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Sunday, July 31, 2005


My moms friend Stacey sent me this and it's really touching. It's not nice, in a sense to know that other people are dealing with the same thing, but it's nice to know my mom's not alone. It's not some foreign thing that the doctors have never heard of, it's Cancer and everyone knows what this means. Go check this out, it moved me. http://www.TheSurvivorMovie.com

And P.S. Andy has a blog again, his link is on my sidebar.

Friday, July 29, 2005


Mom went to the doctor yesterday to get the results of her ct-scan of her liver. Since her surgery (about a month ago) the tumor on her liver has tripled in size. The doctor said he’s never seen cancer grow this fast before. She started her chemo today, and they’re gonna rescan her liver after 4 treatments (8 weeks), and if the tumor hasn’t shrunk at all, then it’s not going to. So she had to ask that question that I’m sure all cancer patients wonder, How long do I have? And the doctor said Maybe 6 months.

MAYBE 6 MONTHS??????? That’s not long enough. I need my mommy for much longer than that, Mik needs her mamaw! You know how you’re taight to believe that God has a plan for you from the day your born? So God knew my dad would kill himself when I was 14 and that my mom would be gone by the time I was 26? I was meant to be without parents? I’m not blaming god or anything, I know better than that, and I know everything has a reason and whatever, it’s just kinda hard to deal with.

I’m not going to freak out until we hear in 2 months if the chemo is working or not. But it stays in the back of my mind nonetheless. I’m trying my best to not get depressed. I know I have Mikayla to raise, I can’t let her see me upset all the time because that’s just not good for her, and she doesn’t understand why mommy’s so sad. She seen me cry last night and came up to give me a kiss. I wish this were a problem that a kiss can make better, although it did make me smile. =)

Anyway, don’t want to talk too much about it, just wanted to clue everyone in.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

To my mom

It’s nice to know that someones there.
When I need to chat with someone who cares
It’s nice to see your happy smile
And know that you’ll go that extra mile
I wish I had your confidence
In knowing things will be alright
I wish I could help her out some more
Such a scary thing to have to fight
Not knowing is the hardest part
Your fate is wearing on my heart
I cannot tell you all my fears
Or the amount of unshed tears
It’s not fair to you to share my load
Through all of this your hand I’ll hold
I have faith in all things great
And I know we can do no more than wait
But sometimes I feel so sad
Reminds me an awful lot of dad
But no matter what, one thing holds true
You’re the best mom in the world and I love you.

Monday, July 25, 2005


Well it's Monday again. I hate Mondays, although today seems to be moving along quite well. Don't really have any news to report, had a great weekend. Friday we went to Grandmas for dinner, theres nothing I love better than spending time with Grandma and mom. Grandma just lights up when we come over, and I love seeing her happy like that. Saturday Sean let me sleep till 1, that was awesome! I have such a goo dhoney. =) When I got up, we set up Mik's little playground pool thingy outside and we all swam till like 5, then came in out of the sun cause Saturday was a hot one. Went grocery shopping Saturday too. Sunday we went to Meijer with the intentions of buying this tiki sprinkler thing Mik seen on a commercial but it was 25 bucks so for 5 dollars more, we got a bigger pool instead. We ended up buying a new Spongebob sprinkler too though, couldn't resist. Water shoots 10 feet from his head, and then from his little tenticle thingy's cause Spongebob's best friend is a jellyfish you know.The pool is very pimperish though, one of those inflatable ones, but it's 10 foot long, like 5 foot wide and a little over 2 foot deep, perfect for Mik, she doesn't even need her swimmies to play in it. Andy actually came out and swam withus for awhile, we had a blast. hehe brought out the boat, and Mik would sit in it and Sean and Andy would pick up the boat with her in it and dro it in the water and she'd just laugh, she loved it.. too much fun. And we were taking turns sticking our faces in the water, she's realy becoming quite the little fishy in the water. She knows how to hold her nose when her daddy throws her in now, she's not perfected it yet so we still get the occasional cough and sneeze but for the most part she's got it down. Mik wore her new bikini Sunday too WITH NO SWIMMY DIAPER. We brought the potty outside and had her get out of the pool, potty and then get back in, seemed to work pretty well, we only had one instance were she got out, stood in the yard and peed but still it wasnt' in the pool so who cares right? I really wish she'd pick up on potty training soon. She'll do it if shes at someone elses house, but at home, it's just a once in a while thing... anyone know why kids do that? Had to actually sunblock the kiddo Sunday, it was scorching but in the water it was FAB! Josh and Deena came over Saturday and Sunday, and Sunday they went swimming with us, that was fun. Josh left his wet undies on my table downstairs though, ewwww.... lol kinda afraid of them. ;) j\k
Update on mom- She goes today to have a port put in her chest, hopefully that goes well and doesn't hurt or anything afterward. She starts her Chemo treatments Thursday so everyone pray that they dont make her sick, and that they work better than expected.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Let's do all the things You wanna do.............

Been argueing with Manda all morning about stupid shit, and it has sucessfully put me in a wonderful mood...... wonderful being the complete oposite of what I mean. Let me clarify a few things.
1. I don't care if anyone I know ever has kids. If you don't want kids, thats fine, if you do want kids, just not right now, thats fine too, I don't care. People say all the time that I presure them to have kiddos, but I really don't think I do. I can't recall ever once saying so how come you're not pregnant yet? The worst thing you can do to a child is to bring it into the world before you're ready to commit your life and all your time to them.
2. Me, Sean, and Mikayla have fun doing things like hanging out at the park, or the playground. Going to the zoo, playing in the sprinkler in the back yard, going swimming, or walking the dog. All these things are a blast for us. I realize these things sound kinda boring for everyone else and thats fine, I'm just going to have to adjust to doing things without my friends all the time.
3. My mom, I'm not going to bring her up anymore. I've contacted a friend of mine that works in the cancer society and she's set me up with a couple refferals for groups in ky. for adult children whit parents that have cancer so I'm going to start talking to them instead. I don't want advice, there isn't any to give, and I know this. I want a hug, or a phone call to see if I'm doing alright. But the nerve pills mom gave me have really been helpful in supporting me the past few days. ;) My new little green friends.
4. My friends- We all haven't been hanging out anymore. At all. I understand everyone is busy. I understand Deena kicks her ass all day every day trying to work and go to school and keep up with her work and still have time for Josh. I understand Manda just got back from vacation and is still trying to unwind from that. We all used to get together all the time and cook out or go somewhere or something like that, but not anymore. And I say that but they all manage to see each other still. And I also know that a lot of that is because Deena and Josh can go over to Mandas house, where as I can't most the time. Mikay;a has an early bedtime because she doesn't nap during the day, so she goes to bed around 8. And after I get home at 5, and get everyone fed and mik in the tub, it's damned near her bedtime already so we play for a little bit and then settle in for the night. This doesn't leave me any time to go to anyones house. Weekends everyone is always busy going to the lake or hanging out or something and we don't get to go to those things because it's not always osmething that Mikayla will sit still through. I guess thats just one of the things that goes along with being a parent. And seeing as how, I'm not willing to give up any of my time with her, I guess we'll just have to find alternate ways to hang out with everyone.
I remember growing up, my parents hardly ever had their friends over, and they hung out with them (usually at their house) like once a month or so, so maybe that's just how it's supposed to be as you grow older. And I can be totally fine with that, just have to get used to it first. I wouldn't have married Sean if I wasn't looking forward to his company every night.
So anyway, I'm tired of this subject.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

More of Robyn's crap

Went last night to my mom’s, had a cook out and just hung out. She had called me yesterday at work to tell me that someone had broke into her apartment the night before and stole her purse and L.C.’s pants with his wallet in it. She wouldn’t have noticed till later on in the day but some company from Liberty St. to say they found a pair of black pants, a wallet and 2 purses in an alley behind their building that morning and one of them was hers. I guess they just picked the lock to get in her house and came in while they were sleeping. She had to go to the police station to i.d. her purse and get it back and file a report. All they took was their cash, like 300 bucks, left all the credit cards and her checking account. Assholes…. I HATE dishonest people. But when she called me at work and tol dme all this I just broke down. I’m so tired of my mom getting shit on all the time. It’s like nothing can go right for her anymore, and it just keeps coming. It breaks my heart that shes got so much to deal with. And I feel like I don’t have anyone to talk to about it.
You seen yesterday my bitching about Sean, but it’s like that with everyone it seems. Everyone is so afraid of saying the wrong thing that they say nothing instead. I’m starting to come to the conclusion that I’m going to try anf forget about all of this, I’m just going to go on thinking “my mom will be fine, my mom will be fine” and not worry about anything until something actually doe happen, and I think this is the wrong way to approach it because I do need to prepare myself in case something were to happen, but at the same time not dwell on it all the time, because I could totally push myself to the max and then she be fine and I’ll feel silly for overreacting or soemthing. So this is just something I’m going to push into my freetime part of my mind and only think about it when I’m alone and noone is there to tell me I’m being stupid.
I feel like I’m in a great big building, way up on the 45th floor and everyone else is having a party down in the lobby and noone notices that I’m not there. But really, I’m not depressed, I know I sound like please pity me but I don’t want that, I think I’m going to find a support group through he american cancer society for children who’s parents have cancer, I’m sure they’ve got one for that. Maybe that’ll help me out. =)

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I'm gonna cry.

Before I start going off, I need to explain first for those that won’t know what I’m talking about. My mom was recently diagnosed with Colon Cancer, then it spread to her liver, then to her lymph nodes, now they’re checking out her lungs because shes mysteriously developed pneumonia. Everything I’ve read online about colorectal cancer, the first place it spreads is your liver, then your lymph nodes, then to your lungs, so judging by the usual path it takes and then looking at my moms situation, it pretty much looks the same. She’s already had surgery to remove part of her colon, and that was successful in removing the majority of cancer from her colon. They are starting her on Chemo next week, in hopes that it’ll shrink the tumor on her liver enough that they can operate and remove it. But naturally she’s scared, who wouldn’t be? And also just as natural as being scared, she’s started wondering about if she’s going to die or not.
I’ve been reading things on how to provide support on this and everything tells you to just listen when the person with cancer needs to talk, even if it makes no sense, or isn’t what you want to hear, just listen to them, and be there for them no matter what, so that’s what I’ve been trying to do. Anyway, yesterday she asked me if I thought Mikayla would remember her if she did die, and I told her I wasn'’ sure because my grandpa died when I was 2 and I don'’ remember him at all, but, my mom and Mik are much much closer than I ever was with my grandpa. So maybe she would be able to remember mom a little.
Anyway, the whole point is that I went home and was trying to talk to Sean about mom asking that because the thought of losing my mom is something that has been weighing VERY heavily on my heart lately. And I’m not stressing out totally about it because I know that God is working with us and that there is the chance that she’ll get totally better, but I also have to prepare myself for the chance that she doesn’t get better, as does she. So anyway again, I was trying to talk to Sean last night about this and he pretty much went off, saying that mom needs to stop thinking about dieing and that he doesn’t feel sorry for her because shes causing uneccesary worry on herself and me. He says that if shed just do exactly what the doctors say then she’ll be fine. Well it’s awesome that he’s got esp but I just don’t trust his powers alone, and I’m still awfully scared. It took everything in me last night while I was cooking dinner to not bust out crying right there in the kitchen in front of Mik. I realize that if he reads this, chances are he’ll get pissed at me, but I had to get it out somehow and talking to him obviously wasn’t an option. This is one thing that is really hard for me to deal with, and the support of my husband is extremely important. Even if he thinks that it’s a mountain out of a molehill, I still want his support. I want him to say to me, I understand why you’re scared, I know your mom is very important to you, I know your mom is very scared because this is a very unpredictable disease, I think it’s alright for you to cry every now and then, and I’m always here to hold you, but instead I get Stop flipping out, and I don’t feel sorry for her because you haven’t been given reason to think that way yet. In my opinion, soon as you hear the words, you have cancer, you immediately (naturally) feel “this could kill me”, because it very well could kill you. Easily. Anyway, I’m hurting right now, because the one person I thought I could always rely on, isn’t there on the level I need him to be with me right now. I’ve been trying really hard to not think about it, but I think maybe I’m going to try and find a support group somewhere so I can have an outlet for my feelings.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Rantin and Ravin

Couple things have me aggravated today. =) Who better to tell than you, my trusted blog, my buddy, my pal. hehe. And just on a side note, if I ever say anything about you reading this and you don't like what I have to say, then tough cause this is my blog and I have a journal that I wite all the real juicy stuff in but when I'm at work or can't get a minute alone then I write in here instead. =)

So first off, Brandi at work is going through a divorce. And she just found out over the weekend that Doug, her ex was cheating on her. Now that pisses me off. Why the fuck do people cheat? What's the point? If you need sex, go home and get it from your wife, if she own't give it to you, spank it instead, but don't go fuck some skank just cause you needed love. Pisses me off! If Sean ever decides he wants someone else, I hope he can come to me first, say babe, I've got issues, I wanna stick my weener in this ho bag up the road. So that way, we can call it quits before he commits adultry and puts himself in a very bad situation.

Ok, so now that I've ranted about that, I have one more beef. =0)

Watched Mandas cat for her and Mark while they were on vacation and Mark had some illegal stuff sitting on his dresser. I didn't notice it until like the 2nd or 3rd time I went out therebecause I never actually went into their room. Well, I went up there one day to love on the cat cause he was in there hollering cause I was takin a poo, and I seen that he'd jumped up on the dresser the night before and knocked some shit off, so in order to keep him from knocking the illegals off and possibly getting into them, hehe not quite the same effect as catnip. ;) Anyway, put it ina bag and put it in his drawer. Went home and told Sean that I'd done it so he could help me remember to tell Mark when he got back, and I told Sean that I should have just left it alone because it was a really small amount and I could just hear him saying "I had more than this when I left.. wonder what happened to the rest of it?" lol well, Manda tells me today that Mark thought he had left more than that.. lol just like I knew he'd say. Now, I don't know if he was saying that he thought I took some, or if he though the cat knocked some off, which he didn't, or if he was just wrong about the inital amount he had left but regardless I called it. hehe.. Hopefully he wasn't implying anything because I'd hate to think that one of my best friends would think that I'd steal something from him, especially his pot because I can always find pot, don't have to steal it, specially from friends.

Ok, now that I'm done with that one. Gonna go now, must write checks....

Monday, July 18, 2005

Been awhile......

Holy Crap, we finally got cable! We haven't had cable in almost 4 years. I'm not like super excited or anything like Sean is; and he is, but it's neat. I can watch Animal Planet, and the Discovery Channel now, and TBS....... thats a cool station. =) lol. Yep, cable. Ahhhhh........

Hmm, so we're gonna have Brians 3 dogs again this weekend. He's going to St. Louis, fucker's always going somewhere, tee-hee. I like keeping his dogs, they're actually really good babys. And the neighbors LOVE them.

So I had like a family reunion at work today. Emailed to my cousins Shannon, Renae, and Denielle most the day today. We coordinated my grandmas Christmas present. For YEARS, we've all been saying we're going to have a big family portrait done for grandma for Christmas one year and for some reason, it never works out. Never I say. So this year, Denielle is coming in town with her 2 little girls, (and one en belly) in like Sept. and Shannon agreed to drive in for the day also so the end of Sept. we're gonna actually have a picture made for Grandma. Yay us! So check it out, we're so pimp sometimes. We're gonna have the pic done of just grandkids and great-grandkids. Buy this really neat frame, or maybe even have it framed professionally, hey yea, that'd be cool, hmm. Anyway, and then everyone go with their hubbies (and kids if applicable) and have their pic taken and then we "frame" the big picture with the smaller ones. So that way, all her kids and their spouses, grandkids and spouses, and great grandkids ALL get in it somewhere. =) I think she's gonna love it.

So, Andy went out tonight, yes you heard me right Andy went out tonight. (Let's all clap quietly for a moment) hehe j\k Andy. ;) He's got this friend that always picks him up, and I am usually asleep or downstairs or something when she comes in but I always hear her and she sounds just like me with animals. All you hear is Hi Andy, awwww FERRETS and KITTY CATS awwww c'mere let me love on you. lol it's too funny, it' s like listening to myself upstairs. Gonna have to make it a point to actually meet her once. =)

Manda made it home safely, hehe oh yea Mark did to. =) Good to have ya back homeys. Fuckers just spent like 7 months in Florida, and the bahamas and shit, assholes. lol =) Glad you guys had fun, and for gods sake LOVE on that CAT of yours. =)

So, my first few test scores are as follows..... 89 90 90 100 yep, go me!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Grows up too fast.

Sean called me at work yesterday to tell me what Mik was doing. Now, you have to picture this as you read it..... my almost 3 year old daughter........ walking around with my maroon bra on, her diaper and her daddy's tennis shoes, and nothing else. Sean said she looked at him and pushed out her chest, which just made her belly stick out further and said "Look daddy, I'm mommy". Isn't that just the cutest thing?

The puppy's are gone now too. Brian came and got the Monday night. We had bathed them all on Saturday, and Sunday when he was supposed to come get them, they were all pretty and clean, but he waited till Monday and it rained and they were all FILTHY! Dirty, dirty puppy dogs. hehe I kept wondering if Roxy was gonna miss them being gone, but she seems happy as can be to have her yard back to herself. While the dogs were with us, this boxer kept coming up to the fence and I guess it was because Sierra was in heat but it couldn't get in the yard so we dind't think it was hurting anything. Well, Brian called last night and asked if that dog had actually made it into the yard, and I told him it hadn't but then asked why he wanted to know. He said that the next morning when he woke up and let all the dogs out of the cages, that Skyler (the boy) was being real protective of Sierra and kept licking her face. so I don't know if maybe Skyler and Sierra got their groove on and we just didn't notice or what. hmmmmm............

Friday, July 08, 2005

Like a zoo in here

I'll be damned. We washed Lexie today (the puppy) because she had played in the DRINKING bowls earlier and then laid in the DIRT afterward. Now, we always talk about Roxy because as soon as you give her a bath and get her all pretty and clean, she'll go straight to a big pile of dirt and plop down on it. She likes to sleep in the dirt, plain and simple. =) But LEXIE, nooooo, she will actually put her two front paws and legs into the water bowl and then go lay in teh dirt. Grrrrrr. lol She's such a sweetie other than that though.
We also thought that after Mik went to sleep, we'd get Andy to listen in on her while we were out, and try and walk all 4 of them. BAD IDEA! I had Skylar and Lexie and they walked me, it was terrible lol. We went about a block turned around, and came back. Then we left again and just took Roxy walking because she is so good. While we were out walking all 4, an older guy that was jogging stopped and said, hmm, the biggest one is the best. She really is a great dog, when you walk her, she doesn't pull at all, she stays right there beside you the whole time. And shes so sweet too, wouldn't hurt a fly. =)
Well, Seans picking us amovie to watch so I better go now.


You should see my yard. Sean called me at work today to tell me that "there is a big ball of fluff in th yard" I am watching my cousins 2 Siberian Huskies for the weekend, and along with my St. Bernard, theres a whole lot of dog going on around here. What makes it even more fun is that there is one (unfixed) male with 3 females, one of which is in heat so I'm afraid I'm gonna go outside to 2 stuck together pups, lol... ewww. And Lord have mercy if it's Roxy (my bernard) that he's stuck in. lol What would you call those puppies? St. Huskies? Siberian Bernards? lol we'll just call them really big hairy snow dogs hehe. They are actually doing really well together. One of them is a puppy though and is simply RETARDED! Everytime you fill the water bowls, she walks down the line and just knocks them all over, gonna put her back in the pen I think while the others eat and get some water.
Sitting here at work, all the assholes i work with are off yet again on their Friday lunch fiasco and I'm sitting here waiting on people to pick up their checks... They think I'm answering the phone too, but oh oh oh soon as they left, i forwarded them all to the answering service and am spending my alone time blogging to you good people. hehe I'm so dedicated to my job huh?
Well, I've decided to go back to school also. Gonne do one of the online college things to become a vet tech. I've got this strong fixation to animals and just am not happy unless I'm around them and seeing as how, unfortunatly, I'm not getting any younger, i figured what better time than the present to start moving towrd an actual career. This way I won't be stuck in this hell hole for the rest of my life.. If anyone knows me, they know that being an accountant is not what was meant for me. Not that I mind doing it, but I don't really want to do it forever, it's just something to pay the bills and get me vacation days hehe.
Well, Mcdonalds is calling my name, I can hear it... "Robyn........ you want a mc chicken....... eat me..... eat me......." hehe so who am I to disappoint it?

Monday, July 04, 2005

It's great to be an American.

Happy Fourth of July everyone! We went into my grandmas for a cook out today, I love spending time with my grandma. I miss living there so badly just because I loved being able to see her everyday. Went in for a July 4th cookout, and left before the fireworks, thats the story of our weekend, hehe. We went to Brandi's Saturday and left before the fireworks, we blamed it on Mik needing to go to bed, but that wasn't it cause she was swimming and didn't even realize it was bedtime yet. We just like being at home, it's so nice. =) Is that weird? We didn't blame us leaving early tonight on Mik though, everyone was just bored waiting for it to get dark so we all decided to head home. We brought the fireworks home with us and will set them off once it gets dark tonight. We'll wait till Mik goes to bed though cause she's a big weeny. lol She loves them as long as it's little fountains of colors, soon as they make any noise at all though, and she FLIPS out! lol Silly kid. Welp, guess that's about all for today. Ta-Ta and try not to blow anything up tonight people!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

All the things you didn't wanna know. =)

I'm so used to noone but the people I know looking at my blog because my old blog didn't get visited by outsiders much (except for spam of course). So, it never occured to me that people might stop by and not know who the hell I'm talking about, until I received a few emails from people that had stopped by wondering what I was talking about. So I'm gonna make this post to tell everyone about me.
My name is Robyn, I'm 25 years old, and I live in Louisville Kentucky. I'm married to Sean, and we have one daughter Mikayla. She's our one and only, we don't have plans to have any more kiddos. We figure that we got lucky enough that Mik is totally perfect, so we may as well not push our luck hehe. We live with our roomie, and Seans best friend, Andy. I say he's Seans best friend, but I guess he better be one of my best friends too since I see him more than I see almost anyone else. hehe Together, we have 5 pets. 2 cats, Zoe and Boots, 2 ferrets, Faye and Sandy and a St. Bernard, Roxanne, who we call Roxy. Now I know what you're thinking, 5 pets??? Holy crap! But 5 isn't anything compared to what I'd like to have. We are already considering getting another dog, I want a tiny dog that we can keep inside, and I'd like to have like a bird or lizard or something too. Not to mention ducks, I've had ducks before and would love to be able to have them again. But, we rent the house we live in and I'm not too sure how our landlord would like us having livestock, not to mention our neighbors, cause ducks aren't the quietest animals. =)
We mainly hang out with one group of people, Mark, Manda, Josh and Deena. They are all my best friends also, I've known them all since I was 9. I have another friend, Candace that I talk to on the phone more than I see her, but that doesn't mean that I don't love her as much as everyone else. I've known Candace my entire life. Her parents were friends with my parents long before either of us were even born. =) We always joke and say that we had no choice but to be friends, but after my dad died, and her parents split up, our parents quit hanging out together but we've maintained our friendship none the less. So thats gotta say something for us. =)
Um, what else? my hobbies are scrapbooking, which I have been neglecting here lately, um, I love camping more than anything. Anytime we have a few days off work and everyones like what can we go do, my suggestion is always camping. Mikayla is still too young to take her to our usual camping spot though so we only get to go once or twice a year when someone is willing to keep her for a weekend for us. I can't wait until shes a little older and we can take her to the gorge with us. Then we'll be able to go once a month like we used to. I really don't have too many hobbies actually. Me and Sean stay home most the time, and we spend our weekends taking Mik to the zoo or the park, or swimming or whatever seems like fun that day.
In one of the emails, someone asked me if any of our other friends had kids, but We're the only couple out of everyone that we hang out with that has kids. We're different like that, everyone else is waiting for that perfect time to have kids, but me and Sean wanted kids from the day we met. We figured that we both found each other, and that we were perfect together and what better time than now to start our family. Took us almost 2 years to finally get pregnant with Mik, and honestly, I can't remember being happier than I have been since we had her. Children are definitly the most awesome people in the world. It's amazing at the feelings you feel after you have a kid, that you jut don't even realize are there until after you see your child smile. =)
hmm, anything else interesting? I've been at the same job for going on 3 years now, and it's alright I guess. It's nice to have a steady paycheck and to always know that you've got a place to work, but at times it's like oh my god I can't take this place anymore! lol But I guess that's true of anywhere right? Anyone out there have the PERFECT job?
I have to schedule computer time at home because my roomie is the "owner" of the puter and he's an internet and gaming junkie so I only get time on ehre when he's not doing something else, and it's few and far between. I post mainly while I'm at work when I run out of constructive things to do. =)
People have been reluctant to post comments, but they've been sending me emails so comment people! If you stop by, I'd like to know so just post a comment that says I stopped by. =) hehe

Friday, July 01, 2005

My interview with Laina.

I've been interviewed by Laina. I happened upon her blog today and she had this on her blog so I commented and asked to be interviewed. If you'd like me to interview you, just follow the rules below.

The Official Interview Game Rules
1. If you want to participate, leave a comment below saying "interview
2. I will respond by asking you five questions - each person's will be different.
3. You will update your journal/blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others
in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions

These were the questions she asked me based on what she'd read on my blog.

1) How old is your daughter, Mikayla? Are you planning any more kids? (Congrats on the potty training, btw)
Mik is almost 3 years old, she'll be 3 in August. At first we were planning on two but I had so many problems during pregnancy that my doctor advised me to be happy with just one. So we are, and she's the love of my life, theres nothing better in this world than raising your child and seeing all the awesome things she does everyday (even when she's bad hehe) And on a side note, potty training is still in process....... slow....slow.... process

2) I’m a little confused as to who is who in your posts...Andy is who? And Sean? Sorry, I’m slow, lol.
Sean is my hubby of 5 years now, and Andy is our roomie. He was Seans best friend and I took a liking to him too so we all moved in together. This way we were able to afford a bigger house than we normally wouldn't have been able to afford.

3) Why the pizza strike? Is it a diet thing, or just a no-pizza thing?
The last time I ate pizza, I ended up with a stomach virus and throwing up pizza is the absolute worst thing in the world, so now everytime I even smell pizza, I attribute it to that moment, thus no more pizza for Robyn. =)

4) I didn’t even know banana trees will grow in Kentucky. Are they inside?
They were inside during the winter, Mark (Manda's hubby) grew them and offered us a couple so we brought them home and planted them in the yard. They do great as long as you give them plenty of water, and bring them in during the winter.

5) I see on her blog that Manda is your best friend. How did you two meet? Have you had any big blowups through the years, or have you had a smooth friendship? I asked her too, so don’t peek at her answer until you answer!
Funny story how we met, we were both 9 years old and she had just moved in to the trailer park I lived in, she was in the court just up from mine with her mom. My dad told me a little girl my age just moved in, and to go introduce myself. So I knocked on her door and asked her if she had any friends, she said no and we've been bestest friends since. I don't really recall any major fallouts, I'm sure we've gotten on each others nerves at times, but we've been through so much, including the death of my dad, and her grandma, and we've lived together on more than one occasion, so all that has brought us closer than anyone else I know is with their friends. It was definitly gods will for us to be friends. =)

Well, that was pretty neat. Anyone who happens to stop by my blog, please leave a comment asking me to interview you, this is kinda fun. hehe I'm a big nerd. =)

um, just neat.

Ok, this is either the funniest, or the strangest shit I've ever come across. You can click on this lady and control where she goes.... try it everyone... hehe


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