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Thursday, February 22, 2007


I've become everyones secret keeper. lol I know too many and can't tell anyone any of them. So to make myself feel better, I'm gonna list some of them without the people they are associated with. lol

* I know 2 people who are together who have seperatly expressed the desire to cheat on each other.
* I know 3 people who have some sort of health issue they don't want others knowing about right now.
* I know 2 couples who are trying to get pregnant secretly
* I know one person who has cheated on their signifigant other
* I know 1 person who obviously sold me out and doesn't have the guts to say anything to me about it.
* I know 1 person who is in a relationship but doesn't really want to be anymore.
* I know 1 person who's struggling with a cocaine addiction all by themselves.
* I know 1 person who is supposedly doing one thing, yet I read an email that says otherwise.
* I know 2 people who are planning on getting married secretly
* I know.. that I can count right now... 6 secrets about a family member that no one else knows.
* I know someone who is getting ready to go to prison for a long long time.
* I know someone who has offered me cash to be "their lady" BLECH! Fucking perverts.
* I know someone who is pregnant, and devestated by it.
* I know where he lives.

Ahhhhhh... that feels much better. lol

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bob and Nancy

Wanna be confused? Let me try to confuse you.

Bob is a big fat liar. Anyone know who Bob is?

Bob is the boyfriend of Nancy. Nancy is a bitch. So between the two we have big fat liar and bitch. Not a good combination.

Bob got himself into some trouble one day.... so Nancy tried to bad mouth us to other people.

Well it didn't work.

Thanks for that.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Busy little Robyn

I skipped HNT this week. I'm sorry. lol I know you're disappointed but I had too much other shit going on yesterday. =)

Valentines Day I spent in the damned E.R. See, when I was 15 I had a kidney stone. Docs all said I was one of the youngest they'd seen with stones that size... Lucky me. Well, since then, I've had 15 of them.... 16 counting this week's little fucker. I felt kinda sick Tuesday, and that's not normally what happens to me with them so I just thought I was getting sick so I laid around all day resting.... Well woke up Wed. and felt a little better, well by noon I was doubled over crying, could barely function. Scared Mikayla to death, it really upset her to see me like that, but I had no choice I couldn't hide it and no one else was around. I even ended up having to take her with me to the E.R. But I passed it, and today I'm all better. Till next time that is. *sigh*


Because of the shows we've done for Creed, one of the local bands that played for us offered me a "job". They want me to help them with promotions and getting gigs.. and any paying gig I get them, I get a percentage from. Sweet. I get to help the band, make friends, go to shows, and make money... does it really get better than that? ;) So.... if you get a chance, go over to www.anvilgrey.com and check em out. They kick ass!


Sean has his mic test to complete, which is scheduled for Monday and once that is done, he becomes a DJ for Aiiradio.net . He's super excited about this too. Seans got a great voice, and wether he uses it by singing, or by dj'ing or whatever, he needs to use it. =) So I'm so happy that he finally found an outlet, and I'm proud of him for doing so well at it. Everyone so far adores him. (of course) And his "boss" adores me. hehe To the point where he wants a pair of my panties for his birthday. lmao. ;)


I ran into a friend of mine on Mojo... I have to say, I 100% totally, absolutly LOVE Louisvillemojo! I have found so many old friends I'd lost touch with, and met so many new awesome people off this one website. It's because it's all local people though... but I LOVE it. LOVE IT. lol

Anyway, I was just browsing through the picture galleries one day and happened upon an album and the guy on the front looked awfully familiar.... so I got to looking around and I was right.. It was Joe. So I messaged him and we've been catching up since then. (I also just a few days ago met the fiance of a good friend of mine who was just recently killed on there too, and I'm SO glad to have gotten to meet this chic) But back to Joe...... in midst of our how have you been, what have you been up to's.. he tells me about his new hobby of tattooing..... me being the ink junkie that I am, this immediatly excited me. Hehe Weeeellllllll, been talking to him for about a month now I guess... and today he tells me he got hired on at the same tattoo parlor that Sean and I were going to go check out. Lol So yay. Joe's gonna be my new "guy". Boy's gonna make a lot of money from me... fucker. lol

I always said that I would stop at 4 or 5. Well thats how many I have now. hehe and I have 8 additional ones in mind. Yeah. I'm bad. lol So see... I want to get the love life and loyalty symbol on my foot... something on each of my wrists, the flower that is on my left hip already I wanna get matching on my right hip.. and then have a green vine right on my hoo-haw to match the two flowers. Ummmm.... something (cover) on the back of my neck, 502 inside my lip, and the memorial tattoo I'm gonna have designed center of my back. =)

Lol.... how many of you are shaking your heads? I can't help it, theres just something I love about them. And that's what matters right... that I like it. =) And it doesn't hurt that my hun agrees.... hehe Ohhhhhh I'm getting all antsy just thinking about it.........


A few date related things before i go:

* Mikayla starts kindergarten in 6 months
* Sean and I quit smoking 2.5 months ago
* Mom died almost 4 months ago (yea 4 months)
* Right at 3 months before I can go camping
* Moving in 5 months

******* And we've broken the 1000 mark for Creed*******

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Good news

Well, the concert went GREAT. We managed to raise right at a thousand dollars with this show. I'm so glad it turned out as well as it did. All the bands did great, and had a good crowd, and security was perfect. Noone got kicked out, no fights... nothing like that. =) I'm gonna make a slideshow later with the rest of the pics, but I had to show this one. From the time I was 9 years old until now, I've made many wonderful friends. But throught your teenage years you go through Best Friends.... Your BFF.... well everyone in this picture was my BFF at some point, and in some way we still are I'd say. =)

You can't tell that 2 girls in this pic are pregnant right now either can ya? hehe

On to other things though... This was brought to my attention today and it has me.. um.... excited. Yea I'll just say excited and leave it at that.. I could get into just how excited I am, but you don't wanna hear all that do ya? hehe

According to Ozzfest.com Ozzfest this year is FREE. I think it's just for a certain number of tickets per show maybe... but still...... I'll get me tickets.. I'm gonna check the site every day until they release how to get tickets and I'm so there. They are coming to Indi, Nashville, Ohio, and St. Louis and all those are a very reasonable roadtrip for a show like that from me. =) Oh I can't friggin wait now!! It's on..... On I say. =)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Just a peek HNT

Tonight is the night of our big concert. I'm so excited. =) Think about us and wish us luck!!!

Monday, February 05, 2007


I am without parents.

That's really strange to me. This isn't a sad post or anything. I'm not sad. I can't explain what I am though, but I know it's not sad.

I was talking to a friend of mine today, she's same age as me, but she's a single mom. She was talking about her ex boyfriend and said that he's afraid of her dad. And I told her that was a good thing. But then i got to thinking... If I'm ever single again.. I have no dad to scare away the nutjobs. And I have no mom to get approval from. Weird.

Not that I'm thinking of being single in any way, I'm just thinking in general.... what other things will I need my parents for in life? I mean I know I'm grown and all that shit, but don't you still "need" your parents for something?

If I ever need a loan I'm screwed for sure. lol

I found out something abou tmy heath the other day that I'm not willing to disclose just yet... and the first thing I wanted to do was call my mom. But I couldn't. And Sean wasn't home, and none of my friends were around. Mom would have been.

It's things like that.

When someone says "what year was your dad born again?" or "what year did your parents get married in?" and I can't remember, she'd know.... and because she can't tell me, I just don't know either.

When dad died when I was 14. I thought it was strange to not have a dad anymore that young... but then mom died when I was 27... I'm not even 30 yet. BOTH my parents have died. 27 is even young to lose one parent.

It's just strange.. lol I've said that over and over I know. And again I'm reall ynot all that sad, I'm just having a hard time coming to grips with that one fact. I've been over my dads death for quite some time now, and I dealt with moms pretty well I think.... I don't dwell on any of it, but that one thing keep scoming back to me.

Maybe if I had siblings it'd be different too. But nope, just me.. lol it's like I'm the last one....

Both my parents had lost their dads already... and both my grandmas are in their 80's and I don't know if I'm truthfully close to either of them anymore. I might talk to them once in awhile.... and I don't talk to any of my other family members anymore at all. Well cept brian. =)

We've never been super close to seans family, I know i can count on them though, but it's not the same.

So I guess maybe in some odd little way I'm lonely?

hmm.. I don't know... anyway.....

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Hustler HNT

Last night was supposed to be "Metal Night" at Petrus again. Last week was a lot of fun so I figured we were safe to assume that this week would be good too. LOL. By 1am there was 6 of us there. lmao.. so Rob went next door to Main Street Lounge because they were hoppin over there, and he was going to try and steal some people and bring them to our party..... WELLLLLL, Him and Jason were gone for more than "a few minutes" like they said they'd be gone, and Rob comes back with no people, but no Jason either.. lol and he's got this shit-eating grin and his camera phone. Shows us that the Porn Star Memphis from Hustelr and a couple other girls were over at MSL naked and doing a lap dance contest. For Free. Yea.... No cover and 1$ beer... compared to our party of 6.... so we went to MSL. lol So, in the spirit of HNT, the first pic is me... I have a better one, you gotta email me and ask real nice for it though if you wanna see it. lol

The rest are just from the show. =) The last one is my friend Rob.

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