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Monday, August 29, 2005

First day jitters

So far so good. I called about mid afternoon to check on Mik at her first day of pre school. I took some pics with Mandas camera, hopefully I can put them on here soon. =) She was a little scared this morning and wouldn’t let me or her daddy put her down but we sat with her for a few while they gave her her breakfast and she was ok after that. The director told me there were no tears after we left. Not from Mikayla anyway ;) I’m anxious to go pick her up and to hear all about her first day. I’m sure she’ll be a little chatterbox this afternoon telling me all about everything and all her new friends. Yep, I said FRIENDS…. My daughter is going to have friends. I feel so terrible, like I’ve deprived her of that one basic thing up until now. She’s got friends at church or whatever but she only sees them once a week and only for like an hour, maybe two so they don’t really fully count. So anyway, now she’s gonna have all kinds of friends. I’m really really considering developing a playgroup type thing once a week or even just once a month so that she can have out of daycare time with her friends and so that we can meet adults with kids also. Maybe organize something where everyone gets together and we all go to the zoo or the park or swimming or the movies or something together. I think that’d be neat.
Well, sitting at work so I guess I should…. Well….. work. hehe

Sunday, August 28, 2005

ahhh..... theres a naked man behind me!!!!

Had our yardsale today. It went pretty good, made 60 bucks so I can't complain, it'd have been nice to make more just so I would have had less shit to pack back to my garage. Oh well, guess I'll just have to have another yardsale sometime soon. Got to hang out with my mom and Grandma too all day so that always makes me happy.
I think Mark n Manda are coming over tonight also, so yay! get to see my friends today too. =)
Mik starts pre-school tomorrow. Hopefully that goes well. I hope she makes all kinds of friends, she really doesn't have any friends close by, she's got a few at church but they are all snotty middletown assholes kids. Seeing as how close this pre-school is, whoever she makes friends with there should also live close by, so maybe we can start a playgroup or something. That would be awesome!
Just so everyone knows, Andy is standing behind me naked! hehe Neeeeked I say. =) lol
Well, sorry to make this one so short but I must go now. =) Ta-Ta

Saturday, August 27, 2005

1:20 Got 3 hours?

Hmm, watched this show on Discovery Channel tonight about tattoos and piercings. Kinda strange. I mean I've seen the whole lip and ear stretching things and know a few people who've gauged their piercings, not quite to that extent, but still... But I mean, hell.... why would you want to be able to stick a 6 inch across plate into your lip? WHY?
I understand the whole tattoing is an art, and the joy in self expression or whatever, I have some tattoos myself, and have had numerous piercings in my time also, but I really don't understand why people do shit like.... have horns implanted in your head.... HORNS? I mean wtf are you trying to be... a bull? Or some sort of demon..... I don't get it. And the people who have those ball things implanted under their skin.... *shrug* Guess it's not really for me to understand.
So, my honey went out with Andy tonight, left me alone, luckily Mark n Manda came over for a bit and kept me company. Was gonna play cards, but couldn't find them. Sat around and watched Discovery Channel instead. =)
Think I'm gonna go to bed now.

I found it, I found the cure.

Talked to mym om today, and she informed me that she woke up this morning and found a small patch of hair on her pillow. =( Guess the chemo is starting to get to her, she's also had a few "accidents" since her last treatment, not sure if chemo causes you to lose control of your bowels or what. That sucks. Up until now, she's just had minor side effects, they seem ot be getting worse now though, I guess because she's had like 3 treatments now and the more of that medicine you put in you, the worse the side effects get or something. My cousin Shannon offered to help me find her a nice wig if it came to that, so it looks like we may need to start shopping around soon.
I hope beyond hope that the chemo works. I can't even imagine what losing my mom would do to my world. I know I've got Sean and Mikayla to keep me happy, and they do but I still know I'm not ready to deal with losing my mom yet. Lost my dad about 12 years ago, and it took me a good year or two to fully get over that. I was just a kid when my dad died though, and it wasn't something naturl that killed him, he killed himself so that makes it a little tougher to understand. So maybe losing someone for natural causes makes it easier, I dunno. Although, in my book, cancer isn't a natural cause. It's a terrible disease that has been made worse by pollutants in the air and additives in everything we use, but it's not really that easy to stay away from all those things.
Anywho, was supposed to have a yardsale this morning at my grandmas, but backed out. Sean ended up having to work today and I would have had to go to my grandmas at like 5 in the morning, and it's a friggin Saturday, Robyn doesn't wake up at 5 on Saturdays. =) So we're gonna do it tomorrow morning instead. Hopefully we make quite abit of money off it. Me and Sean went to wal-mart last night, and they already have their halloween stuff out.... YAY! I love haloween, it's my all time favorite holiday! lol, we already picked out about 50 bucks worth of shit we're gonna get just at wal-mart, that doesn't even count the actual haloween stores that'l make a killing off us. lol we prolly spent a hundred bucks easy last year on shit, and thats on top of the massive amounts of shit we already had, and I'm sure we'll spend that this year too. Seans already started collecting wood and such to build a coffin for our yard. We're gonna make it Mark sized cause he's a big guy and could really scare the shit out of the kids hehe. Is that bad? hehe we get a kickout of scaring kids, but isn't that what All Hollows Eve is really all about? =) At my grandmas house, my cousin used to use a zipwire and swing out of her tree at kids as they'd walk up the sidewalk..... muhahahaha! =)
I feel kinda torn every year though because I love taking Mikayla trick or treating but at the same time I love to sit at home and scare people and hand out candy. So me and Sean usually work in shifts. I'll take her out for a little bit and he'll sit at home with everyone and give out candy, and then he'll take her out and I'll sit at home. =) Worked pretty good last year but Mik hasn't got to the point where she wants to hit up every single house in the neighborhood yet. I remember being young and living in our trailer park in Fairdale and we'd get a group of friends together and hit every house, then start all over again sowe'd end up with like 9 bags by the night was over, lol. Damned Hoodlums hehe. And we were too, we were the neighborhood assholes for quite a while. hehe I remember doing all kinds of badshit in that poor trailer park. Fun times. Well, guess I better go do something about my kitchen since noone else is going too. Theres prolly shit growing.... maybe a cure for cancer somewhere. ;)

Thursday, August 25, 2005

he must love me.

HeHe, must add a little note... Called my honey and he told me he wa sorry for being a prick this morning. =) I'm so rotten.


Pissed off Sean last night. He wanted some of course and it was like 11 so I told him no, mean assed wife that I am. Anyway, so all night he sulked about it, and this morning when he woke up, he made every effort he could make to see that I got woken up while him and Mik were getting ready to leave. So I’ve been up since 7 which was alright cause I had to screw with my car some this morning and wanted to leave early anyway in case my car died on the way to work. Mom called and asked me if Sean was mad at her for something because he didn’t change Mik cause her pants were all wet this morning and she said he barely spoke to her, so he must really be in a bad mood or something. Oh well, guess he’ll get over it. I’m sure if I offer him some ass later then everything will be peachy once again, isn’t it awesome how your friggin mood can revolve around something like sex?

So, picked up Mik yesterday from moms, got all the way home, turning into the driveway and my car dies. And at the time, it wouldn’t start back up again, it started later though. So me and Sean were messing with it later and when you’d rev it up it would try and cut out as it idled down, and it’s got a transmission and a radiator leak (we put in some stop leak, hopefully that’ll work) the transmissions slipping, it’s got a leak in one of the air hoses and the engine isn’t cooling properly. Nice huh? Lol I LOVE cars! So I’ve decided I’m gonna stick to just driving to and from work only. =)

Well, Today is Mandas birthday…. Happy Birthday Manda! She’s 26 years old now hehe. I called her on my way to work this morning and then had everyone at work call her on speaker phone and sing to her hehe. I’m such a good friend. =)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I've been tagged.....

I just realized that I've been tagged. hehe Sorry I'm kinda slow to catch on sometimes lol. And maybe it's just cause I'm a re but I can't make my blog put links in, it hates me lol. So I'm supposed to list 10 sings that I'm currently digging right now. This is gonna be difficult since I hardly listen to the radio, hehe.

1. My Hump by the Black Eyed Peas (Not sure if thats what its actually called or not but it's a cool song)
2. Soldier by The Dixie Chicks (I have this cd at work so it's one of the only things I listen to all day)
3. Anything by Sublime (I love sublime)
4. ah geez, this is difficult lol............ How about I just list some of my favorite singers and groups instead? hehe
5. My all time fave is Annie Lennox
6. Sarah McLauclin (I'm sure I spelled that really wrong)
7. Hush Little Baby by Eminem (lol go from Annie Lennox to Eminem, I think he's pimpin though, love his beats)
8. The theme to Scooby Doo..... now this isn't by choice but I do hear it every single day.. hehe
9. ok, my mind has gone blank lol imagine that.... =)

Ok, so now i tag.......... Manda and since all my other blog friends have already been tagged, I guess Manda's my only one. =)

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Oh 7.............

K, so I seen this on another blog recently and it seemed like a good idea.

7 things I wish I had:

1. More time at home
2. Better pay
3. 50 acres of land
4. Animals to play on my 50 acres of land.
5. Better health
6. A cure for cancer
7. A digital camera

7 things I can do better than most (Not that I'm any better than anyone I know)

1. Read and write
2. My job
3. Drive
4. Cook
5. Focus on the good in everything
6. relate to animals
7. Make my kiddo stop crying (which is my most favorite trait)

7 things I can not do for crap

1. Keep a clean house (not that I really try that hard)
2. Sing (anyone thats heard me before will agree hehe)
3. Ice skate (but I don't like the cold so thats ok)
4. Keep everyone happy
5. win the damned lottery
6. manage to save money
7. drive a manual transmission vehicle

7 people I find to be HOT

1. Matt Damon
2. Brad Pitt
3. Vin Deisel (all he really needs to do is talk to get me going)
4. umm..... theres prolly hundreds more but I can't think of any right now. =)

7 people I consider friends

1. Manda
2. Sean of course
3. Deena
4. Josh
5. Mark
6. Candace
7. My mommy =)
8. Andy (had to add one more, since I'm bad and didn't put it at first..... I Loooove you andy!!! =) )

Monday, August 22, 2005

He likes it.

Well, today was Seans first day at his new job. So far so good, he picked me up for lunch so I got to talk to him a little about it thus far and he really seems to like it. If he sticks with it, theres a chance at ownership too which is just pimpin. They do franchises and the owner told Sean that once he gets to know the business really well, if Sean wants to relocate to an area that doesn't have a Winair (like Mt. Sterling tee-hee) that he would provide the down payment on a building, and all the help he needs to get it up and running.
Called today also, and got an appt. for me and Mik to go check out a pre-school right around the corner from my house. Hopefully everything goes well and Mik can get in there starting Monday. Breaks my heart to leave her somewhere like that though, since she was born, she's either been home with me or Sean or at my moms while we were working, she's never had to be in a daycare before. =( It's good for her though, I know, I know. She's never really been around kids her own age and doesn't have any "friends" because of that so it'lll be nice for her to make friends and have kids to play with everyday. And maybe being around all those kids will speed up the potty training process.
Stayed at worktill 5 today and now it feels like the day is gone, lol. But it was nice to forward all the phones at 430 and have a whole half hour just to catch up my work on my complexes without interruptions.
Lol, I feel like I never have anything exciting to write about, my life is boring, hehe but I guess no news is good news huh? I like it this way.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Working muffin

Sean got his job!!! WOO-HOO!!!!! Couldn't have gotten any better news today that that. Just in th nick of time too, starting to get disconnect notices on everything lol. Oh, Can't tell ya how relieved I am right now, it's so awesome! So he's gonna bea warehouse manager, and his pay is ok, but it'll go up after his probation period so thats good news too. ANDDDDD, we get benefits!!!!! woo-hoo again. I haven't had insurance since I was pregnant. YAY! Congrats honey!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Offical Notice =)

I've been informed that I hadn't made it clear about us moving, so this is my official notice. =) Seanand I have decided we are going to move to Mt. Sterling in the next year or so. I need to be in Louisville for my mom through all her chemo and everything so I'm definitly not going anywhere until all that is done and over with, and I'd also like to stay here long enough to save up some money. Never really had any kind of savings set aside so I'd like to get that going before we up and move again too. Mt. Sterling isonly an hour and a half away so it' snot like a major move, we'll still be relativly close to all our family and friends. And besides, we barely see anyone now as it is, maybe on the weekends or some sort of occasion so that won't even be that much different. I'll make sure we come down to visit as often as possible, and of course, everyone is welcome to come visit us too. =) I'm gonna make sure the house we get has an extra bedroom for guests. =) I do know, though, that we will be all moved and settled in before Mik starts school, I don't want to put her through transfering schools and havig to make all new friends.
It's neat though, because Sean already has an offer for a job when we move, finding a house should be relativly easy, and I really shouldn't have a problem finding a job because by then I'll be almost finishe with school and have a degree in my field so I think it'll be a positive thing for our lives. And we already have all kinds of friends down there now, and Mik has friends down there now which is neat. She really doesn't have many friends here besides the ones at church and she only sees them once a week for an hour or two. I know all that will change when she starts school though, I can't wait for the day she wants to have friends over and have slumber parties and whatever, thats gonna be so much fun. I would love to be a typical "soccer mom" transporting Mik and her friends to social things and activities, hehe makes me feel all giddy just thinking about it.
Mikayla' birthday party is Saturday, we're celebrating my birthday too though, so it shoul dbe fun. I hope everyone comes, heard talk about all my friends maybe going to the lake this weekend but I hope they don't all miss her birthday party, that wouldn't be nice. Mik asks about everyone more than they think she does, and not that I think she'll notice if someone doesn't come Saturday because she'll be going crazy chasing around her cousins, but thats beside the point.
Sitting here at work right now, all bored cause everyone BUT ME went out to lunch AGAIN. lol I'm poor though so i stayed here, and am gonna eat my leftovers from last nights dinner hehe. Really, really poor right at this moment, got the disconnect notice from lg&e yesterday, had to call and get an extension on it lol, I hate being broke. I've ben praying all day and night about tis job for Sean. He finds out at noon if he got it or not. Oh I so hope, hope, hope, hope he gets this one, we are running on E right now and I have no idea what we'll do if he doesn't get it. lol oh well.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I'm so smart. =)

Haven’t blogged in a few days. Don’t really have anything exciting to report on. Seans still job hunting… grr… he finds out at 4 today if he got the job he interviewed for yesterday though. crosses fingers It would be great to be able to pay all our bills again. We haven’t fallen too far behind, just about a month, and that’s only on a few, not on all of them so I guess that’s really not that bad.
On a lighter note, I got a call from my school yesterday. They told me that based on my grades for my general classes, I’m at a 4.0 right now ~flex~ so they bumped me into the smart people class hehe starting with Biology. I’m kinda excited about that though, sounds hard but hard is good in my eyes when it coms to school. The harder it is the more I’m gong to learn right?
Asked my boss for a raise again yesterday, and again he says “well when we get more business I’ll take care of you” um, last time I checked, business was booming here, and we add new accounts every day, how damned much more business does he want to get before his cheap ass will give me 50 friggin cents? Oh grrrrr.
Been talking to Shannon more and more about moving to Mt. Sterling. I can’t wait till I finally get my dream country setting, I was meant to be on a farm lol. It’ll be a year or better though before we can move. I have to stick around Louisville until my mom gets better, I could never leave her right now. =( Hopefully she doesn’t leave me either.
Hehe on a totally different note, anyone that stops by my blog, make sure to go read my best friends also, lol she’s got a question on there that she needs some opinions on, it’s too good to miss out on, hehe. So go check her out at http://princessmandasblog.blogspot.com/

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Almost Friday!

Had a fairly boring week. Went to work, and came home, then went to Linda's for supper. Last night they all came to my house, dinner was FAB! Diane and Chuck left this morning though so we're done with "family time" Thank god. lol Having a birthday party for myself and Mik next Saturday, that should be fun. Shannon's coming in for the weekend, Adam has to work so he got shafted but at least everyone in my family will get to see 'pregnant Shan Shan' hehe.
Sean got his test materials for the Post Office job. That test is friggin nuts. The first part of it is like looking at 2 address' and determining if they are alike or different, they try to trick you by putting like Tucson, Az. and Tuson, Az. and after you look at about 20 of them they all start to look alike. Second part is they show you a graph with 5 boxes, titled ABCD&E and in each box they list 4 different street names like box a will have like 1200-1299 Thomas St., Breckenridge Ln.,1300-1455 Lyndon Ln, and Main St. but there are 4 other boxes with 4 other address in them, and they give you 11 minutes to study those boxes and then take them away and list an address and you have to mark if it were in box a,b,c,d or e. And there are 88 of them and you've got 5 minutes to do it. FUCKING nuts! Theres no damned way I could memorize all that shit in 11 minutes. Theres also a part where the instructor reads something to you and you have to do it exactly like they read it. Like they'll read to you, Look at the shapes in question #6, if the largest one is a Triangle then mark the letter B on #28, if it isn't the biggest shape, mark letter C on number 5. Obviously to work at the post office, you need one hell of a memory.
Anywho, just wanted to write for a few.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Busy Weekend

Had a busy weekend. Left Friday and went to Mt. Sterling to visit my cousins, Shannon and Adam, and soon to be lil cuz-neice Dani. =) I got to feel her move a little, it’s awesome. I love the pregnoid stage (on other people) lol.
So, got there late Friday so we didn’t really do anything but hang out… watched madasgascar…. Funny movie. My suspicions about Mik going to sleep were correct cause it took me till damned near midnight to get the little brat to sleep hehe. Saturday, we went toa car show to listen to Adams mommy sing, she’s got a great voice. We were gonna go to the lake but everyone was all like no it’s gonna rain we’re not going, so we went out to Shannons grandparents farm for awhile so Mik could play on the farm and see the baby cow that her pappy had stabled for her to be able to see. His name was buster and he certainly was a cutie. We got so damned hot walking around that we once again decided to go to the lake. We had to go to Wal-Mart so I could buy her a life jacket. Well, walking around Wal-mart and it became apparent that noone wanted to go to the lake (again) lol so we bought a pool and set it up in Shannons yard instead. Went home, swam and grilled out. Gwen brought Kayla over and her and Mik had too much fun playing together. It was funny cause when one would say something, the other would repeat it so at one point there were two little girls hollering “Uncle Adam, watch more Dora” over and over and over and over again. Lol needless to say, we watched more Dora. =) Mik went straight to sleep that night though, so that worked out great and the boys went out to shoot pool and look at boobies while me and Shannon hung out. Ultimatly, I ended up watching Serial mom while the pregnant one slept but it was still fun, hehe.
Came home early Sunday, and met up with Seans wonderful family and his Uncle and Aunt that are in from New York. We went to Buffalo Crossings, and as soon as we got there it started POURING rain. We were all huddled under this awning thing and a bolt of lightning hit this light right over us. It scared everyone cause it was right by our heads, but nobody thought anything of it. They gave us free passes to go back in the petting zoo for having to wait out the rain and while we were back there, we kept hearing firetrucks coming. By the time we were finished and made it back to our cars, there were like 8 fire trucks at the building we were just at. They said the lightning caught the building on fire and that a few workers had smoke inhalation, so that was kinda interesting to know that we were just standing right there not 20 minutes before. There was a monkey named Kujo, and there was a sign that said Kujo is very curious and will steal your belongings. Well, Sean dropped his sunglasses and Kujo swooped them up, and ran back up his tree and put them on, it was too cute. Hehe. They also had a newborn goat, it was the cutest thing, it still had an umbillical cord and that sounds pretty gross but it really wasn’t. It was too adorable and it kept neee neee nee like goats do and I just wanted to sit there and watch it all day. Hehe.
Called into work Monday and went to the zoo with Seans family. It was alright, I’m not used to spending half a day at the zoo anymore, Mik is usually running here and there and we’re out of there in 2 hours max, not yesterday… try 4 instead. We went to Lorikeet landing to feed the birdies and one of the little bastards bit my ear, lol and man is it sore today. It’s almost like a cartilidge piercing feeling… sore sore. Lol
Got home last night and Manda had left my birthday card in my door for me. It is too pretty, you can tell she worked real hard on it. She should go into business making cards or something. Talented little heffer. Lol Anyway, guess that’s enough for today. =)

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Going to the country.... gona eat me a lot of peaches...

So last night, the belly felt bad, and today isn't any better. Better NOT be my kidneys again.
But good news, I passed my first class with school Saturday, well I took the class Saturday just found out a few minutes ago that I passed it, woo-hoo, was kinda nervous since it was my first one. My next course kinda sucks though because usually I just download the books and have them finished before they are ever shipped to me, but my next course I can't do without the actual textbook, I can download the study guides but they don't really help me much without the Textbook, so that sucks, I wanna get to work on it NOW. lol. It's computer literacy, should be able to fly through this one., and if I have problems, I always have Andy.
Going to Mt. Sterling this weekend, gonna go to the lake and take Mik to Shannons grandparents farm to see the moos and ride the tractor, should be fun, I can't wait, one more day! I love mini vacations.
So I think Sean got a job. He's gonna be a security officer for some company over off Blankenbaker. Pays alright, but anything is better than nothing I suppose and the hours BLOW. 2 to 10 Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Sun. sucks sucks sucks but it'll do for now I guess. Still waiting on word about the post office test, if he can get that then I don't care what hours it is cause anything Federal would be pimpin. But don't call him a rent a cop lol he doesn't like that, tee hee.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

26 and growing

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday dear meeeeeee! Happy Birthday to me!

Yep, you guessed it, today's my birthday.....Big old 26! Sean and Andy took me to Joes Crab Shack last, man was it nummy..... got me some lobster, and Sean shared his crab legs with me cuz he love me. Was gonna go out to lunch with work today but Dan forgot to cncel his other plans so we're having lunch here with the lady from the bank, joy joy. At Joes, they always try and embarrass you on your birthday so they brought out a woddenhorse and I had to ride it around the resturant while everyone there sang Happy Birthday to me and i had to keep taking off my hat and saying Yee Haw it's my birthday.. hehe it was fun. The EKU football team was there too... lol.
Welp, stuck at work today since I took Monday off, so guess I'll make the most out of it. Ta-Ta

My prayer

My Lord God,
I have no idea where I am going. I do not see the road ahead of me. I cannot know for certain where it will end. Nor do I really know myself, and the fact that I think that I am following your will does not mean that I am actually doing so. But I believe that the desire to please you does in fact please you. And I hope I have that desire in all that I am doing. I hope that I will never do anything apart from that desire. And I know that if I do this you will lead me by the right road though I may know nothing about it. Therefore I will trust you always though I may seem to be lost and in the shadow of death. My friends may not understand me, my family may not always be able to comfort me, but you are there Lord, and thats all I need. I will not fear, for you are ever with me, and you will never leave me to face my perils alone.

Everyday at work, I open mail. Half the people that send in checks, wrap their check in something like a kleenex or one of those Latter-Day Saints brochures or whatever, and I generally just throw them away. But this came through, and it has my name on it like whoever sent it meant it for me, and it touched me. So this is my new prayer because I think it describes every feeling I have right now.
It's amazing the way he makes his presence known when you need it most.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Fer real

I'm gonna be a farm girl! Can't wait!


Ok, so I've changed my mind. I am depressed. Sean called to tell me he got a job today and it made me cry. Now why should I cry about that? I dunno..... I think theres a hole somewhere with my name on it.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Take a deep breath...... and release

Ahhh, what a great weekend. Seen all my friends, visited my mom, played with my kiddo. Couldn't get any better than that. Took MOnday off from work, yippee!!! Prolly not Yippee for poor Shannon since we keep each other company all day, sorry Shan-Shan. =) Set up Miks pool today and invited the neighbor kids over to swim so she'd have some friends to play with. We all swam forever, it was great. Wasn't too hot outside, but the pool still felt like bathwater.
I'm gonna shoot Roxy though if we can't come up with some way of keeping her punk ass in her pen. Went and bought some rebar today, thought that would work, nope. So I put a shit load of cinder blocks up where she keeps squeezing through, she just found another place. Now you all have to picture this. I'm sure everyone knows how much room there is between the ground and a chain link fence....... Well........ I have a ST. BERNARD.... yea, a ST. BERNARD....... and she will still get her big ass underneath the fence, and around the rebar. Like she's a damned cat or something. it's driving me nuts. I'm going to go get me enough cinder blocks to totally line the fence with on both sides, that'll stop her, until she figures out how to pick shit up that is, and I'm sure she'll figure it out sooner or later, she's just like that. Should have named her ass Houdini instead of Roxanne.
Well, just ate a kick ass dinner (as usual) lol, if theres one thing about us Durkins, we always eat well, and we can all cook good too hehe. SO guess I'll go hang out with the fam till the kiddos bedtime. Seans got an interview tomorrow with some company to be a security guard, so cross fingers for that. We talked about everything and I think we've decided that once I'm out of school, we're gonna move to the country somewhere.... it's just been in my head lately and nothing sounds more fab than to have about 5 acres in the middle of nowhere. ahhhhhhh.
Congrats to Josh and Deena too. They bought their very first house this past week. Went and seen it Saturday, it's too cute, just perfect for the 2 of them. I can't wait to see how they fix it up and everything.
Moms first chemo treatment went well, she didn't get sick from it. She said she felt kinda tingly though, but she can deal with that alright. One really strange side effect though.... she can't eat drink touch or feel anything cold. They said if she ate or drank anything cold it would feel like dry ice going down, doesn't sound too pleasent. And she can't even open the fridge door because of the cold.. wonder how that works in the winter time? hmm... anyway, so far so good.... Gonna keep praying about it though.
Well, going now..... ta-ta

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