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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Yea I know.. it's kinda cheesy, but I forgot today was Thursday.. hehe =) Have a good day everyone! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Do I ramble?

Yesterday was a nice rainy, humid day. lol It rained all damned day long.

I meant to talk about this the other day but I forgot. hehe funny shit. We took Mik and Bethany down to McDonalds for dinner friday night. Now in our apt. complex we have quite a few Mexicans that live there. But they are really decentpeople, actually more than 80% of the trouble you see here comes from the white people lol... anyway... Mik presented her first stereotyping Friday night and I thought it was funny as hell so I figured I'd share.We were sitting at Mc D's and this mexican couple and their kids set down at the table next to us.. Mik looks over at me and Sean and says "it's the people that live by us" lol now it wasn't any of the ones that live in our neighborhood but it was that whole "they all look the same" stigma that I thought was hillarious that my 4 year old daughter picked up on. hehe

And I'm not sure if I ever told everyone this or not either but about a week ago Mik's foot fell asleep. I guess it was the first time it had happened to her cuz she was having a hard time describing to me why her foot felt funny... I said "what's it feel like?" and she told me "I think it's purring" I bout died laughing... lol her foot was purring.... hehehehehe. =) I think that's a pretty good comparison though.

We get to leave in 7 days to go get our Billy from Boot Camp. YAY! I'm so excited! I can't wait to see him, I didn't think I would miss him as much as I have and it totally sucks that he only gets 10 days before he has to leave us again! =( We've been talking with Billy and Christina both about moving in with us soon. So we've been looking around for houses in this area that would accomodate all of us comfortably. I really wanna get out of this complex anyway though.. I just don't want to be right across the street from moms apt. once she's nolonger here. =( That, and Billy desn't need to live with his mom anymore.. His sister is an ashole to him and his mom doesn't seem to grasp the fact that he's an adult now.... and Christina has some issues she needs to get away from as well so hopefully we'll all shack up together soon. =)

Seanand I are prolly one of the few couples who actually like to live with other people. We've had quite a few roomies in our time together.

I got my first check from the sample thing I do for Kroger yesterday. I wasn't expecting to get it for another week or so but it came in yesterday... yay! Just in time to pay bills lol... ugh. Hopefully I can do that a few times next month too. =)

My kiddo is getting a cold... guess she caught it from me after I caught it from Sean.. I just hope she doesn't pass it on to mom. Mom kept her for a bit yesterday and has to keep for a couple hours tomorrow for me too so hopefully the germies will stay away from my mommy, that's the last thing she needs right now.Anywho.... that's about all for now I guess.. lol

Took a couple pics yesterday.. they are below this... and just so everyone knows CHRISTINA......... I turned on anonymous comments jus to try it out. I'll keep themon so long as I don't start getting retarded amounts of spam.. lolLuvs.

Bootsie doesn't really look that different in black and white.. lol Posted by Picasa

Me standing on the porch. Posted by Picasa

It rained all day long yesterday.. This was after I got home from work at like 1030. =) Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 28, 2006

Something New.. =)

So, I was reading through my favorite blogs today and on Views from the Back Row (sidebar) he mentioned a site that does something called TMI Tuesdays... I know it isn't Tuesday yet but I ran across last weeks question, so tomorrow I'll go back and do this weeks too. But this is last weeks.. I thought it'd be an interesting thing to start doing. =)

1. Have you ever bought something to increase your sexual performance or enhance your attributes? Well, to increase performance? not really.. I've bought dildos and whips and shit like that, but that's mainly to add fun to it.. not to really enhance or help out in any area.. and bought the only thing I've ever bough to help out my body or whatever would be a wonder bra. hehe
2. Do you talk to your parents about sex? Can you/will you talk to your children? Yes, I've always been able to talk to my parents about anything. My mom knew when I had sex for the first time, and most definitly I'll talk to my daughter about it. I want her to feel like she can come to me with anything.
3. Sex during pregnancy... great or ick? I didn't really think it was all that different cept that I couldn't lay on my back for very long, and after I got so big we had no choice but for me to lay on my side cuz da belly was in the way lol... I was on pelvic rest most my pregnancy though so poor Sean was deprived in that area till after the Princess got here. =)
4. What is the longest you've ever been celebate after having lost your virginity? When I was pregnant.. I was on rest for 6 months from sex.
5. What is the best sex game you've ever played? Oh we've played all kinds. We used to write fantasies on slips of paper and put them in a bag and every now and then we'd pick one out and do it..

Bonus: Who was the first person (names unneccessary) you were ever naked in front of for sexual reasons? My childhood friend... we used to show each other our parts... hehe I was prolly 8 or 9 I guess.. lol didn't even have any parts worth showing.... lmao!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

My sexi luv Posted by Picasa

Da Yacht Posted by Picasa

What life looks like through my sunglasses.. hehe GREEN! Posted by Picasa

Me with the skyline behind me. Posted by Picasa

One of our bridges Posted by Picasa

Louisville's skyline. Well the main buildings in it anyway. =) Posted by Picasa

This is me and Sean on the Captains Quarters Princess Cruise today. His work had a company lunch type thing.. It was nice. =) Posted by Picasa

LMAO! We were trying to get some pics of Zipper. She's the neighborhood cat. lol This was Seans picture of her.. hehe Posted by Picasa

This is a house up the road that is for rent.. we are gonna go check it out. I think it's cute. =) I took this pic at nighttime so that's why it's so dark. Posted by Picasa

This is another of the strange collectables.. lol Posted by Picasa

Sean and I went for a good long walk Saturday night, just the two of us... Theres this place up the road that collects really odd things... This was one of em. =) Posted by Picasa

Terry chillen on the couch. Posted by Picasa

Bethany and Mik.... playin dress up. =) Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Saturday Saturday.. lol

We kept Bethany last night for Terry. She's just too cute. They were pretty good too. We took em down to Mc Donalds, which is great times for any kid.. lol wonder why eating at McDonalds is so much fun??? lol Then we went and played at the playground for awhile and came back home to watch movies and get settled for bed. =)

I love having them together though, they are just too adorable. An they get along so well. Hehe, I went back to check on em before we went to sleep and they were all cuddled up next to each other sleeping. =) cuteness.. hehe woke my ass up 3 different times though, lol not to mention they both got out of bed at 730 this morning.. *ugh* lol

Yesterday was Mandas birthday, so Happy Birthday Manda! =)

I wanted to know if any of you reading have heard of smething.. I'm not sure how it's spelled exactly but I think it's called Rakey... or Rakee.... One of my moms friend is a Rakee Therapist and she's been having mom try it out, I think it's like a meditation or deep prayer or something like that, I'm not real sure but I was wondering if anyone knows about it and could tell me a little about it and what it does. It seems to be helping her feel better.. not physically though.. it just sems to be kind of amind healing thing. Which is just as important I think. Mom's gotten to the point where she can't walk up my 3 flights of stairs anymore so on nights I work till 10, Mik just gets to stay up late so Sean can come get me.

Lindas keeping Mik tonight for us, yep you heard that right. =) Was gonna maybe go out with Manda for her birthday but I don't think I'm going to be able to so I'm just gonna take her to a movie or something later on this week I think instead. We got coupons in our email yesterday though to get into the Caravan for 93 cents at midnight tonight so we might go do that instead.. not real sure yet though.

Everyone have a good weekend. =) Can anyone spot the Zoe tail in the picture? lmao.. I think my cat likes having her picture taken as much as I do.. lol

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday Thursday

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

me. Posted by Picasa

Pretty little princess.. can you tell she cut her own hair? yep. Posted by Picasa

Me, Mik, and my Mommy... I LUV this pic! Posted by Picasa

me and rosa. =) Posted by Picasa

Isn't she just too cute? lol Posted by Picasa

I think I like em.. hehe Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mik and a gallapalooza horse we found. =) She called it a pegasus. =) She's so smart.. Posted by Picasa

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