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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


At my job there is me and 3 other guys that work there besides the owner and occasionally his wife. I really dig all 3 of the guys, 2 of them especially. Well, I was working with guy #2 on Sunday all day. I could tell something was wrong with him, he just wasn't himself all day long. He kept popping pills and was just kinda out of it all day and I could tell he seemed really depressed. They all call me Itty Bitty down there too and all day long he kept calling me Robyn instead. I'm not sure he's ever called me Robyn before so it was really odd. I asked him if he was mad cause he kept calling me by my nae instead of my nickname and he didn't even realize he'd been doing it.

Anyway, long story short, we barely talked all day which is really strange cause generally he's the one I cut up the most with. Then when we got off, he just left... didn't say bye to me or anything.... well I just chalked it up to him having a bad day or whatever and didn't think no more abou tit.

Well, yesterday I'm working with someone else and we see Guy #2 walking down the street holding something. He comes into the store and looks at me and says take a break, we need to talk. So I took my break and went outside with him. He hands me a flower and hugs me really tight and told me he was sorry for the other day. That he was afraid he'd hurt my feelings and it was driving him crazy. So I sat and talked with him for awhile about everythings that's bothering him in his life. Not real sure I helped him any but I think just talking to someone helped a little.

But it was the sweetest thing ever. I'm not used to people being sweet to me anymore.. lol I'm used to them all being assholes all th time.. so it's awesome when someone does something nice for you... even if it was an appology. =)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

It's there, I promise. =)

So I took a shitload of pics of my face trying to get a good pic to show off my nose... lol but none of them turned out real good in that dept. But, some of I liked so I'm showing them instead.... lol Look real close in some of them and you can see it. lol

What have I done?

Well, our Thanksgiving went great. I had mentioned our decsion that we made this year... to just stay home and be the 3 of us. We did that too... perfectly. =) I went to Kroger at like 1130 Wed. night and got everything I needed to fix Thanksgiving dinner, and woke up the next day and made it all. We ae dinner about 4 and then ate continually from then on... haha But it was awesome. That's most most definitly how Thanksgiving is going to go for us from now on. =) I hope yours was as good as mine was this year! =)

Then Friday we had our dinner at Candaces house that we do every year. I always love this dinner cause it's one of the few times I get to see Candace each year. I talk to her at least 3-4 times a week usually and only live like 10 minutes from her, yet we never se each other for some reason.

Anyway, decided to spend Friday hanging out with Manda, cause that relationship is similar to Candace and me in that we never see each other. We see each other more often than Candace and I see each other, but it's still not very often. So her and Tre came and spent the day with me. Well, the majority of the reason she came over was cause she was gonna take me out Dixie cause I had a gift certificate to get something pierced. lol Well, Tre ended up passing out for a bit and I couldn't find an address for the place I had the gift certificate to... so we ended up just sitting around for awhile... then decided to go to Body Art and I'd just pay to pierce something since I'd already motivated myself to do it... hehe So we packed up kid, selves... and went. Get there, guy asks for my I.D. and I realize I'm retarded and didn't bring it. Yea. So we go back to my house, get my I.D. and go back to Body Art. lol Yes, I know.

My intention was to pierce my lip, but we get there and the girl in front of me is geting he rnose pierced, so I got to watch her go through it... and she seemed to manage pretty well, so I figured I'd go for that instead. I've thought about piercing my nose for a long time now anyway.. so why not?

So I pierced my nose. on the right side, little bitty diamond. I love it.. it's really cute. I'll put up a pic once I upload them, but it's really cute I think. And it didn't really hurt that bad. Made my eye water but he said that was normal, and when I yawn it's kinda sore cause you stretch your nose when you yawn apparently. lol But other than that, it's not bad at all. I can turn it and it doesn't hurt, and I've *almost* gotten used to the part thats inside my nose. I could really feel it at first but it's only been a day and I can't really tell it's there so I figure you get used to it eventually.

So anyway, that's been my weekend so far. Tonight Sean has a show on Aiiradio, which you all shoud listen in on. It's a neat way for you to hear and chat with me for one thing (hehe) but it's also great music and my hubby is the dj, and it's free, and you're sitting there in front of your computer anyway, why not just open this one extra window and listen too? Aiiradio.net or if you just want to listen and not chat with me then just go to www.stream.aiiradio.net

Other than his show, a couple friends are supposed to stop by. I have to work tomorrow though, so that kinda blows... but it's been agreat weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving again to everyone.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Escape From Hell

K, so I told you all about the movie Sean, Mik and I were in. I finally have a copy of it now... lol
Keep in mind, it was done with no budget at all, no money involved, and with 2 mini camcorders, hence why the picture quality is so crappy. lol

Short story line:

Sean, Deena and Me play 3 teens who all commited one of the seven deadly sins. So when we died in a car wreck we all went to hell. Satan (played by Sean) gave us the option to pick the right door and get out of hell.... so we walk forever down this hall trying to decide which door to choose, and we keep picking the wrong ones.

There's 2 parts to it, it wouldn't all go to YouTube on one.

Let me know what you thought. =)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


So it's been a long time since I put up a HNT pic I think. I'm sorry. lol I just get so sidetracked and forget all about it half the time.
But I remembered tonight. =) Yay me. haha

It's officially Thanksgiving now so I guess I'll list some of the things I'm thankful for. I have the most beautiful little girl in the world. hehe and she loves her momma to pieces. I'm very very grateful for her. She's my world. I'm thankful for Sean because he's my soulmate. He's the one who holds me up... if he isn't there I fall over. I'm thankful for all my true friends. I often need someone to talk to and you each know that I love you for being those people for me. =) I'm thankful for my family, and everyone around me, for our jobs and our home and everything we have. =) Oh yeah, and for those 3 rotten furballs we call pets.

Sean and I had a huge dilema for Thanksgiving this year.... and it was driving me crazy. See, I've been making dinner at my grandmas for me mik sean grandma harold and my mom for the past like 4 years or more and I love that. Well, this year my entire family has decided to do it at Denielles house instead at noon. Seans mom wants to do dinner at her house at 1..... I can't get from paoli Indiana eating dinner at noon to j-town in louisville by 1.... it just isn't possible. lol so I had no clue what we were going to do.

So we decided that its time we started our own tradition. We started it last year with our own personal Christmas and we all loved it. So we are doing our own thing this Thanksgiving. We plan to take my grandma to my cousins in Paoli cause she has no ride if not, then we'll hang out for a little bit, say hi to everyone, then go back home and I'll cook just the 3 of us our own Thanksgiving.

I'm so excited about it. I think it'll be nice to just sit down the three of us and do our own little family thing. I don't even remember Thanksgiving last year... Mom had barely been gone a month by then... my dad died right before thanksgiving too... so it'll always be a touchy holiday for me. So I think making it into something that we do just the 3 of us will be a great way to turn a horrible day for me into something I'll love every year instead. =)

But anyway, Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Don't eat too much... I hope your teams win and take a nap mid-day. =)

We have a sponsor!!!!!

I gotta leave for work in less than an hour and I haven't even started to get ready yet.. lol so this will be a pretty short post today. =)

Sean and Russ had a meeting yesterday with Derby City Tattoos and they've decided to sponsor our business. So Master Of Fright now has an official sponsor! We are going to include their logo on all our posters, the backs of our business cards will advertise them and a rep. from their company will attend our shows and do piercings where it's allowed and hand out business cards and do "sharpie tats" for a couple bucks a piece to earn them some customers.

As long as we can bring them in some business then we get a major major hook-up on our own tats and piercings... hehe that's all I need huh? If I can get them discounted god only knows how many tattoos I'll end up with... lol =)

On that note...... Russ pierced his nipples last night.... I was gonna go with him and watch... lol but I didn't end up getting to go with him so once I talk to him today, if it wasn't too awful bad then I think I'm gonna do it myself. =) We'll see though. lol I have a tendency to chicken out... haha

Guess I better get ready for work now though.... blah.

Happy Turkey Day to everyone out there!!!!!!!!!! Eat too much and watch sports... haha

Saturday, November 17, 2007


I wasn't real sure I should blog about this. I'm not sure if any of the involved parties read my blog or not, and don't really wanna hear all about this again... lol But it's got me kinda aggravated this morning so I wanted to talk about it somewhere.

You all know that we manage bands here in Louisville. Right now, Poetry Of The Dead is the only one we manage. Well, one of the members of that band and I can't seem to see eye to eye so I had decided that I was going to quit managing them and just let Sean handle them instead.

My main complaint was that I wasn't getting any recognition from them for what I did for them. And not that I want a medal or anything like that, I'd just like it when someone asks, Who helped you all with that???? It'd be great to hear my name mentioned, but it never is. Well, me and said person had a talk about all this and decided he'd try harder for me and I wouldn't go anywhere just yet. And I thought everything was fine.

Well yesterday I was talking to Sean about it and he told me that at a show a couple weeks ago a remark was made like "No offense to Robyn but Joker and Kim are the management team"..... now see, I was told that in no way was there ever any remarks like this made....... but my hubby isn't going to make shit up. So now my feelings are hurt all over again.

Then, Sean tells me last night that something else has been said. Except this time, Russ was the one who was said to have said it. And I know that's not true.

It was said that the reason I'm "branching out" and wanting to do band work on my own is because I'm trying to show Sean up... to prove that I can do as good of a job or better than he can without his help. I'll explain why this isn't true in a second but first I want to say this....

Why do people sit around their homes.... and then can't find anything better to do than chat about my life? Like, am I really that interesting to you all? Can you not find anything better to do? Would you like it if every other conversation I had involved you and then I talked shit about you and then called you my friend when you were around me? No, you'd probably be a little ticked off.

Now, back to my branching out thing....

I do the majority of the work as is.... so I know I can do it by myself too... BUT, my goal is not to be better than anyone, I don't want to show up anyone, especially my husband. We are equal, we are a team and just because I say ME when I talk about the new bands doesn't mean I don't need Seans help with even them from time to time.

I thought this was over with until Sean tells me that it was said that Russ was talking about me bad... and that hurts me because Russ is one of my best friends. I'm closer to him than anyone else besides Amanda and Candace. Yes. Russell, Candace and Manda are my best friends. Just them 3. I love all my friends (who deserve it) but them 3 are my bestest ones. And I know Russ didn't say that shit. I asked him, and he would have told me.

So, short and skinny of everything is this:

I'm so sick of people one day saying they are your friends, then the next day trying to stir up something. I have enough drama in my life without a bunch of kiddy bullshit being tossed in there too.

Christmas is right around the corner.... anyone think that maybe... just maybe this might be a hard time of the year for me? How about... let's be nice to Robyn for a change.... that's what real friends would do.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


I just realized I hadn't put up any pics of my new kitten yet. =) We have a new ball of fur... her name is LucyFur. =)

Boots, Lucy and Zoe... I LOVE this picture.... it's just too cute.
This is her climbing the screen door cause she's bad.... lol
Boots and Lucy.. my twins... hehe =)

I took this one so you could see her stripes, they are real faint but they're really cute. =)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I'm pretty aggravated now.

I had a babysitter for my kid when I work, and she was awesome... She was teaching her, she played with her, they got along great.. made me very happy.

Well, I've known all along that her boyfriend was abusive toward her, I've seen him bodyslam her, I've seen him hit her before... and I've told him that he is not to treat her that way in front of my kid, and he promised he wouldn't. I've been told by numerous people that he's actually great with children, just not women.... anyway.

She comes over last night, hand all swollen, bruises all over her, and you could tell she was fucked up off something. Probably pain pills, I'm sure she was hurting.. but anyway... she told me she'd watch Mik today for me but that she had to get out of her situation now, that it was getting to dangerous for her and she didn't want to put Mik in jeopardy by being her babysitter. And I appreciated her coming to me, I really did... But then she asked if she could stay the night, and I had to tell her no.

I feel really bad for telling her no because I know she needs help but I barely know her, and I can't get involved with all that drama... that's not good for my daughter to be around and I don't want to invite problems like that into my life at this point ya know... I told her there are womens shelters that would help her. All she had to do was go to one of them, they'd let her in, they don't tell anyone you're there and they help you get on your feet. She didn't like that idea of course.

She told me her whole life her dad and brother have abused her too and that she doesn't know how to function without someone treating her like shit. Which I can understand too I guess but at the same time, I'd be fucking gone. But I wouldn't do the shelter thing,,, I'd do the 9mm thing to his fucking dome. But that's just me, I'm stronger than most.. so anyway, I talked to her for a bit, gave her some cigs and she left saying she'd be at my house at 9 something in the morning to watch Mik for me.

Sean and I went to bed.

About 25 after midnight I woke up... laid there for a second and realized someone was literally POUNDING on our door... so I woke Sean up to go see who it was. It was her boyfriend, the abusive asshole. Sean answered the door to keep this cocksucker from waking Mik up knocking and he asked if she was here, Sean told him no she wasn't and to fucking leave... so he did. But, that tells ya that she never went back home after she left my house last night.

And if she shows up today to keep Mik, I'm going to have to tell her I can't let her anymore... If this asshole is going to come to my house at fucking midnight and just pound on my door like he knows me than I KNOW he'd try to come in my house when he knows I'm not there and she is with my kid.. and I'l be damned.

So I'm back to square one with babysitters and I think I'm gonna have to call in today too. Sucks cause I was scheduled for 11 hours today and could really use the money but I have to think of my kids safety first ya know....

I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to go back to just part time at work and see if my g-ma will keep her the majority of the time. Hopefully she will, at least for a couple weeks till I can figure something else out.... *sigh* God I miss my mom. She'd know what to tell me to do right now.

Friday, November 09, 2007


Last Saturday was the staff party for the haunted house that Sean works at.. Industrial Nightmare. They were rated #1 for the state and best local haunt this year... yay them!

The staff party is always a friggin blast though... drugs and alcohol and crazy people everywhere... haha. =) I think the best part is being able to just wander thru the house though un attended and do whatever you want, take pics, play with the props... play hide and seek.... hehe

Inside the Cage Maze
Tracey and Me. I Heart her!
Jason likes it when you twerk his nipples. =)
Metal bitches. =) hehe

We molested this poor dead guy... he'll never be the same again. lol
Me and Bernie.. He's the Man. =)
This is Seans room. He was freddy this year and at first he really didn't like it but he made the best out of it and brought the fear back to Krueger. =) He's standing in what's called his "actors pocket" it's where he hides till people com ein then he'd hop up, rake his nails across the gate causing sparks and chase em out of his room. hehe Well, this pocket got "utilized" Robyn style that night too.... hehe My only requirement for the evening was that I was getting laid inside this house somewhere... hehe and what a better place than Seans actors pocket right? =)
Who's Next?????

Yea, we drank "car bombs" out of a gas can.. haha we're hardcore.
Donnie from Dying Kind and Me. I luv this pic. =)

Gargoyle on the roof. =)
Dead heads smoke too... hehe
I'm hot.
Lita and her little friend. There's always jager where we go... haha shame I don't like it. lol
Matt won Actor of The year this Year and Sean was last years winner so I had to have a pic of the both of em together. =) Congrats Matt. =)
Me, my luv, and Steve. =)

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