in Cali anymore...

BUT, in KY, your second paraphenelia charge is a felony... a fucking FELONY.... this is insane to me......

I think laws should be laws... regardless of what fucking state you live in... how is it less illegal to smoke pot in california than in kentucky? that's so stupid.... shows just how ignorant our government is.

and whats even more stupid is that paraphenlia (i know i keep spelling that wrong lol) but par. is just like papers or a pipe or bong or something.. it's not even the actual drug and having rolling papers on you more than once is considered a FELONY in my state.... fucking stupid... stupid stupid stupid.

hnt borrowed

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i think its wrong that i think this is funny.... i think.

Sittin on the porch with a friend and my hun.. Supposed to have like wicked storms come thru our area and all we got was rain.... lots of rain....for like 15 minutes..then it went away.. lol

And in other news.,.......

It appears God has sacrificed his only son. Again.

hahahahahaa omg i cant believe the WASHINGTON POST worded it like this...... I fucking love it...

In case you didn't hear bout this,...

theres this 6 foot fucking tall statue of jesus and his hands all upreaching up in ohio somewhere.... it
s pretty ridiculous looking... tiny little churchand this HUGE statue in its yard.... silly.. that was tithing money well spent right? lmao anyway.... it got hit by lightning and caught fire..... heres the link http://www.mercurynews.com/news/ci_15304289?source=rss

Monday, June 14, 2010

it's the little things

Theres this kid that lives down the street from my grandmas house... he's always ben known as the theif of the neighborhood... he's stolen from my grandmas yard a few times... and me being me have always called him out on it and he'll try to act all hard or whatever but then backs down like the pussy he is.... and as you would imagine I make it known that he's a worthless little theif.. like if anyone ever like "you know charlie down the street" I'm like yeah that theiving little bastard I know that bitch why?" so that absolutly everyone I encounter knows exxactly how he is....... well....

This morning he popped off with something smart to a buddy of mine... and we're all just tired of dealing with him anyway, but then he hops on his bike and take off, well I happen to be walking to the store and little bitch boy passes me on his bike, stops and says to me... I got me a bat with all 3 of your names on it, just know that.... so i went on to the store and on my way back detoured to his fucking house... I was ready to see him use this bat on me and he's sitting on his little porch with his bat and I walk right up to him and he goes inside to get his mama...

Well I don't guess he realizes that his mama likes me pretty well so I'm all tellin her what he just said to me and all that and shes all get back in the fucking house and apologize to her, you don't talk that way to girls.. madder than a mother fucker at him.... (haha I got him in trouble) but anyway, I looked at his mama and serious as can be told her.. you better learn him to keep his mouth shut cause runnin it like that me, he won't come back to you one night.... Between my husband and the friends i have, I'm not scared of a soul... there isn't a persn out there who could harm me..... the ones who love me wouldn't ,let it happen.

I told Sean I don't understand whats so special about me but my friends love me.. I guess it's cause I'm trustworthy and thats rare to find anymore... but yeah the few that are real... are the best I've ever known and I'm a very lucky blessed person to have each and every one of them.
*One of the factors to me quitting my job was because after joe told that chic he was going to "smack the shit out of me" and I told sean and then sean told a few choice people... it was either quit or never let a single of my friends (or my husband) near that store again. I've had countless numbers of people tell me "I've known him for years but if he ever even threatens you again I'll be sure it's dealt with" and these are people that I met thru work that have known him for years.... but every one of them also will tell you that they know how he is and have just accepted that he's a dick... lol

I don't even care about that situation anymore though... I don't need anyone to take care of that, if i ever encountered hima nd he had one thing to say to me, I know enoughto bring him to his knees..... and I wouldn't even need skeletons anyway.....theres enough in your face things to bring him to his knees with... AND (not that i think he would at all because regardless of beiing a dick, he wouldn't hit a chic i don't think) but IF he did hit me..... I could handle that as well.... I can 100% confidently say that I could bring home a tooth or two for a prize against him... lol

But enough of that..... back to my original story...

My friend who he ran it to originally is like out for blood I'ma kill you typs person once he's pissed off and he was highly pissed off.. like he hovered around my house outside most the day just hoping he'd show up outside somewhere... Well, he came out once.. spotted my friend and bolted down the alley real quick....

well apparently while my other friend was out walking home he "found" little asshole down the street a couple streets down and ran up on him and let him know that he had a chance here....he could man up and appologize to me or he could get the dog shit beat out of him right then and there.... he agreed to appologize.

(I had NO IDEA about that part i just wrote k..k)

Well, me sean and mik are leaving to go feed the cats and asshole down the streets sitting outside and i could hear him yelling something at me.... which automatically kinda started pissing me off... so I hollered back.. hang on i cant hear you and walked my tiny little ass out to the street, instructed my child to stay in the yard regardless of anything and walked straight up to him expecting him to run his mouth... and instead he looked at me and said.... "I ran into your friend and we had a nice talk and him and i agreed that i owe you an apology" it was so fucking satisfiying how sincere he looked about it.... and scared out of his mind...... but me being me I couldnt be all sweet about it, i just said... good I deserved that. smiled and walked back to my yard and him to his...

hahahahahahaha but it was awesome.... I know to some of you it sounds just terrible but I think it's awesome........

Got to spend some time with my love yesterday..... we went flea marketing.. got a couple new nose and eyebrow rings.. i like the eyebrow ring, not sure about the nose one I'm using tho... gonna change it and see if i like the other one better.

Get to start painting in 2 days.... and get to work in a firework store during 4thof July season.... I love sellin fireworks, I'm excited. =) Not sure if I'ma take Mik with me or find someone to keep her but either way I'm workin.. hehe

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Know any good cheap lawyers in the Louisville Ky area? lol gonna need one me thinks.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

what a day sheesh

Yesterday was one of those days..... one of those days where it's a good thing that A.I'm not suicidal.... and B. I don't own a gun. (although the cop thought I might be able to take him out from atop the house or something, but we'll talk about that later)

I spent the day taking my grandma and uncle and daughter to Lowes and Sams to look at some tile for the basement and check out this stupid waste of money chair for my uncle... what should have took maybe 2 hours max took 5. and OMG my Uncle is so picky and just stuck in what he wants and to put a hungry bored 7 year old and my grandma on top of it I was ready to pull my hair out by the time we made it home.... then I had t oimmediatly leave to go get Sean from work.... Get home and relax a little...... then a friend of mine calls and asks me if I would run him to the ATM up the street, I didn't feel like it so I let my other friend who was here take the car to go take him....

Well, our car is kinda disabled (but we are used to her.. apparently my friend isn't.... well wasn't.. lol bet he remembers it next time he drives it) but anyway.... the left turn signal works... but it doesn't click itself off after yout urn so you have to remember to switch it off.. So my 2 friends go to the ATM and like a good boy he uses his turn signal to turn out.... but fails to turn it back off... and on top of that the passenger wasn't wearing his seat belt. but they get pulled over..... and cops being the dicks that cops are.. (yeah I said it... everyone of you non-protecting tax money wasting pieces of shit can kiss my ass lol) but anyway.... he asked to search my car... and my friend told him sure knock yourself out... (not like you can really tell them no anyway) but he asks for the registration and insurance and all that and of course it's my car so it's not in my friend who's drivings name and my friend who's driving has spent 5 years in the pen for GTA in the past... lol so cops like who's car ya got here? and he told him my buddy seans... well wheres sean live so he tells him... well the cops proceed to come TO MY GRANDMAS house to question us......... it was a big stupid situation that they barely got to ticket us on anything anyway but we still have court in July over it now.....

This of course isn't the whole story because theres a few extended family members who like to read what I write, then take it and make it into like a pile on their floor, roll around in it for a little while then go talk shit to everyone they come in contact with about us.... so I'll just let you "nosy noras" wonder about the rest of the story and go ahead and make up an ending to it and start spreading it around cause you'll never find out the real ending... lol (I'm such a bitch aint i)

But if I like you (and I like most all the rest my readers) then email me (seannrobyn@gmail.com) and I'll send you the full story with every detail...... and then you'll understand why I say

FUCK A COP...... worthless doughnut eating wastes of a profession.

BUT like this wasn't enough to my day..... I go with another friend to do something that is pretty illegal but really not a big deal (we went into an abandoned building) and I apparently took longer than Sean was happy with so I got to deal with him being a dick the rest of the night.... fell asleep wondering if it's possible for me to do anything right in this fucking life...

This is how I finally fell asleep last night... (most people count sheep)

I just can't do anything right.. I just can't do anything right.. I just can't do anything right.... see a pattern forming? I sure the fuck do......

I'll say it again...... fuck a cop. i hope one of you three assholes happen across my blog...

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

No I can't get it.... lol

I think I get to get my kitty's tonight. =) Misses my kitties.... they've been over at my apt by themselves for like 2 weeks now. I go every day and feed em and give em fresh water and love em for a bit but I can tell Zoe is pissed.. lol So hopefully they get walls put up downstairs today and I can go get my babies. =)

Got into this discussion with my grandma over Poision Ivy today... she was under the impression, like almost everyone is, that EVERYONE can get it..... but that's just not true... I can't. i've tried and still can't. I've had people not believe me so I've like picked it and rubbed it on my skin before and still nothing...... you have to be allergic to it in order for the rash to develop or whatever and I'm just not allergic to it... and neither is Sean and I don't think Mikayla is either. Sean has had it before but very mildly and it's been well over 12 years since he got it cause he wasn't with me at the time. I've been camping with people who have gotten it off of some of the wood we'd use for the fire but not me.. lol it's kinda weird but it's also kinda nice... for me anyway... haha I'm always th eone that gets sent into the woods tho looking for wood cause I can touch whatever....

I'm the only person I've ever met tho who has had Lyme Disease before tho.... got it from a tick that looked like a fucking freckle on th eback of my knee when I was 17. Went thru almost 7 months of antibiotics and treatments to get rid of it... leg turned like greenish purple.. it was ugly..... BUT, you can only get that once too.... so I've got all the camping illnesses covered... lol

Was gonna go camping this weekend back to the gorge with Bernie and his girly and another friend of ours but I don't think I wanna. I kinda wanna just stick around home and get our new place in order..... you know I'm tired if I'm turning down camping.... lol

Gonna go pick out tile and paint today for the new bathroom downstairs.... hopefully it's not like horribly hot today. Felt great yesterday!! =)

Monday, June 07, 2010

Kinda bored actually

I've decided I'm gonna update my poor blog a lil. it's looked the same forever now and theres all kinds of options for them now so I might as well... I'll do it tonight or tomorrow sometime.

Didn't sleep to well last night.. I haven't taken my sleepy meds for over a week tho. I could tell last night tho.. drove me nuts.. I hate not sleeping.

Don't think we're doing anything to the basement today... Kevins here but I don't think theres anything I can help with anyway... he might be doin something but so far he hasn't requested I help.. lol so I think I'ma take Mik down to the park.. they turned the sprinkler on finally so she can play in the water. We walk down to the riverfront sometimes and play in the BIG water park but I don't wanna walk that far today...

I don't think I broke it cause it's not swollen or bruised or anything but my foot has hurt for days now... and it's worse every day so far. Theres no tellin what I did to it... been helpin carry stuff and tear stuff up so much this past week that theres no tellin... oh well.....

Going to the park now I suppose. ;)

Sunday, June 06, 2010

sunday sunday

Sean and I stayed up til like 3 last night downloading music. All the music he had on this thing was what he liked and none of my stuff so I had to fix that. =) Now it has mine too.. hehe

My uncle came over yesterday to put the air conditioner back in down in the basement and discoverd something is leaking down there.... so they get to figure that out monday I guess.. But on top of that, everytime you plug the stupid a/c in it blows the circuit that comtrols th elights in the upstairs bathroom... lol so we gotta figure that out too. stupid basement. lol

We also FINALLY tore down that stupid dog pen my cousin had built when he lived here... Grandma has an entire yard again... it's about time... For some reason I think she linda liked the stupid thing tho... everyone else thought it looked like crap and it really really opened her yard up to rip it down.... I got to do most the hammerin.. hehe I felt all manly again. =)
Figured I'd be more sore today but I'm not.

Goin campin next weekend... Yay!! With Bernie and Belynda and Hopefully Nick and someone else if he choses to bring someone else... he prolly won't go if he doesn't bring someone tho... he's weird like that.

My cats have been in my apt for a week by themselves now.. I go over everyday and feed ema nd give em fresh water and love on em a few but yesterday I could tell that they are starting to get mad at me or something.... I think they feel neglected. I don'[t blame them but I don't really know what else to do with them yet.... Only way to get out of my lease is to just let them evict us... and rent was due on the 4th so I'm kinda nervous they'll either enter my apt or change my locks on me.... I think they have to give me a 7 day notice first tho... Thats what I'm hoping for... in 7 days the basement should be finished at least enough to bring them over... I just don't really want to do it yet because for one the walls are barely even there downt here and for 2 the construction would just scare them anyway.

I feel so much better since I quit at Blimpies. I feel more broke lol but thats nothing new to me... we still have seans income and 600 less a month in bills so it pretty well evens out really. I feel kinda bad not working tho. I don't think it bothers Sean unless it does and he's not saying anything but it makes me feel kinda worthless although i've worked my ass off this week on the basement. It's hillarious to me tho cause like 7 people have asked me why I quit and I tell them.... cause of Joe and his final threat to hit me. and ALL of them are people that are also his friends but every single one of them has said if I say the word they'd take care of him for me.... hehe they don't realize the 10 people that offered that before they even knew about it tho.... that boy fucked up when he threatened me.... good thing (for him) that he didn't actually do it or he mighta had to learn to talk and eat toofless..... lol But I just think it's funny that all these people that he's thought all along just loved him to death really don't even like him...... that's what I've heard the most since I quit.... was that he was one of those people that you just kinda pretend to liike cause if not he'd get on your nerves so bad you couldn't stand it.... lol

My grandmas yard has so many critters... hehe between squirells, bunny's and lizards theres always something wanderin around...

And oh yeah... according to sean this laptop has a camera.... a pretty good one..... so once If igure it out I can take pics. =)

Friday, June 04, 2010

Boondox Boondox!!!!!!

Whoop Whoop!!!!!

I get to go see Boondox Tuesday Night! =) I'm sure more than half of you all are like.... "Who??" But if u is a juggalo then you understand my excitement. hehe They are on the same label as ICP, whom I just got to see live like 3 weeks ago... and had omg fun.. hehe So if this concert matches that one then I can't freaking wait... And just in case there were any of you left out there who still couldn't decide if i was a weirdo or not.. I figured i'd go ahead and make that REAL apparant to ya and put the lyrics to my favorite Boondox song.. hehe I'm such a freak... I love this fucking song.. it's so hot.

The sins of the flesh
a fascination with death
while suffocating your breath
it's torture mixed in with sex
I wanna get you undressed
And lick the blood from your chest
And everything I request
I know be keeping you wet
My sado masochistic baby dressed in leather and lace
ya far from a fuckin lady but ya sweet to the taste
you love it when I tie ya down and put the gun in ya face
And every time we get together could be our final embrace
I'm on some other kinda level when I got you in bed
it's like ya fiendin for the semen when ya givin me head
the liquid pourin out ya veins stain these white sheets red
Eyes rollin back it's like ya one with the dead.
can't wait to see you
In that see through
Fuck until yo pussy bleed that's how we do
You wanna taste pain
And make the blood rain
Bustin nuts and bustin veins until you
scream my muthafuckin name.

She wants the kinky stuff
the likes it hard and rough
Another kinda love
(My little Freak Bitch)
she's really into pain
I'm really glad she came into my world
and I need (My little Freak Bitch)

She wants the kinky stuff
the likes it hard and rough
Another kinda love
(My little Freak Bitch)
she's really into pain
I'm really glad she came into my world
and I need (My little Freak Bitch)

It's like ya legs can't get along
cause they always separated
When I got you all alone this fuckin freak that I created
asficiation wit ya thong got you open and sedated,
hear the screams, an hear the moans
I know the neighbors really hate it
close the mutha fuckin shades cause we breakin the law,
slicin ya wrist cut ya throat while takin dick in ya jaw,
you whisper end my fuckin life right
when I'm dickin ya raw,
holdin ya breath close to the death
right in the thick of it all,
I know that you was what I needed in
that Tripp black miniskirt,
Hot Topic Shoppin, wit ya girls a lil fuckin flirt,
surprised by the fact that you was inta all kinds of dirt,
surprise in ya eyes when I made ya fuckin pussy squirt,
grab you by the dred locks put u in a head lock,
choke you till you twitchin baby jus
don't make the bed rock,
now you know what I got for that little
hot fox take ya to the limit
now you all about some boondox

She wants the kinky stuff
the likes it hard and rough
Another kinda love
(My little Freak Bitch)
she's really into pain
I'm really glad she came into my world
and I need (My little Freak Bitch)

She wants the kinky stuff
the likes it hard and rough
Another kinda love
(My little Freak Bitch)
she's really into pain
I'm really glad she came into my world
and I need (My little Freak Bitch)

3 letters in your name......

I just have a quick message for a certain someone. =)

You deleted me on facebook but I know you still look at my blog cuz I got a tracker and can see your ip address everytime u look.... And I know you're prolly only looking at it in order to hit that little OHNT button so that maybe...just maybe... you'll get to see another picture of me...... so I figured I'd go ahead and put your mind to rest you stupid fuck.... I have no camera.... not even on my phone anymore so no HNT or OHNT for me til I get one...... but I think it's fucking hillarious that you don't wanna "be my friend" on a stupid gathering website but you'll still "stalk" (like you're so good at anyway hahahahahaha) my website trying to see me naked.... you're not only retarded, but you're also pathetic..... I sure hope u have a nice life you fucking idiot.



Thursday, June 03, 2010

you wouldn't expect a normal story from me now would ya?

This is out of May 31st's issue of Louisville's Local paper, The Courier Journal...... read it then below I'll tell you why I posted it.

The victim of a fatal beating early Sunday in Louisville was identified Monday as Bryan Stevenson, 26, of Maumee, Ohio.

Deputy Jefferson County Coroner R.D. Jones said Stevenson was in Louisville for a softball tournament.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reported on its Web site that Stevenson played left field for the Northern Kentucky team Good Guys and was in Louisville participating in the Lou Turner Tournament.

The newspaper said Stevenson was named Northern Kentucky Player of the Year last year in the USSA "C" State championship.

In high school he played basketball and baseball, then went on to Eastern Kentucky University on a baseball scholarship, the Enquirer reported. He was named first team all-Ohio Valley Conference in 2005, the newspaper said.

The assault occurred at about 4:15 a.m. Sunday outside Barbara Lee's Kitchen, 2410 Brownsboro Road.

Police said a fight started inside the restaurant and ended up outside.

Four Louisville men -- Donald W. Hays, 30, David A. Pryor, 28, Justin M. Werner, 21, and William L. Schindler, 23 -- have been charged with murder in Stevenson's death and with assault in connection with injuries suffered by a second man.

The second man, whom police did not identify, was not believed to have life-threatening injuries, according to Louisville Metro Police spokesman Dwight Mitchell.

Stevenson died about 2 p.m. Sunday at University Hospital, police said.

k, those 4 Louisville men that r listed... I know em all... how fucked up is that? Grew up with 2 of them... met one about a month ago and didn't really know the other I don't think but I'm extremly close to his cousin. And when you live in this neighborhood everyone knows everyone anyway... we've all lived here forever and someones mom babysat someone else or their sister or we lived next door type shit.... just childhood friends. It's weird... makes me really sad to thinkt hey've just given their lives up like that... and I mentioned to one of my friends about it that it kinda upset me and his remark to me was "why? their worthless if they could do that anyway" ok... maybe I can see your point in saying that... about someone you don't know.. but when it's actually someone you know it's different.

I'm not trying to condone anything at all that they did... it was incredibly stupid, and incredibly unfair for the victim.. a 4 on one or two fight is nowhere near fair... and to fight til death is just...... ugh but when I love a friend, even if it was years ago that I seen them, then I love them... what they do doesn't affect that, unless it's done to me. I'll admit to anyone that asks me that I think it was really stupid but I'll in the same sentence say that I'll miss seeing their faces around also... If you can just stop caring about someone just because they made a bad decision in life than your an awful hollow person anyway. And regardless of what they did, it's sad to think theyre gonna be gone away now for 20 some odd years....

I think people being stupid like most people are take it to think I mean that I'm saying they don't deserve it or something like that (although one of them really doesn't but I can't talk about that) but thats not what I mean... I just mean I'm sad that people I know are going to fucking prison for murder. i'm gonna miss seeing them around.. and all the other people I love around me still are all so heartbroken that it's really hard watching them be that sad also.....

This is on top of the fact that another of our friends just died about a month ago...... (I tried to find his obiturary online but he's got a weird last name and I apparently couldn't figure out how to spell it right so I couldn't find it) but his death really shook our little neighborhood also.... so for something like this to happen too, it's pretty sad around here right now. I dont like seeing all my friends so down. =(

I guess I know a person that would fit into almost any catergory you could come up with now.......

And weirdly enough... when we were doing all the construction on the basement today, my uncle and my cousins husband wanted Barbara Lee's for lunch... same resturant they killed the guy at.. so I got to go pick their lunch up.. was strange.

I think he sold it.

My Uncle and my cousins husband are in the basement demolishing and redoing the bathroom today.... it's noisy.. hehe but kinda interesting. I like watching people do things that I don't know how to do... like construction.... or working on cars.. things like that.

I've come to the realiziation that music is one of the things that make me happy in life.... me and sean made a list of the things that can always cheer us up when we need it the other day and mine was a few certain friends, my hubby and kiddo, my kittys, and music. I think thats why I got so wrapped up in the 502 music scene for awhile.... it made me happy to have it in my life every day. I have an ipod that I usually always have with me.... but i need to update it and add some songs.. hehe and seans car (our ONLY car now lol) has a cd player so anywhere I go I have music with me..... it's an addiction almost.

My cousin called me last night... the one who picked us up when the car broke down and told me that as of yesterday my car hadn't been towed yet and was still sitting there.... but then he told me that his uncle was interested in going to get it and then paying me the junk price for it..... so I'm all kinds of excited... I offered to split it with him but he didn't want to.... I luv them. They've always been there for me. =)

I was just notified that I have 6 minutes of battery power remaining.. lol so better cut this short.. I'll write later. =)

and it's KILLIN me not to be in HNT... I just don't have a camera.... not even on my phone... grr.......

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

people irritate me

So my daughter absolutly loves ICP and she knows almost all the words to all their songs..... now if you know any ICP then you know how not good of an idea this could turn into... lol I've had to explain to her what some of the songs mean because I don't want her singing along with something she doesn't undersand. It's always been important to me that my kiddo understand things before she does or talks about them. Like one day she asked me what Nigger meant cuz she hears my friend Nick say it like every other word and I explained it to her... but then i told her it was a word she shouldn't use. I told her when Nick said it, he meant it more like brother or dude but that it can be a very hurtful word and hurt some peoples feelings... I told her that it was a word that started a long long time ago that people used to describe black people, back in the slave days and that it was very offensive if used incorrectly but that it wasn't necessarily a cuss word like fuck or shit was. I told her it was an adult word sorta but that it was one of them words that you shouldn't ever use unless you completly understand what you're meaning when you say it.... and she understood... and has never said it.. and I think she knew it was kinda a bad word anyway cause when she asked me about it she said "what's that n word nick uses all the time mean mom?"

I think I have a very very smart kid..... who got STRAIGHT A'S this year btw..... yay!!! But she's always been really early in every stage of development (minus potty training, she was 4 before we got that down fully) but other than that... she gave up her own pacifier at like 4 months old.. just didn't want it anymore.... she stopped taking a bottle at a year old... she could talk in full sentences by a year old and I know people with 2 year olds that can barely talk, mik has always been understandable and very very talkative... and she walked at 9 and a half months..... well le me rephrase that.... she RAN at 9 and a half months.... lol we had her sitting on seans moms kitchen table one night and she stood up and ran down it to her nana... lol and since she realized those little legs were good for something, she's never again been in a stroller... hell I sold her stroller before her first birthday.... she wouldn't stay in it if you put her in it and she knew how to work the straps so she'd just unbuckle herself and get out.. she wanted to walk... she's never been a carry me kid neither.... but I've been grateful her whole life how smart she is.... I'd put her in the top 10 of any child I've ever known and thats not just cause I'm biased.... schools even said she's extremly bright.... just kinda hyper and it's hard to settle her down enough to sit thru class all the time...

I've always thought she had a touch of add but all kids do and i've never concerned myself with it.... she learns just fine and obviously with straight a's she does just fine in school too.. so I've always just chalked it up to her being an only child and not having the opportunity to run off her energy,.... lol

And a side note real quick.... she can read now really well and is sitting over my shoulder reading as I write this... lol it's so weird when your child can read... you gotta stop spelling things around them for sure.. haha start talking in code instead.

But mik has always had a very strong opinion on the music she likes... she's modeled it around sean and my tastes naturally because thats what she hears most often because I've never been one of them moms who puts "the wheels on the bus" cd in when my kids in the car.... lol thats just kinda retarded to me.... I just taught my kid from the time she could talk which words that only adults are allowed to say... she's asked me why they are adult words only and I've told her that as you get older you gain more privileges in life and being able to say whatever is one of them.. she bought it. lol

I've posted a few times with ICP lyrics tho.... I keep using them as an example because they are pretty vulgar... like on their new cd theres a song called "to catch a predator" the song is about how J (the singer) tricks perverts online into thinking he's a 12 year old girl and invites them to his (her) house and then beats the shit out of them and leaves em chained in his basement so he can go beat on em periodically.... because they deserve it.... (and they do) lol but it's just a song... it's not like he's singing about something he actually did... and I've always thought it was so stupid how people make such a big deal over songs.. like for instance Ice T's Cop Killa...... omg that song raised such a stir when it came out that they banned it from being played in the US.... same as 2 live crews "As Nasty as they wanna be" but all it does is prompt them to come out with something to retaliate with... hence 2 live crews very next album "banned in the usa"..... who fucking cares what a song says? it's like people blaming tv for their children shooting up their schools.... thats not the tvs fault it's the parents fucking fault for not knowing their child well enough to realize there was some sort of disturbance in their brain......

Anyway my point is...... I had someone tell me I was a bad mom cause I let mik listen to icp. fuck you. lol i'ma great mommy.... ask my kid. I just realize that I have a foul fucking mouth but she doesn't.... she knows what she can say and what she can't say and if she can't figure out how to substitute a clean word for a bad word when she's singing then she'll ask me what word she can use instead.....


" I get mad, i'ma fuck you up it's me and you mother fucker I'ma fuck you up" is part of one of the songs..... she says "I'ma mess u up.. it's me and you bad person I'ma mess you up" and I personally see nothing wrong with that.. she hears those words daily from me from her dad and from most the people we know what's the fucking difference in hearing them in songs?

I hate when people try to butt into your parenting lifestyle.... have your ownkids if you wanna try to play parent asshole. lol

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