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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Little SierraSkylars

Ok, so this is all the pics that you would prolly like to see, there are more but they are a bit gory lol. I'm a great big RE and forgot that when I use hello, I have to publish them backwards so it shows up right on my blog but anyway. If you want them in order, then scan to the bottom of the page and read up LMAO!

Finding a nip Posted by Picasa

Puppy number 6. Number 5 was brown and unfortunatly dont have a good pic of him yet, but he is just beautiful! Posted by Picasa

Poor miserable momma and pups 1 thru 3 Posted by Picasa

Number 3, still wet. This is a little girl. We didn't get a pic of number 2 yet. And number 4 I have a video. Posted by Picasa

Ok, I understand that to some people, these are pretty disturbing, but it's a dog having pups people, you think it's not messy? lol Anyway, this is the first one and I'd never seen puppies born before but they come out in a sac, it's black because the puppy was black, and once it's out she eats the sac off the pup and licks it clean, it's actually kinda beautiful if you look at it that way. But if you look close in this pic, you can see th puppy's foot pressing against the sac. Posted by Picasa

Puppy number 1, this was a boy. After it was all clean and dry it's gray. Tell me now that this pic isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen. Posted by Picasa

Poor Sierra, she's normally a really small Husky, but this was taken while she was in labor... fat dog hehe Posted by Picasa

Back Back backsky

Wanna hear good news? I'm full of it today! Ready?............. I'm back now. Yay! As of yesterday, I have my broadband, my cable T.V. and my home phone back.. Yippee! =) Mik even has cable in her room. Ya know, I thought she was rotten because she had her own t.v., dvd, and vcr in her room at 3 years old, but now she has all that plus cable, and the funniest part? She knows how to work all of them hehe. Kids are just too smart anymore.
Pretty tired this morning though, waiting on my mom to finish her coffee so she can come watch the kid so I can take a nap. Didn't go to bed till 4 or a little after last night. Brians dog Sierra had her puppies yesterday. I've been around animals all my life but I've never actually firsthand seen a dog have pups before. It was so cool. I'll post pics later on, I let Brian take my camera to work with him today so he could show off his new babies. =) She had 3 girls and 3 boys, all healthy, and she did everything perfectly. We were kinda nervous cause it's her first litter but she's a natural. She was so tired by 3 this morning though, baby had been in labor for over 24 hours, so when the last one was born I had to help her to get it out of the sac and clean it's nose an dmouth and stuff but soon as we laid him in front of her she started cleaning him and the all immediatly started nursing so I think everything is gonna be good with them. =) 2 are gray, 2 are black and white, one is mainly black cept for his belly and one is brown. The brown one is something else though, waaay to cute. I've never seen a brown husky before. So anyway, I'm taking me a nap soon and then I'm gonna go back and let Christy take a nap while I keep an eye on them for her. Poor Christy, she tried to help as much as she could but shes got such a weak stomach that she just couldn't do most of it hehe. Good thing she wasn't there by herself. lol
So, anyway, I had this big long post ready telling everyone what's been going on since my blogging break but I've decided to just keep it as a personal journal entry instead since I wrote a few things I decided not to share after I read through it again lol. Got a lot of things on my mind here lately, but it's not worth stirring the water over. I'll work through it myself in time. =)
Well, we didn't get the house in Mt. Sterling like we'd hoped. The lady who approved us for it went on emergency leave and didn't tell anyone about me so it got rerented, so we just got an apt. here by my mom spur of the moment like. It's an alright apt. it's bigger than our one in St. Matthews was so thats good but it's not as big as my house was lol and that takes some getting used to. We also have to try and convert Roxy to an apt. dog. Not sure how that'll work out but if we have to get rid of her, it'll break my heart, not to mention Mikayla's. Brian says she can stay with him as long as we need but thats such a huge burden on him and grandma so I really don't want to do that. He's going to privacy fence in G-ma;s yard though soon so maybe if we help pay for it then it won't be such a big deal if Rox lives there, I dunno. We'll see I guess.
We FINALLY got our deposit back from our house. I only had to call and threaten to take them to court before they sent it though, and they only sent me 340 bucks of the 750 I paid but thats fine with me. I didn't really care how much we got as long as we got something. Matter of fact, I finally told the lady last monday that I'd give her till Friday to get me half of it or I was taking them to court for all of it, so I guess she got scared lol.
Well, my last little bit of news is that my kiddo is now 100% potty trained. She even stays dry at night time. I'm still putting her in pull-ups at night just in case but so far she hasn't had a single accident. I'm so proud of her. So we took her as her reward and got her ears pierced. I have pics of that too, I'll post a shit load of pics soon. =) But anyway, I'm gonna go revisit all my old favorite blogs today so everyone knows I'm back and thanx for being patient with me. hehe =) Luvs.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Yay! I have good news! Sean and I were approved for our house, yay yay! So next weekend, Feb. 17th, we are moving to Mt. Sterling finally. Ahh, geez...... it's great to finally be getting on with it already! This is good news to all those bored people that rea my blog, lol. And by bored I mean cause I haven't been posting much lately and boring everyone. =) I'll be back real soon though, and you'll get to hear frommy ass every day again. I also went yesterday and got my digi. Yippee! So HNT here I come, hehe.
So our house is 3 bedrooms, just 1 bathroom but that's ok. Was hoping for 2 but we'll move up to that one day lol. It has an office upstairs and it says it has a fenced in yard but Shannon went and checked it out today and the yard is only half fenced and the fence isn't strong enough for my mammoth dog anyway so I guess later down the road we'll fence it in. She said the outside of it is really cute too. And I know what you're thinking, and no I have't seen it lol. I'v only seen pictures but I have reliable sources hehe. Our goal is to make Roxy an indoor dog anyway so the fence isn't that big of a deal anyway. I hope her and the cats get along alright. =) That should be fun.
I'm kinda worried about Mik, not really her adjusting or anything but the weekend we move she's staying Friday night with my mom and Saturday night with Seans mom. She loves it at Seans mom's house though so that doesn't bother me. It's leaving her at moms that is bugging me. We're gonna pack up her room at moms and take all her stuff and bed and leave her at moms, that's gonna be strange for her I think, I'm not sure she'll fully understand why mom and dad are taking all her shit and not her. hmm, guess we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. I'm so happy to be moving though. Now the question becomes...... who's gonna help me? C'mon..... who's gonna help me?????

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