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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Don't F with my trash man!

MAN! Gonna have to remember to send out our rumpke bill on time from now on. lol, Sean called me at work today all bent out of shape cause we got skipped with our trash pickup today...... oh lordy. I gave Andy the money to write a check for it a week or two ago and it just got sent out a couple days ago. Well, they didn't receive it on time and didnt get our trash this morning, sooo. Sean decides to call work and go off on me like it was my fault or something..... Gonna have to smack my bitch up, hehe nah i guess I'll let this one slide seeing as how damned cute he is, but shhh.... don't tell him I said that. Anyway, called and straightened it all out, we're now paying trash customers again, hehe......

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

More trees, yay!

Went over to Mark and Mandas today after work. Sean helped Mark move his old couch and loveseat into the garage and they fed us pizza in return, hehe. All cept me cause I'm still on pizza strike, so I had ramen noodles that I shared with Mik. The boys went to get the pizza and me and Manda were upstairs in her room and Mik walks into the bathroom, takes off her diaper, sits on the toilet and pees! All on her own, it was so cool. She's forever asking to sit on the potty, but usually it's just to play, we've had very few successful potty's. But this time she just up and went all by herself. I'm so excited, hopefully this is the start to serious potty training! I'll be the happiest mommy alive... =)
We also got our banana trees.... Finally! We got bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s...... hehe Anywho, off the crack Robyn. Marks been telling us to come get them for ever now and we keep saying "yea we'll come get those this weekend" and it never happens.
So, Sean put in an application at Pennzoil today and the Assistant Manager guy was like wow you've got lots of experience... so hopefully thats a good sign for him. He needs a job so bad, not just because we need the money, but cause you can tell he's tired of being at home all the time. Got July's bills all figured out in case it takes this month for him to find a job, so thats good, at least we wont have to sweat that this month.
Well, I only have until Andy gets out of the shower so guess I'll wrap things up now. Ta-Ta.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Signing his life away.........

Ok, so today's the day that Billy signs his contract with the Marines. So happy for him, he's gonna make a whole lot more out of his life than his worthless sister ever will. lol I'm so bad to talk about Shannon, but damn she drives me nuts. 23 years old living at home with mommy, not paying any bills, still driving moms car, oooo it just makes my blood pressure go up. But enough about that, think about Billy today, yay Billy! Gonna leave work for a little bit to go and take pictures, I'm going to make him a scrapbook highlighting his military career for him. =)
On another note, left my friggin windows down on my car last night and it rained! Nice huh? lol had to ride to work today sitting on a towel to keep my ass dry, lol. Steering wheel was all sticky, grossed me out, lol. And to make matters worse, it's supposed to rain today too so i can't really leave my windows down while I'm in work to dry it out cause knowing my luck, it would pour again and I wouldn't notice and just make it that much worse.
Well, guess I better get to work or something... Blah!

Monday, June 27, 2005

Carpenter Mik

Bored at work. Thats the story of my life. Was thinking today, I think I might enroll in an online college, I'd like to get a degree of some sort working with animals, and since I already have like 50 something credits from years ago, I figured now would be a good time to start on this. Good idea? Also called around today at work to see how much it would cost to have my dog shaved. It's gonna be like 100 bucks to shave her or like 75 just to wash and comb her out. I guess with a dog her size thoughit's understandable, cause shes over 100 pounds easy.
Hehe, we were sitting around the toher night listening to Mikayla play in her room when she was supposed to be going to sleep and it was the funniest thing cause whatever she was doing it sounded like she was building something back there. Andy called her a Carpenter Gnome, hehe we said how funny it'd be to walk back there one morning after she'd been playing instead of sleeping at night and there be this massive headboard and dresser set sitting there. lol I was like if she starts doing that, then one night she'll sleep in my room so she can rebuild my bedroom suite, then the next night she's gonna sleep in andy's room,then the next in the bathroom, hehe and before long we'll have the house remodeled. =) lol We're bad huh?

Friday, June 24, 2005

My first

Ok, this is my first post on my brand new blog. =) Had a blog before but my blog pimp wimped out on me and closed them all out. =( I thought I'd be alright not blogging, but every day my desire grows stronger and I need to have an outlet, hehe, then low and behold, along came blogger and here I am with my new page. =) So everyone comment like crazy.

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