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Thursday, December 08, 2005


I'm trying to keep ye old blog updated, I'm sorry if it's not as fun as it used to be hehe.
In Louisville news..... theres a snow storm upon us today, we're supposed to get anywhere from 2 to 6 inches depending on which station you watch, lol. Weathermen don't really know, they should just say, theres snow people, when it stops we'll measure it. lol
Roxy is doing better. She'll sit and let me touch her leg now so yesterday I scrubbed it up real good and put some neosporin on it. It's looking much better, still an open wound but not as bad as it was. Poor baby.
I really got on the puter to do school work though so I better get on with that. Happy Holidays to all, not allowed to say Merry Christmas anymore, isn't that a crock? Anywho, luvs to all my commenters and email buddies. =)

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Leave of absence

Ok, I'm sorry everyone first off. I know everyone loves me, and must be going through withdrawls lol but for the time being, I have no real internet access. Right now, I'm over at a friend of my moms house using his puter.... Thank you Joe! But seeing as how I'm not willing to pay to install a phone at my moms house, and seeing as how I don't have AOL or anything like that, I really can't get online much. If someone would be willing to let me temp. make a screenname for aol or something like that, I could hook up the puter at my grandmas and use it more but if not then I'm stuck just doing what I can when I can. So until we get all moved and stuff I'm also gonna have to drop out of HNT. But believe me, when I get back on here fulltime, I'll make it up to ya. Please don't stop visiting my blog though, I don't want to lose touch with all my visitors. =( And you all cn email me anytime, I'll write ya back I promise. I check my email more often than I can blog. But anyway, our first phase of moving went well, everything is in storage, and everything else is set up where it should be lol. Mik is adjusting well. On a side note though, My pup, Roxy broke her foot the other day over at my Uncles house. Took her to the vet and they splinted it, gave me two precriptions, one is an antibiotic and one is pain med.s Poor baby though, she own't even walk on it, but for a 120 pound dog she gets around well on 3 legs. So for the time being, she's at my grandmas cause the vet told me to eep her inside mainly to keep her clean and dry. It's working out well though, she likes seeing us everyday again. And we like being with her, I was really missing her. Anyway, must run. Talk to everyone later on. Luvs and misses my blogging pals. =)

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