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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

my favorite spot hnt

I was standing in the bathroom after showering the other day.. brushing my (long black hair). And I looked in the mirror and happened to notice one part of my body I really like right now. I'm actually getting really happy with almost all my body again. That makes me happy. Bout freakin time.. haha anyway... I noticed that I have a great neck and shoulder area. I lift shit at work and carry things up our three flights of stairs, maybe that's what it's from... I dunno, but Ilike it... hehe so it's my HNT this week.

Search for me and you may find me elsewhere too. ;)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hurrican Ike beats the shit out of Louisville

Last Sunday My little city, Louisville Ky. got hit by Hurricane Ike. How strange does that sound? We are like 3 states away from the nearest shoreline... lol and yet it hit us harder than any of the other cities it traveled through. Really strange... I was off work that day thankfully... I wake up and I thought it was raining outside, so I went back to sleep.... wake up a little bit later and it sounds the same, so I went on the porch... and the wind... OMG..... the trees were like bending in half... I didn't get ANY pictures of the trees whipping, I really wish I would have. But they said afterwards that it was a constant 60mph wind ALL DAY, and gust of up to 80 MPH. It was insane..... so what did we do? Got dressed and went walking... haha

Of course everyone was outside watching... and all of a sudden EVERYONE loses power.... so then they really start piling outside... lol We spot this tree down across the street so I grabbed the camera and the neighbors and Sean, Mikayla and I go to check shit out... lol There are trees down everywhere.... and as we are standing in the parking lot... one falls right beside us... This lady was like I think I'm going to move my car.... and literally no sooner than she got out of moving it.. this tree falls right where her car used to be. It was nuts....

We were without power for 6 days. Luckily the hot water was untouched so showers and everything like that weren't phased..... lol but entertaining a 6 year old for 6 days with no power (cause schools closed all week too) got REAL hard to do.......

We are troopers though... I credit it to our camping skills... hehe Many people we knew either never lost power or got it restored MUCH quicker than us... and we still stayed in our dark little apt. (I have kitty's, I can't leave em)
Got Bored tho... lol Specially the 3 nights that Industrial Nightmare was open and Sean and Bernie both belft me all night long in the dark by myself... I sat on the couch and read magazines by candlelight and texted people.... haha that's about all I could do. And took pictures. ;)
This is my apt. building's inhabitants... hehe We are an eclectic bunch. I actually enjoyed getting to know them all better in our week long excursion on the porch with no power.. Hard to list em inorder of appearance but Mike is standing.. he's right below us in the apt's. His girly friend Amanda is sitting, then Christina who lives next to Mike... then Tristan with her hands up (lol) she's next door to us up on the 3rd floor.. and her boyfriend Randall is next to her (he blends in lmao) We all decided that from the 2nd floor up, we are the coolest apt. building in the complex. ;)
This was one of the bigger trees we encountered walking around

Mike (Mikayla took this picture)
Sean (Mikayla took this picture)
Me (Mikayla took this picture)
Lmao.... This was the day of the storm... we were walking around like idiots.. this picture actually is about the only one.. if you look at the trees in the background, you can see them blowing around..... But this was directly in front of my grandmas house ironically... but this box blows in front of us from across Frankfort Ave.. and lands right in front of where we're walking..... so we had to snap pictures... lmao
This is during the storm too.... this is Frankfort Ave. It's normally a jam packed busy very clean tidy street.... there is debris everywhere on it.
Mik playing in the dirt... lol we did all kinds of shit to entertain her this weekend. My neighbors are awesome people... They all played right along with her the whole time.
The day of the storm EVERYONE's cell phones were dead... and NO ONE had power... EXCEPT......... Tristans work... lol CVS had partial power still, they were closed but they let her take ALL of our cell's down and charge them... haha So she left that day with cell phones and chargers... funny shit. My work, fyi didn't ever lose power... I still got to go in every day and work all day long with RECORD money days because the rest of the neighborhood resturants were closed..... It SUCKED. I have never been this busy there.. and our owners are conviently on vacation this week.. so they missed every bit of it.... Nice. I'm SO glad it's over now.... lol
This was the Biggest tree we seen down.... these pictures can't even justify it.. this tree is absolutly enourmous. Mikayla is four foot one.... and theres a good four more feet of root above her head. Not to mention the width of it... it just straight uprooted and fell over.
This is the tree across the street from me. This tree broke 3 seperate times in the storm.... in this picture.. you can see the part that's fallen already... break #1. Now look at the rest of the tree NEXT to the house thats still standing.....
Now. Look at the tree after it split in half two more times and fell onto the house in two different spots.
This is underneath the ENormous tree Mik was standing in front of three pictures above. And mind you..... when you walk up on this tree from the street that it's blocking..... you can't see this car.... No.... No..... BUT, if you are Robyn... and I happen to be Robyn.... you're retarded and adventourous and have to go climbing around inside the tree on the ground.... lol But, I found a car! lol Saturn Vue is what this WAS.
See... this is the front view of this tree.... you can't see that fucking car. lol It hit an Explorer too but the owners of it moved it really fast. The stop sign is almost gone even.... lol THis tree is huge.... It also did some damage to that house.
And another Tree. lol There were trees everywhere......

6 days of no power........ it was interesting. Yay Hurricanes. But not an ounce of rain.. it was all wind. When we were out walking in it, there were times that I had to drop Mik to the ground and sheild her with my body cause the 80mph gusts were sending rocks and things flying at us and it stung our legs and shit.... I know I probably shouldn't have had her out in it.. but we're not THAT retarded... We were very closely watching the trees above us and the power lines and everything. We knew were we'd be safe standing. We watched a window bust outward too... that was neat.... but people looted the building because of it, so that wasn't very cool....

Anyway...... thats been my week.... lol

Saturday, September 13, 2008

This and That

I am sitting here drinking a bottle of water. My 2nd today. Yep WATER.... Manda would be so proud. =) This kidney stone bullshit has to stop already... I can only take so much...... This one has been weird. Usually, I'll pass it, and the pain just goes away, but not this time. THis time I passed it and the pain subsided... and one day it'll not hurt all day and I'll feel great, then the very next day it's killin me again... so I dunno. They said the Ct Scan didn't show any more, but who knows.. somethings going on.. and I have no insurance so unless I go in there in some sort of severe pain they just look at me like I want pain pills. Grrrrr. So, thus the water.... lol I figure theres a few things I can do at home to help myself and drinking water would be one of them... so here I am.. on my second bottle. yay tasteless blah water. haha

Seans band is under "reconstruction" now too... lol His bass player has threatened to quit like 4 times now and he finally followed thru on it the other day... taking the drummer with him. And you're thinking..... OH NO...... but it's not as bad as it sounds really.

Like I said, bass player has threatened it before so we all knew he'd eventually go elsewhere... it was more expected than anything... and the drummer is only 20 and his girly friend is due anyday now to pop out their first baby.... so everyone wondered if he'd be able to handle being a new daddy and keep up with the band being so young... and that's totally understandable... being a parent is exciting enough to keep ya busy the first few years. =)

They weren't playing any more shows til Nov. 1st anyway because the Haunted Houses open up next weekend and Sean starts working for Industrial Nightmare again and couldn't play any shows til that's over anyway...

This band was formed by Sean and Steve anyway. It was their idea, and they are the two remaining.. so it's far from over. It's being re-born. There are 3 auditions set up already to replace bass and drums and they are all very good musicians so no doubt that it'll kick even more ass once they've revamped. =) THey get to keep all their music... there wasn't any "i wrote this one and this one" issues because all the ones Sean and Steve want to keep they wrote anyway. Or Donna or I did... lol

So stay tuned everyone.... Chaotic Vengenace has got some sick ass music headed your way... look for em by December I'd say. =)


Lost one of my best friends this past week. He apparently has too many issues with Sean to be able to remain my friend so we decided to just say goodbye. I've been hearing things for over a month that he's been saying about me though so my heart was broken there long before our talk anyway... I just didn't bring it all up to him because it's better for me if I just let it go. I'm so sick of rumors. I like being a part of this huge circle of people we've met through the music industry here in Louisville, but at the same time, I always feel like I'm caught up in the middle of some stupid high school drama. This person said this about this person and so on..... I don't care. I don't like being in it.... I just thought I could trust this one person but apparently I couldn't.... and it hurts more than I thought it would.


Burnt the shit out of my hand the other day.... lol not at work either.... nope, I hurt myself at home instead. haha. The coils on the top of your oven that heat the oven up.... yeah I stuck the top of my thumb to one.... burnt it so good that I didn't even feel it happen... I smelled it instead. It's starting to heal up now... I've kept it good and clean without medical assistance lol but it'll leave a super scar I'm sure.

My Zoe kitty comes limping up to me yesterday.... shes got like a callous or something on the second pad of her foot... it's not swollen or red or anything... but it's got this callous looking spot thats got a round center to it... reminded me of a wart but I've been instructed that cats can't get warts on their feet pads... so she's either like pricked it on something or it's a callous and it's tender when she puts pressure on it. She'll let me squeeze around it and check out her webbing and other toes and everything without meowing or trying to get away so it's not like major pain or anything..... dunno... I'ma give her a couple days and if it's no better I'll take her to the vet.


Our friend Kat who was supposed to be coming in to visit us all October from England might not be coming now. Her daughter and her mom were in a really bad car wreck 4 days ago. Her daughter is almost 2.... broke her arm and they found a little blood on her brain but they drained it off and it's fine now... she'll be fine once her arm heals but her mom is in pretty bad shape. She has numerous broken bones and has put herself into kind of a self induced coma... they are only giving her about a 30% chance of survival. So everyone send your good vibes that way. I asked a few weeks ago for good thoughts for my friend Staci's daughter and she has recovered fully now so the good thoughts are working... keep it up for Kat please! She needs everything she can get right now! =)


K, now that the bad news is out of the way.... lol

Went out with my friend Nick from work last night.... all we did was walk around the neighborhood, talk and then went for dinner but we had a great time. I like spending time with Nick. On our walk though we passed by grandmas house and there was junk set out! I was so impressed! lol Brian finally came over and got that shit out of the basement.... Grandma said he came over with Kristy's mom and they got a lot out and said they'd come back next weekend and do the rest... makes me happy cause I know how happy that has to make Grandma. =)

Not sure if I've told everyone or not yet but I'm also a DJ on the station Sean DJ's for now. My shows are every Monday night at 8pm til 11pm est. ALL of you should tune in and come in the chat and chat with me.. my chat room stats are low but I average like 30 thousand listeners each show... so you should all come listen to my show and join me in the chat. =) www.wildliferadio.com every monday at 8pm est. "The Sexier Side of The Dark Carnival" hehe

Going out to a couple cemetaries I've never been to tomorrow with like 6 people lol... should be fun. =) I'll have pics of course.... I love the cemetary... lol

And most of you all prolly are doing it anyway, but everyone wish Moose luck on her move. =) I'm guessing she's good and stressed... lol Luvs ya girly!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cave Hill

We go to the cemetary alot.. lol Spent a couple hours at Cave Hill again with my friends Nick and Tracey... Mikayla and Sean went with us too. These are from last Saturday.

lol I'm going to some different ones this weekend.... Friday with my buddy Nik who I've known forever and haven't hung out with the school years.. and then Sunday with Nick (work Nick lol) and Tracey again. =) So get ready for more pics... lol

Tracey and Me

Robbins Grave
My Beautiful
Pettin the stone dog

The Graves Grave
All of us... Me Tracey Sean Mik and Nick

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

And it begins. (and a HNT)

I am such a slacker... I haven't taken any *real* HNT pics in soooooo long... and I know two people who are really aggravated about that.. lol I'm sorry. I WILL take some soon... and I WILL catch up on everything I know I should have done a long time ago. Being me is a bitch sometimes.... I can't expect that to be an excuse or anything I know but at the same time, I can start the day with a list of things I fully intend on doing... and somewhere along the lines, like 45 things have to be knocked off that list for one reason or another.... but anyway.... enough of me right? =)

Took this pic while the kid was playing at the park one day a few weeks ago... I take so many pictures of myself... lol it's that comin to get ya look.... hehe

This is my favorite time of year, and my least favorite time of year. I've always loved Halloween... the season change, the not so hotness outside, all the haunted houses that open up, the decorations... just everything about it.. I love it. But, I hate the hectic-ness it brings with it.

Sean works at Industrial Nightmare every year... has been for 3 years now. He's part of the Haunted Network Family. We call it a family cause it really is a family. These people are unexplainably wonderful.... and to look at them you'd never guess it.. hehe dreads, and tattoos and piercings and foul language everywhere... but the mere mention of needing help and any number of them will be there within seconds. I luv them peoples. =) Anyway, the haunted houses open up on Sept 19th and my husband disappears til November. lol He has to work from 7pm til like 2 or 3 or later am every Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday night. Up until this year, I had to work til 730 every night so he was sleeping when I left for work and gone when I got off work. This year though I have switched my schedule around so that I get off at 3 during the week... so I'll at least get that much time with him each day.

This year is special for us though because our friend Kat is coming to spend the month with us. Kat is a chic Sean met online through the last internet radio station he worked for.. and I became friends with her through him.. we've talked on the phone, by email, yahoo, webchats, the radio, etc... and now we finally get to meet her! I'm so excited. She lives in England and is going to come spend the entire month with Sean and I. I can't friggin wait! So now when he's working I have someone to hang out with... hehe

This weekend is the open house type deal for Industrial..... and sean has a show on Friday night at Phenoix Hill... Next weekend we are taking Mikayla to The Newport Aquarium with Mark Manda Tre Josh and Deena, the next weekend is when the houses open, I have one weekend before Kat gets here, and there goes the rest... haha So this marks the beginning of being pulled this way and that.... lol Bring it on. =)

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