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Friday, March 30, 2007

April 6th

You can't read the bottom of it very well but it's Uncle Plesants 2126 S. preston St. Louisville, Ky.


Thursday, March 29, 2007

Quick update and then some entertainment. hehe

I know my blog here isn't the best place to advertise shows and whatnot but I already utilize every other online option I have so I might as well use my blog too.. hehe

I'll update you on Sean first though....

He went to his family doc yesterday and they took more blood and ordered more tests. He sent Sean home with some meds to try and see if they help. I really like his doctor though, he seems to be very thorough. Seans still in quite a bit of pain though, even with the vicodin.. He's called in the past 3 days to work. I hope he gets to feeling better soon. =(

So now that you know about Sean.. let me let you know about all our upcoming shows.

March 31st @9 pm Grae @ Club Exile 3$ cover 21+ and 12$ drink till you drown till2
April 4th @ 9pm Anvil Grey @ Club Exile no cover 21+ same special as above
April 6th @ 9pm Give a Buddy a Lung Benefit at Uncle Plesants. 7$ cover featuring: 13th Age, Hyndsite, Poetry Of The Dead, and Throwing Stones.
April 7th @ 6pm Joker77 Live on Aiiradio.net with the guys from False. Tune in!
April 11th @ 9pm Prey For Maria @ Exile no cover 21+ Drink till you drown till 2.
April 18th @ 9pm Two Pump Chump @ Exile no cover 21+ Drink till you Drown till 2.

and then.... what you've been waiting for.....

If you are anywhere near Louisville on April 21st, I KNOW you're going to Thunder. =)

So once the fireworks are finished and you're in the area anyway.... Why not stop by The Dugout at 921 Swan St. in Germantown and get your ROCK on with Poetry of The Dead and Once Fed Lies?????

You might as well come party with us, it's not like you're going to get anywhere else with traffic the way it always is.. lol =)

So mark your calendars......

April 21st after the fireworks.......

Once Fed Lies
Poetry Of The Dead
The Dugout 921 Swan St. in Germantown Louisville!

All shows in this listing are hosted by:
Master of Fright Production (so you know it'll kick ass)
-Robyn, Sean, and DjRob

Our production company is taking off. We are working with 4 bands now, numerous venues and are about to have a sit down with a man we've met that managed bands in Nashville for years... so things in this dept. are going awesome! I'm so excited.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My luv

Seans felt bad for like a week and ahalf now. He keeps getting bad cramps in his stomach... we figured it was a bug or something. Well yesterday we finally broke down and took him to an immediate care center. They took his temp., pushed on his belly a little and made him jump up and down for a minute and then looked right at him and said "You need to be in the emergency room immdeiatly" The doc said he thought Sean had either appendicitis or that his appendix had burst. So off to the er we went.

They took some blood, made him pee in a cup, had him drink that barium stuff and gave him a ct and some other scan to see what was going on. Turns out his appendix is fine, BUT, his blood counts were all screwed up and his lipid levels were really high. They said he has Pancreatitis.

They went ahead and sent him home last night but I have to call and make an appt. for them to do more tests on him. They can't understand why he got this and you have to treat it right or it could cause serious problems. They wanna check out his gallbladder too, the ct showed up abnormalities. And from what I read last night about it, gallstones and pancreatitis go hand in hand.

Kinda worries me though...

Friday, March 23, 2007

Busy little me

Today and tomorrow are gonna be hell for me. lol I told myself going to sleep last night that I had till noon today to get everything done online and then I had to get to work on everything else for this weekend. lol So I have 45 minutes left. hahaha

Today I have to clean my house first off. Saturday is Seans show.... Aiiradio.net for all you who haven't been tuning in and should... He's on from 6pm until 11pm and he's got Poetry Of The Dead coming over tomorrow night to do the show with him... thats why I gotta clean my house. haha Can't have bands coming over to chill and it being awreck like it is now.

Tomorrow is Mandas baby shower.. and something tells me that she's aggravated at me over it. It's gonna be at her mom's house and I've never seen her moms house before. So I've been kinda shady on getting decorations because I have no clue what her moms house looks like, plus everything I found was for a girl or just kinda cheap looking. Which yea, it's all cardboard.. haha how not cheap can you make cardboard look right? lol but anyway. I got a few decorations yesterday anyway...

Manda ended up with gestational diabetes, so my main goal with this shower was to make her a cake she could actually enjoy. The decorations werent at the top of my list, the cake was... but like I said I think it might have made her mad that I didn't get more decor. But she'll be alright when she's stuffing her face with cake huh? hehe =) I tried to make up for it a little bit cause I want her to be happy with everything, so instead of the plates and napkins I bought the other day, I went out yesterday and got all matching blue ones. So now cups, plates and napkins are all blue. =) I wanted something baby shower related but the place I went was overloaded with girl stuff and I didn't wanna get her pink stuff. Hehe Gotta start little Tre off right. =)

So after I clean, I gotta get to work on this cake. I have this huge elaborate recipe and it's going to be 100% homemade... no cake mix involved in this bitch... so I'm hoping it turns out good... Even gonna homemake the icing. =) I'll tell ya though, fucking spelnda is expensive shit... lol it better have like gold flakes in it or something. haha 8 bucks a bag. =) But my Manda's worth it. =0) Or maybe I should say.. My Tre is worth it. hehe

lol My cousins are coming in town this weekend cause she's going to the shower with me tomorrow, but they'll be here tonight and will prolly come hang out I'd say... But then again I'm not sure.. I've been wondering how well they even like me anymore.. lol

Tomorrow is what's going to kill me though. I have Mandas shower, gotta be there early to set everything up.... and when thats over I gotta rush home to make sure my house is in order before the band gets here for Seans show... and I wanna hang out with all them for awhile, then I have Anvil Grey's show that we set up at Exile and hopefully I'll have time to shoot over to The DugOut for Grae's show as well. It's really important to me to see Grae play since I've never seen them play before. But Anvil Grey's show is my deal so I have to be there first. I told the singer of Grae that if I made it to theirs, I was gonna take a power nap in the corner.. haha

Busy Busy Robyn... =) But I love it.

I think Sean and I have finally found our calling in life. =) It's awesome.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy HNT

Two Hnt's in a row... woo-hoo I'm on a roll huh? lol

We went out for St. Patty's Day to a concert here in town of all local music and this was a pic I snapped before we left that night. =)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ahhhhh Sunday.

Went over to Creed and Sherry's today. They invited us over to grill out and get ink. hehe Sherry went and got her sisters 3 kids for the day too so Mik had a ball playing with them.

We all went to Creeds parents for a little bit to visit with them and the kids all got to ride the 4 wheeler for awhile. Mikayla loved it.. I can't recall her being on a 4 wheeler before, but she's been in a go cart a few times and really enjoyed it too. =)

I didn't end up getting my tattoo tonight because he did Seans first and it took a bit and at like midnight we decided we better just go home. haha So we're gonna go back over tomorrow afternoon after his rehab and do it again. =)

Mik was so good today though. =) And she stayed up till midnight like a champ........ but she was out 5 minutes into the 30 minute ride home. Sean had to carry her up the stairs to our apt. =) Too cute.

This is Seans tattoo finished. It's a Fleur De Lei. It's the symbol for Louisville and King Louie and all kinds of other stuff Sean told me. haha And 502 is our area code. It's kind of a way to show you support your city around here..... hard to explain. =) Creed did a fantastic job on this considering he got the design looking off a hockey jersey.

Mik on John & Elaines back porch. She's so cute. =) Must get that from her mommy. hehe

Sean and Me.. We so cute.

Creed, Me and Sean

At work.. hehe

Isn't she beautiful? Took this one in the van earlier today. =)

Did I mention she LOVED the 4 wheeler? lol Definitly getting us one of those for her.

This was an old bell Elaine has hanging off her porch... The kids rang it until it got annoying.. lol I thought it was very beautiful though.

Reed Ray. Creed and Sherry's dog. He's the sweetest little wussy thing. haha I want a min pin now!

Sherry and all the kiddos. =) The dog had to get in on it too. lol

Happy St. Patty's!

Went to the Fale, Incursion, Antikythera concert last night. And I just had to be at the front of the stage so I could take pictures... lol well the pit got a little rough at one point and people were being thrown around and shit in true pit fashion... well, I didn't notice till later on, but I had my thumb on the lcd display of my camera and when I got knocked into the girl beside me, I must have squished my camera... lol so now my display is dead. Camera still works just fine but I can't preview pics or see what I'm aiming at now.. haha

I told Sean that I'd get a new camera and use this one as my concert camera.. haha so I'm not scared of breaking the new one too. =) Something always gets broken at a Metal show... haha it's just usually someone and not something. ;)

Going to get a new tattoo today.. I'll be sure and get pics. =) I'm excited. I need some new ink. I'm so addicted to tattoos.. hehe

Sold our 3rd car today too... so in a few I gotta go wake up Sean and go clean it out so the guy can come get it today.... my kid will be home in less than a half hour and we're supposed to go out to Creeds this afternoon too. so I have a busy day. =)

Hope everyone had a good St. Patty's Day. =)

Van from Incursion
Nick from Incursion... I went to high school with him. =)
The boys from False.... this was after my camera died... I have to relearn how to use it without a screen. lol
Me and Sean feeling the Green. =)
Like my make-up?
Plane in the wall down at Headliners
Gezuz from Incursion
Stem from Incursion

Friday, March 16, 2007


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Thursday, March 15, 2007

HNT returns!!!

I've been a horrible little blogger lately and I'm sorry. I've just had soo much shit going on. =)

Had a meeting last night with the owner of a new club here in Louisville and we lined up a lot of things for the future. =) The local music thing we were doing at one place, we're going to move it to this new place and see if that helps bring people out any.

I also started helping another band out.... Grae is their name. So now I help out 2 bands.. I'm so excited.. lol I feel like a rockstar.. haha I'm such a dork. =)

We've secured not one.. but 2 dates now for benefit shows too. April 6th is the next one. It's a Friday so hopefully that'll bring em out. This whole charity thing is really takng off now. I'm excited. =)

Anyway... I'll update more tomorrow... and yes I actually will.. I promise. =)

But for your viewing pleasure... I ACTUALLY have a HNT pic this week... even though I'm late on getting it up. haha........ my gams. =)

****Just so let ya'll know too cause you can't see it very well in the pic.. I'm wearing high heeled chucks, they were awesome*****

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Go vote Go vote

A friend of mine entered a contest where he made a music video/trailer of The Hills Have Eyes 2, and it kicks ass. So what I'm asking is for you all to go to this site

You do have to register but it's free and if you click the box that says don't send me shit, then they won't fill your email with crap. haha

Anyway, his video is under the name nekronomakon and everyone needs to go vote on it. Trying to get him lots of love, so help me out. =)

Thank ya.... and ya'll know I love you. (Yes Os, I said Ya'll)

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Been awhile

Well, I too got put on hold for a bit while they determined me to not be a spam blog. lol Cept they made me delete a few of my previous posts before they'd approve my blog. bastards. lol *sigh* oh well. =) I'm here now right? hehe

Sitting here tired.. lol Sean won tickets to go to some boxing thing last night at Belterra. It was broadcasted live on Showtime though so it must have been a big show or something. Anyway, he took our friend Rob with him and he didn't get home till like 4. haha I stayed up till a little after 3 waiting on him and the kiddo had me up by 8 this morning. So here I sit all tired and shit. lol

I'm going to get Sean to take some pics for me tonight after the kiddo goes to bed. I haven't participated in HNT for 3 weeks now and I'm starting to feel the withdrawls. haha. I just got tired of recyling pics so I'm gonna make him restock my folder. lol =) So this Thursday, I'll have something up here again.

Stayed up last night talking on yahoo to a friend of mine from high school. I love the internet. haha I've gotten back in touch with so many people in the past year because of either Louisvillemojo.com or Myspace. It's awesome. I've known some really great people in my life and lost touch with nearly all of them so any time I can find someone I used to consider a great friend, then it makes me happy. =)

Sean does his second show tonight. Tune in if you're not doing anything around 6 pm tonight. Aiiradio.net just click on "listen to live stream" and it'll pull up. You have to have RealPlayer for it though. And if you do listen, hop into the chat room and say hi to my hubby. =) His name on there is Joker77. And he's really excited about it. =) His show last week went really well.

I think I've become addicted to LimeWire now too. Haha.. I spent like 4 hours last night just downloading old music. hehe Hit's from the 90's to be specific... oh lordy you should see my playlist now. ;) I love it though.

We got our Van the other day. Lol just in time for Seans truck to die on us too.. nice huh? lol Fucking figures. I'll take some pics of her and show her off later on. =) I really like it though. I was nervous cause I've never driven anything bigger than a big car but I really enjoy driving the van. I love how high up I sit in it.. hehe makes me feel tall. =)

Sucks now though cause I have to find a job. lol Damnit! =) Oh well, it's just till my kid starts school in July, then I go back to working during the day instead. I'll survive I suppose. =)

60 degrees yesterday.............. snow today! Bring on Summer!

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