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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Windows to the soul HNT

I have plans to do a HNT on all my tattoos since I don't think I've showed them all before but I just haven't had time..... So I figured I'd show off my eyes instead since they are what I get the most compliments on. =)

But then I read Os's blog this morning and it seems that he is having to refresh some on the "rules" so I'm glad I went with a tamer pic this week... hehe

HHNT all! =)

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Have I ever mentioned just how much I enjoy life sometimes? lol Man.

Looks as though we're gonna be moving. Not that it's entirely a bad thing.. I wanted to leave this apt for along time now... it just depresses me to be right across the street from moms old place all the time... But the way it's happened really kinda sucks. But then again, maybe whoever is in charge of the great order of things seen that we weren't going to be able to find any other way out of here for awhile if it didn't happen this way....... that's how I look at it anyway. Helps me not lose my mind.

Not giving very many details at this time. I'll give more once I know everything.


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Chicken Steps HNT

These are called the Chicken Steps... they've been called that ever since I can remember. They connect the road I live on with the other main road in our area because the majority of our neighborhood are blind or visually impaired people. The steps make it easier and safer for them to walk.... well, I say easier.... these steps are a bitch. lol There are 39 of them. Yeah, I've counted. I walk them EVERY single day to and from work and sometimes more than that if I need to go to the store or something. Pair that with the 28 steps you go up to get to my 3rd floor apt and it equals one hell of a walk home every day... lol and you all wonder why I'm skinny. ;)


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ever felt like you were in complete control of something
but at the same time you have no control over it?

Monday, October 06, 2008

4 Days... 4 whole days.. hehe sniffle sneeze

So I took off saturday, monday and tuesday from work.. got a babysitter all those nights and made plans to go out and have fun since Sean had to work Industrial all those nights. Friday night I'm sitting on the couch with Nick and I get that I have to sneeze feeling...... and it wouldnt go away...... Grr... so here I sit, 3 days later waiting on the medicin to kick in REAL soon. lol I hate colds... specially when it's on my little "vacation" from life... lol Grr.... oh well Didn't let it stop me at all. =)

Took Nick to Industrial Saturday night. We got put at the very end of another group so we just got to watch that group get scared while we laughed.. lol but it was fun that way too. =) The chainsaws fucked me up as they always do... I know almost EVERY person running the chainsaws but still.. that gas smell and feeling the air and heat off em.. it's just a strange phobia of mine... lol I literally drug Nick thru it.. he was amazed.. haha

Sunday was alright too.. went out with a buddyof mine from work for his birthday.. took him to waterfront park walked around found a bench smoked one and watched the river.. it was peaceful.... I like peaceful sometimes.

Sean is going out with his friend Lindsay to see Dark Knight again tonight and I'm doing my show on Wildliferadio.com it's at 8pm EST.. you should tune in! Join the chat so I know you're listening and I'll send ya shout out. =) Or hit me on yahoo messenger.. email me for the name. =)

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Blue Streaks HNT

My friend Pam was coming over to cut Seans hair for him and get it all pretty and stuff so I decided to get her to put some streaks in mine for me.. ya know... Tis The Season and all... hehe So here ya go.... blue streaks. =)

She just put a few here and there and did a small chunk on the underneath at my neck... these are all from the front tho. =)

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