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Friday, November 25, 2005

4 day weekend

Did everyone get full and have lots of things to be thankful for yesterday? I know I did! Been packing like crazy too the past few days. Sean has been off work for 2 days now and I'm taking full advantage of that. Seems like he's always at work anymore so I've done the majority of the packing myself, and now he gets to help, whoopie! Went earlier and packed up 2 trash bags of stuffed animals out of Mik's room and even thoughit was two full lawn and leaf bags I still kept thinking, this can't be all of her animals. So after I got the rest of her room all cleaned and packed up, I daringly opened the closet door and low and behold.......... stuffed animals! I knew there were more. Prolly two more bags full. Geez! So I decided a cig and blog break was in order before I went any further.
So we've decided we're going to stay with my mom instead of my grandma. Mom has a spare bedroom that we can let Mik stay in. That way she won't get used to sleeping with us. And we have a room to store the shit we'll take with us. Grandmas house is already so occupied and I know Mik wears grandma out, even though she loves being with her, but I'm sure we'll be over there most the time since I'm gonna help her get her house in order.
We've got 5 more days here at the house and we still have to tear down the swing, the dog run, and get rid of all the shit in the garage and beside the house. UGH! Pain in the ass. I want to donate all our shit but at the same time I want to just chunk it in the dunpster up the road, that sounds so much easier and I'm sure the people that live in those ghetto apt's will attack it and get good use out of it also.
It got down to 19 degrees last night and Roxy was fine. We decided to leave her outside last night. Usually we'd bring her in but since she's going to my Uncles house, he won't be able to bring her in when it's real cold so she's gonna have to get used to it. I took 3 little blankets out to her but this morning they are all strowed over the yard so obviously she didn't need them. I don't know why we worry about her really, she's a damned Saint Bernard. If she can't survive cold temp's then theres something wrong with her lol. She's meant for cold.
Well, tomorrow we are gonna take everything to storage and move out of th ehouse, then I guess I have monday and tuesday to get it cleaned up and everything for our walk-through on Wednesday. I guess Sunday will be tear down the swing and fence and haul off trash day. Thank god for long weekends. Sigh, guess I need to go finish up Mik's room and then go wake up Sean. My cousins Shannon and Adam are coming in town today to show off the new little Danika since mom and grandma haven't seen her yet. I can't stress just how awesome I think it is that they are coming down today. Grandma has one other grandchild that lives out of town, and granted she lives many states away whereas Shannon lives an hour away but still, she met Denielles second child for the first time last month and that child is almost 2. So I think it's great that Shannon is bringing Dani in to meet her grandma before she's even a month old. Anyway, too much shit, and not enough time so ta-ta everyone! I prolly won't be on here tomorrow as I'll be packing and everything so don't get scared if you don't hear from me for a few days.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Let's get Half-Nekkid!!!!!

Ok, I had a post all ready for HNT but I decided to go a different direction with it. I'll still put the other pic on here though, just because I'm such a nice person, hehe. So this week is Robyn's tattoo's. I've always loved ink, and my mom would never sign for me, so on my 18th birthday,went and got my first one. Normal place, my ankle.
(Don't mind the lines in my leg, lol I've been sitting on my feet since I got on the computer this morning hehe) Anyway, this was my first one and I now hate it, lol gonna have it covered by something one of these days. Had a guy once tell me it looked like the Pepsi Symbol. Yea, thats not very nice huh? Anyway... the guy I was with during that period of time wouldn't "allow" me to get anymore.....Bastard! so 3 days after he left me... I went and got another one.
This one doesn't show up on the pic so well, let me remind everyone. All I have is a tiny little webcam to take my pics with. =( But anyway, it's a celtic star and it
has a green ying-yang in the middle of it. And it's on my lower back. My third one I got after Me and Sean got married. We thought getting each others names was a little redneck so we went for matching tattoos instead. We both have the same one, same size, same place. It's on my right arm. Thats all that I have right now. I plan on getting one on my neck and one on my foot still I think.
Now piercings, I've had a ton of. I've had
both ears pierced 6 times, and that little
lip thing in the middle of your ear, I had pierced once also. I've had my eyebrow pierced which I loved, but had to take it out for my job at the time. Wish I had it again though, I ended up with a scar from it. I've had my belly button pierced but when I got pregnant with the Mik I had to take it out and sadly, the belly isn't what it used to be so I never bothered to repierce it. I've also had my tongue pierced, didn't like that one though. I ended up getting pnemonia right after I had it pierced and the doctor made me take it out. Bastard lol. hehe anyway. Those are all my tattoos and used to be piercings. Hope you enjoyed it hehe. And just in case those didn't satisfy you're craving, or if you just want to know what my post was originally gonna be. Here's that pic too. =)

So here they are. Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday everyone. Hope you have a safe, happy, food-filled Thanksgiving and that you have plenty to be thankful for. Enjoy!

Is 3 a crowd?

Well first thing. Mom went to see her surgeon yesterday and they told her she wasn't a candidate for surgery. He then told her she might qualify for a new treatment called Chemoemobilization. It's where they go in through the artery in your leg, kinda like they do a cardiac cath, and they put the catherter directly into your liver and shoot high concentrates of Chemo straight into the tumor. It's supposed to kill the tissue surrounding the tumor and keep it from growing or spreading. It can't get rid of it however so she's always going to have cancer. =( And it has to be repeated every 10-14 months. But, if it works correctly it can extend your life by up to 10 years. So, not the best news we could have gotten but not the worst either. At least we still have options.

Ok, next subject. Everyone remember Mandas post about anal sex? hehe well, this is along those same lines. The other night me and Sean were talking about 3-somes. His little brother was voer here bragging and I guess it got Sean to thinking lol. I mean, we were really seriously talking about it. Of course it's always been a fantasy of his, what guy doesn't have that fantasy right? But I've always thought it sounded like fun too. Now, I don't know that we'll ever actually do it, but we had a good talk about it. I think my main concern would be that I'm a jealous person and I'd be afraid that down the line I would be like so was she better than me? Are you thinking about her or shit like that, just cause I know me too well. But he said that even if it were just me and another girl and he got to watch he'd be happy. DUH! lol. But still, I told him that wouldn't be fair to him and he said it would be more than fair actually. But then we discussed having sex with another couple, at least that way both of us would be with someone different and there wouldn't be any jealousy involved because we both did it. We had the talk about how it's not cheating if we're both in agreement about it and that it doesn't mean that it's ok to have sex with anyone else because it IS cheating if one party isn't present or isn't aware of it happening you know. We even went as far as to say that we wouldn't want it to be anyone we knew, I mean I know a few people who would love to join us, they've actually asked us before if they could but I don't think I'd be comfortable around them afterwards. But then again, I say that and I thought the same of Andy when I had him take pics of me halk nekkid for Seans valentine present one year, but I've never felt uncomfy around Andy since then so maybe it wouldn't bother me, I dunno. So anyway, like I said I doubt we'll ever actually do it but at least we both know that we can talk about it and that we understand each other on all points. So my question is, has anyone out there actually brought other people into bed with them and their partner? And if so, was their any fights about it later on, and are you still with that person? I've just heard too many stories about it breaking people up and it's not worth it to me if that's gonna happen, because me and Sean already have awesome head-board breaking sex but we're always up for a challenge. hehe CHALLENGE! so I'd like to hear some "success" stories lol.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Tuesday Tuesday

*Yawn* Mornin all. =) Thought I'd blog early cause I don't know how much I'll be on here today. I have to go to Deena's work and get some more boxes around lunchtime, and then go into my Grandmas and help her clean her house a little before Thursday. Grandma just can't stand to have people over if her house isn't spotless hehe. So, I talked to my Uncle yesterday about "renting" his yard to "store" my dog until we move out of town, and he said it was fine. Well, actually he said we'd try it and see how it works but I don't forsee any problems really. Roxy is a great dog, she's just a really big dog. It takes a lot for someone to agree to let your 130 pound dog in their yard lol. Mark wasn't having it. My Uncle already has a black lab though so he's used to bigger dogs and his yard is almost an acre fenced so they'll have plenty of room. His yard is bigger than mine and out of everyone I know, my yards the biggest so she's actually getting upgraded lol.
So, I'm not sure if I've ever said how cool Sean's boss is or not. Everyday he puts gas in Seans truck and buys them all lunch, he's offered to pay his gas for Sean to commute back to Louisville everyday after we move so that he doesn't lose him as an employee, and he's shutting down their work on Saturday just to come help us move. Pimpin guy he is. And, he's letting us borrow a truck and a trailer for Saturday too. Mark said he'd come over and help too provided he doesn't have to work and Billy, Corey and Christina are all coming to help also. Hopefully we get it all done in that one day. I've got the majority of shit packed up already, after I get boxes today, I'm gonna attack my room tonight. And I got an email from a guy at the Salvation Army (finally) today that said they'll come pick up anything I wish to donate so thats great, rules out a trip to the thrift shop for us. =)
Well, gotta get me and the heathen dressed. =)

Monday, November 21, 2005

Gobble Gobble

Had a busy weekend. Friday, Me and Mik went into moms and helped get her all packed and moved out of L.C's for good. Upon rummaging through his stuff, I cme across a little friend of his. Um, ewwwww. A blow up doll named Eve just chillen in the closet out of site. Now, the grossest part of this is that he's 70 something years old. Really icky! bleh! yuck! lol anyway, moving on. Went and paid for our storage unit thingy, had to go return the locks I bought cause they were too small and get soem bigger ones. Saturday, Mom and Larry came out and stayed the night with us. Mik went to Nanas. And we packed most all day. I got all the kitchen packed up, left like one plate, bowl, cup and silverware for me Sean and Mik each, but other than that, I emptied out the kitchen. Gonna pack up my room and Mik's toys next. We're slowly but surely getting all packed up. Still kinda worried about what I"m gonna do with Roxy. I haven't talked to my Uncle yet, but if he says no, the only other option we have is Seans mom and I'm not too sure how she'll react to that. Went and put all Mik's Christmas stuff on Lay-a-way Saturday too. Rotten kid, we spent 230 bucks on her lol. Then Sunday I took Mom to Deals and spent another 25 on her there lol. Spoiled Spoiled Spoiled!
So I'm not real sure yet where we're gona end up at. Theres so many pros and cons to both places. Moms- Mik gets a bedroom to herself which is probably gonna be the deciding factor for me. Mom doesn't mind my cats just running around where as grandmas I have to lock them into one room. So we'll probably end up at moms. And mom only lives like 2 minutes from Grandma so I can still get over there every day to help Grandma get her house cleaned like she wanted me to.
Well, thats pretty much my weekend. Gonna post my HNT on Wed. since I won't be home on Thursday this week. Not sure when we'll pack up the puter either, but both Mom and G-ma said we could bring it instead of putting it in storage so I'll still have acess it'll just be dial up access and it aggravates me so I doubt I'll be on here a whole lot. lol But anyway, Happy Monday to everyone!

Friday, November 18, 2005


Wow, thanks everyone for all the comments yesterday. I've never had so many hits off just one post before, it's kinda exciting hehe. Thursday's gonna be my new favorite day hehe.
Couple updates- Mom went to her liver doc yesterday. Her tumor is still in a bad place so they can't do the original surgery BUT, theres a new technique called Ablation Therapy that they are gonna do. They've had great results from it. It's considered a surgery because they have to make an incision but it's a minor surgery. They insert a probe directly into the tumor and use radioactive heat to desinigrate the tumor. Her body has to heal for 6 weeks from the chemo before they can do it though, so it'll be the first of Jan. before they do it. So depending on numerous things, I'm not real sure when we'll move. If living at g-mas isn't working for us, we'll move first of Jan. like lanned. If it's working out alright then we'll hang around until moms ready to go too. Just have to wait and see. Larry offered to let us live with him too, and that may work out better. He has a spare bedroom that we would put Mik in and then me nad Sean would just sleep in his living room. This way, Mik doesn't get used to being in the same room with us. I'm really worried about how it's gonna work with Roxy though. She barks now at people approaching our house and at g-ma's theres all kinds of people walking around all the time. I'm gonna talk to my uncle Jim, hopefully he'll not be a dick and help me out by letting Rox stay in his yard. But you never know about him, gotta catch him on a good day. If he says no though, I'm not sure what we'll have to do. I don't know anyone else with a fenced in yard. *Shrug* guess we'll again have to wait and see.
Going into my moms in a little bit to get her all moved into Larry's house. This should be fun hehe. Once we move, I'm not sure how much I'll be able to blog and whatnot on here. Grandma doesn't have cable internet and I don't have a dial-up provider, anyone wanna give me an aol screenname? hehe At least she's gonna let me bring my TV to her house though. I wasn't gonna put it in the storage thingy because it gets too cold outside now and my T.V. is my favorite piece of furniture, hell it costed more than anything else I own, including my car lol. But she told me we'd make room for it, so thats good, thats one less thing to worry about. But I'm off I suppose. Gotta dress me and the kiddo, stop at Wal-Mart for Pull-up's, go pay the first month on my storage and head into moms. Hopefully today is a warmer day than yesterday was. Although, we have heat again so bring on the cold lol. It was awesome to lay on the couch last night with no blanket, one pair of pants and not be freezing lol. =) Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Half Nekkid Thursday

Ok, so I'm sitting here freezing my ass off right now. Last night our heat went out, isn't that convenient? Let's pick the coldest night so far this year and break....nice! Luckily my wonderful muffin works for an HVAC company so they are fixing it today but I had to take Mik to her nanas for the day cause it's just barely 50 degrees in here right now. Fingers are red, toes are frozen. It sucks! Theres nothing I hate more than being cold! I called my landlady and told her and she said well I'll put in a service call but it'll probably be tomorrow before anyone can come out, yea fuck that. Stuff your tomorrow in your ear lady. Its cold! So we're gonna have to pay to have it fixed ourselves, but at least it'll be done today and we only have to pay for parts.
So below is my first Half Nekkid Thursday pic. Hehe, don't expect a lot of em like this one, I just wanted to kick it off right for ya. =) So only nice comments please hehe, no laughing! Good thing I took it yesterday before my heat kicked off or it'd look a little different lol.

K, now don't go leaving bad comments hehe. I'm not exactly modest but I'm not the type to show off either lol. But, heres my very first contribution to Half Nekkid Thursday! So HNT ya'll! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Inside Santas sleigh Posted by Picasa

Shrek, this was her favorite pose Posted by Picasa

Don't let the innocent look fool ya. Posted by Picasa

Looking at a star Posted by Picasa

Isn't she beautiful? Posted by Picasa

yea yea I know, the snowballs look like boobies. Posted by Picasa

Mik's Christmas Pic. This was the one we actually bought, the rest I just cheated and sent to snapfish hehe. Shh, don't tell on me. =) Posted by Picasa

70's shit rocks!

Know something that really aggravates me? People that don't write you back. I've wrote Seans mom 4 times now concerning her keeping Mik this weekend and she still hasn't wrote me back. It's like she has selective reading or something. Really annoying though. Really Really.
So we didn't get any tornadoes last night like they said we would. Didn't even get bad enough outside to make me want to turn off my movie to check the news, although I did before I went to sleep. And we brought the dog in for the night, just in case. Don't want the pup traveling to Oz on us.
Linda is keeping Mik for us Saturday night so we can pack most our shit. fun fun, nothing better than packing... again! hehe I called yesterday and cancelled the moving truck and then called and reserved a storage thingy here in Louisville. I got the biggest one in the city hehe. They told me only 2 companies have one this size and each of them only have one each lol so technically I got one of the two biggest ones in the city. hehe I have a lot of shit! I figured though that mom would need to put some of her stuff in it too. I'm trying to figure out what all I'm gonna need to take to my grandmas, it's hard to pack for a month, specially when you have a kiddo.
Deena called last night. Remember the post earlier where I said that Deena just talks and talks before analyzing what she's gonna say, want another example? I almost hung up on her. Yea, she called last night and this was the conversation.
Deena: Do you have an extra 200 bucks?
Me: Yea, why?
D: So you can buy yourself some decent furniture.
Me: um, wtf is wrong with my furniture?
D: It's ugly, I just thought you'd be interested in my aunts couch and loveseat.
Me: You're mommas ugly, I happen to like my furniture thanks anyway.

It's just shit like that. Pisses me off. Sorry if my grandma didn't see fit to spend 2500 dollars and buy me all new furniture. Besides, I really, really, really like my couch. Who gives a hairy shit how long I've had it, where I got it or if you like it or not??? I plan on keeping my couch forever lol. I've never met anyone who had one like mine and I like it that way so fuck off. =) =)

So, I also have the best dog in the world. We brought her in last night cause of the weather around 8. And this morning, she was fine, no accidents in my laundry room. She's so good. Lol, and she is still eating on that bone I bought her yesterday hehe.

Well, time to run. Gonna go fix the kid some breakfast and pack a little.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

K, so today I went and bought Roxy this bone. It's a pig's shoulder blade (back up off me Peta lol) and it's coated in BBQ sauce. Yea well, it's puppy chronic cause all my windows are closed, the T.V. is on and I can still hear her ass outside chewing on it. Good shit! Anyway, The pic isnt the greatest cause all I have is this webcam, and it's got a wire so I have to angle it at the window just right so I can see my dog, hehe. Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 14, 2005


Today me and Mik decided to go spend the day with her Mamaw, and Great Mamaw. Went in and picked up Mom and Larry and went down to grandmas. My Uncle Jim was there helping Grandma rake all her leaves up, well when we got there I told her to go rest and me and Jim would finish it up. After we were done, I started to help her with dinner, and she turned and looked at me and said, I have an offer for you. I need help getting the upstairs all cleaned out finally, and would love it if you, Sean, and Mik would come stay with me during December and you could help me get it done. So, being as how I can never turn my grandma down, we are going to live with her during December. =) I'm still not gonna work though so I can devote all my time to helping her out. This way, mom can get all her surgeries out of the way and we can all move together come the first of the year. Works out great, we can split the price of the truck this way, and they want to move in with us at first because the apt's they want to live in have a waiting list. So they are gonna live with us until their names come up on the list and she's gonna help me pay our deposit. So we save lots of money this way and can still afford a nice Christmas and still be able to be with Grandma on Christmas Day like she wants. Could things be any more perfect for us? The only problems I forsee are gonna be with my animals. Roxy I believe will be fine chained in g-ma's yard, and I'll be sure to walk her every day so she gets exercise, but Grandma just has a hatred for cats so I'm gonna have to pick a room and keep them locked up, but it's just for a month, I think they'll survive. ;)
K, on another note, Mom called me this morning all excited and was like guess what guess what. Larry proposed to her. My mom is finally gonna marry someone that's worth a shit. I couldn't be happier for her, Larry is everything she's ever said she wanted. He's good to her, he's got strong belifs in god, and he's just a good guy. Yay for my mommy. And tonight, Shannon told me that Adams mom makes wedding cakes, and Shannon makes flower arrangements so theres two ways to save money for them already. They want to be married up in Mt. Sterling.
I'm so happy, today has been an awesome day. =)

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Tagged (again)

Well, since Mik was so good yesterday for me we decided to take her to Chuck E Cheeses today. She had soo much fun. lol. Imagine that right? A kid having fun at Chuck E Cheeses..... Anyway, she ended up getting like 500 tickets so we walked out of there with like 8 prizes lol. Rotten kid. Ran into all of Josh's family too, One of his cousins little boy was having a birthday party. We got to see Brianna, Makenzie, Jeremy, and Melissa which was cool. Haven't seen them in forever and she just recently had to have surgery so it was nice to see them and see how she was doing. SHe looked great. Big improvement too. She used to be a hypochondriac and every time you turned around she had herself in the hospital for some reason, and she told me that they had to do a partial histerectomy on her this time and they wanted to keep her for 3 days but she wanted to go home the same day and they let her. So that's awesome that she's over that now.
So Sean had to work yesterday. We thought just for a few hours, ended up being 12, but he made half of a weeks pay in one day, so that really helped out. I think I'd have rather spent the day with him but oh well. Shannon's boyfriend called earlier to ask if he could come hang out with us tonight, so they'll be over later. Don't know if I'm happy about that or not, lol. If it were just Nik, that'd be kinda cool but man Shannon gets on my nerves. Let's predict how the conversation will go. It'll be let's bitch about Billy for awhile, then lets talk about how much her boobs have grown, then let's whine a little bit, and then they'll leave and we'll celebrate. lol Not very nice huh? It wouldn't be so bad if she didn't always say the same damned things over and over again every time you seen her. Grrrr.
So anyway, got tagged by a fellow blogger yesterday so here's my thingy, and I don't tag people back so if you think it's interesting, then feel free to do it on your own blog. =) And on a side note, I've talked it over with my hun and I'm gonna start participating in HNT. =) yay. lol

10 Locations I've never had sex:
1. Um, church, lol
2. In a car...... have *almost* quite a few times, but never actually done the deed in a car.
3. lol, this is hard.. we're freaks sometimes hehe Let's move on.....

9 Favorite Movies:
1.Silence of the Lambs, then of course
2. Hannible and then
3. Red Dragon I can't get enough of good ole Hannible Lector hehe
4. 10 things I hate about you
5. Dances with Wolves yea yea I know
6. Crocadile Dundee 1 and 2 can't help it, my dad turned me on to these 2 hehe.
7. House of 1000 Corpses see the freak comment above lol
8. Full Metal Jacket comes with having an ex-marine hubby hehe
9. Seven

8 Favorite Snacks:
1.Doritos any flavor specially stale so I can just lick the stuff off of em hehe
2. Pretzels and cream cheese
3. Vanilla icing with cinamon in it
4.Corned beef and cream cheese rolled together
5.Cheddar Bay bisquits Yummmmm
6.Little Debbie strawberry shortcake rolls pimpin good stuff
7.Chocolate covered cherries
8.Chex mix, the sweet and salty kind

7 People I want to meet on the other side:
1. My dad, although I'm not too sure he's in heaven =(
2. Betty a lady I knew, she was my adopted grandma =)
3.My grandpa (Mike)
4. I can't think of any more, although I'm sure there are plenty

6 Things I want to do before I die:
1. Go to Australia
2.Own my own wildlife refuge
3.See my great-great grandchildren
4. Go to hawaii
5. Secure my daughters future
6.Secure my own future lol

5 Songs that would be in my strip-set:
1.That song by Nickleback that I can't remember the name of right now
2. My humps
3. Pussy Control (cause I got it hehe tmi?)
4. Fuck you like an animal
5. Freaks of the Industry

4 Things that Attract Me to a Guy:
1. His attitude
2. Whether or not he's drunk lol
3. Eyes
4. Arms

3 Things that turn me off:
1. Drunks
2. Ego's
3. Bad breath

2 Favorite Books:
1. Go Ask Alice
2. Anne Rice's Beauty Trilogy (erotic books, but really really good)

1 Favorite Way to Spend a Saturday:
1. Spending time with the ones I love

Now it's your turn, lol.

Friday, November 11, 2005

An email

I got an email from a friend of mine today. It was one of those survery type things but it only had two questions and you were supposed to answer it and forward it on. I thought it would be an interesting thing to blog about.

Question 1. What does life mean to you?

To me, Life means being happy. You have to find a way to learn to deal with the things that come your way, no matter how big or small those things are. If you can't figure out how to deal, then you're going to waste your life being pissed off or depressed all the time, and both are silly. Things happen of course, like deaths and divorce and whatever that knock you down for awhile but if you don't learn how to go on then you're life is meaningless anyway. I have had bad thing after bad thing happen to me in my time, and if I didn't learn to handle them and get over it then I probably wouldn't be here today. Every day I'm faced with something that could make me sad or pissed off, but at the same time, every day I get to see my daughter and my husband and that makes anything bad just disappear. I know I blog about Mikayla a lot but thats just because I can't describe or say enough how happy she makes me. If I'm upset, alll I need is a hug from her and I'm all better. She's awesome.

Question 2: Who has been the most influential person in your life?

Now, in all fairness, I dn't think I can pick just one person for this question. I guess, during my childhood and teenage years, my mom was my biggest influence. She's always been the type of mommy that would talk to me about anything I needed to talk about. Even when it was things like drugs or sex, things that scare mommy's lol. She never yelled at me for asking, she never tried to convince me not to do them, she would just explain to me what she knew and tell me that I had to experiment (safley) and make my own conclusions. I really like that philosophy. I know not a lot of people I know will agree with some of the ways I plan on raising Mik, but who cares? she's mine and I'll screw her up if I wanna hehe, no for real though, I turned out just fine so I plan on using everything my mom taught me about life, and applying that to my own parenting techniques.
Now, here in the last few years, Sean has been a big influence on my adultlife. Together we've taught each other what it is to be responsible adults, and when we had Mik, we learned together what it was to be parents too. You never will know the closeness you can feel with your spouse until you discuss together how you're going to handle a particular topic with your children. And the day you give birth and it's just you, your husband and your first child in the room together, laying on that bed just gazing at your baby, thats indescribable also.
In the last 3 years, Mikayla has taught me more than I've ever learned in my life. She's taught me how to love through some really frustrating times, she's taught me what it's like to worry yourself sick over a slight fever, she's taught me what it's like to receive unselfish, unconditional, and immeasurable love from a tiny little person. So I guess, my family is really the most influential people in my life.
My friends sur ehave helped me through a ton of shit too though, can't leave them out. Manda has been my best friend for longer than anything. She's been there through some shit. Here lately, I've had problems to deal with that she doesn't understand fully so she hasn't been real sure of how to comfort me, and for a while this caused some problems. But I've realized that its not what's said that counts, it's the feelings you have for each other that really matter and I know she feels the same love for me that I feel for her. =) I've known Deena as long as I've known Manda but sometimes Deena just says the complete wrong things. But then again, Deena will do things like call and say are you having a bad day? I'm sorry, come on over I'll make you dinner or we can go for a walk or something so she has her really strong points. Her mouth just thinks faster than her brain does sometimes, but as you learn to love deena, you learn to overlook her too. Mark has been around for ever too, and when we were little, there was no one to me like Mark was. Me and Him had an awesome relationship. I remember night after night of sneaking out of our houses, just to lay in my back yard and watch the stars, he always had a facination with the stars. I miss times like that sometimes, but as you grow up, sadly you grow apart sometimes too, and it's nobodies fault, it's just a fact of life. Candace has been my friend longer than anyone. I love Candace like nothing else, but we hardly ever get to see each other. We live completly opposite lives, but we both still know that we'd be to each other in a heartbeat if the need arose.

So see, I can't name just one person, I have many, many who have touched me and helped to make me who I am today. It's great to have my life sometimes. But, in conclusion, I am the most influential person in my life. I got me through everything I've dealt with, I've taught myself to be a good mommy, I've taught myself to be a good wife, and I have taught myself to be a good friend. So thanks me. =)

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Ok, I have to bitch for a minute. We had al ittle "mix-up" with our electric bill this month and ended up getting a disconnect notice, so I went down to one of the charity's here in Louie to see if I could get some assistance paying it cause it's a big-un. Well, they offered to pay 80 bucks of it for me which I can't complain about, any help is better than none right? I'm grateful for it, but what I need to bitch about is something the lady told me. "Since you're not on food stamps, welfare, or get any government assistance, we can only help with so much of it. Normally we'll pay an entire months bill for you, but since you're considered self-suffient and don't receive any welfare, we can only pay 80 bucks of it."
Now, does this piss off anyone but me? I think that the people on welfare shouldn't need as much help because the government is already paying EVERYTHING else for them. I pay everything for myself, and the one time I need help, I can't really get it because I'm not on welfare. WTF???? In my mind, the ones that always pay their bills and just need one time help should be the ones that get the most help, not the least help. I mean, who hasn't had a bill pop up that they needed help with at some point in time? If you're comstantly mooching off anyone, the govt. included, they should stop helping your ass at some point. Grrrrr. anyway, whatever!
So, Mik went all day with no pull-up. She pooped in her pull up when we were at the bill helping people place and I didn't have another pull up with me so I had to just throw that one away and let her go free, lol no panties or pull up and she was fine. She told me every time she needed to potty afterthat. Her problem is doing #2 in th epotty. It's been forever since she peed in her pants, but she just won't tell me when she has to poo. So my question to all th eparents out there, how did you get your child to realize that there is more to pottying than just peeing in the potty? I've heard over and over again that the poop in the potty part is the hardest for them to learn, but is there any secrets to speed up the process?
Well, it's almost 6, I just got home and the kid and I are starved so I'm off to make dinner now. Ta-Ta.

Almost the weekend

Well, 20 more days and we are moving out of Louisville. Hopefully for good this time. This place is like the black hole, it always ends up sucking you back in, lol. Wow, 20 more days and I don't even have a third of my shit packed lol. It's hard to pack with Mik running around. Seans mom is gonna keep her for us the weekend of the 18th so I think that weekend is when we'll get most everything packed up and cleaned. I'm gonna try and leave this house spotless when we leave so we can get all of our deposit back. 750 bucks is a lot of money, could really come in handy. I really hope we get it all back.
I also hope that Seans job works out for him. Terry's gonna have to give him at least 20 bucks a day to drive back and forth, and I'm not real sure how much he plans on giving him, I hope he works with himon it though because Sean really loves this job. I think this is the first job he's ever had that he just loved going to every day, and he never comes home bitching and moaning anymore, it's great!
So, my cat really hates the ear drops I have to give her for the next 2 weeks. So theres about an hour period of every day that she hates me lol. That stuff is weird too, it smells like pickles and she shakes her head when you put it in her ears so she gets it all over her head and then smells like pickles for about an hour afterward lol. Poor Bootsie.
Took Mik up to the playground yesterday for about 2 hours, if it' snice today again I might try and take her again up there since she had so much fun. It's good for her to get exercise like that every day. And it gives me a chance to relax cause she's big enough now that I don't have to follow her around the playground scared she'll fall. She's growing up too damned fast.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Chocolate Lucky Charms are the shit. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


K, well I'm back from the vet, man that was fun. K, first off, cats get a little scared when you try and walk them down Bardstown Road lol, funny shit it was. We get in there and they go ahead and out me in an exam room, guess they felt sorry for the weird lady with two cats on leashes. So, both of them are doing alright, just wandering and sniffing. Poor Bootsie found her a box in the corner and got in it and curled up, her was nervous. Zoe did great, right up until the vet tried to lay her down, then all hell broke loose. Hissing, and spitting and scratching and biting lol, they had to put her in a cat bag.... funny contraption this is too. It's this bag that has little holes in it to expose the areas the vet needs to see. Can't hide her teeth though lol. We always joke, by we, I mean me and sean. Anyway, we always joke that *his* animals are the bad ones, and *my* animals are the good ones. Well, Zoe is his and Boots is mine, and yep my sweet bootsie baby was an angel, and HIS cat was the heathen. hehe.

Well, they both got a clean bill of health, Zoe got a shot for her worms, he said 2 to 3 days and they'll be all gone, and she got updated on her shots. Boots has diry ears so he gave me some ear cleaner I have to use every day for 2 weeks, but other than that, they are both great. Zoe is 5 pounds and 9 months old and Boots is 11.4 (fatty hehe) pounds and 4 years old. My babies. =)

Well mom called me. She had another CT scan done on her liver today. When she first found out she had cancer, her tumor was 9 cm. big. They did 4 chemo treatments and scanned it again and it was down to 4 cm. well, they scanned it today and guess ho small it is now... just guesss.... oh c'mon....... 1.6 cm. YAY!!!!! They are gonna do one mor echemo treatment on her in hopes that it'll knock out that .6 and then next Friday she goes to see the liver surgeon about removing the rest of it surgically. The problem is that the tumor is resting on the main artery in your liver and they don't wanna operate unless it's really small because if they nick that artery she;ll bleed to death while she's under. So it's really a risky operation. But all the prayers are working, thanks to everyone who's been thinking about her.

So, I was excited about this news and called Sean at work to tell him and he just un huh yea thats great news, gotta go bye. So, disappointed, I call Manda, and the second I tell her about mom, Pat walks in and she lets me go abruptly too, so it's like damnit, someone rejoice with me. I'm not bitching, I understand they are both working and can't spend their days talking to me on the phone. I'll email my mother in law, she'll be happy. =)

Anywho, cats are safely home and not pissed off anymore. Mom's getting better, Kids out with Seans sister... Life is good! =)

Oh lordy.

Seans brother uses LouisvilleMojo for his email and everything and he talked me into making me a profile. Well, I just realized today, after I signed on and had 32 emails that if I could get all my mojo buddies to come visit my blog, I'd be overloaded lol. Anyway, off to take the cats to the vet in a few. Kinda worried about how much fun this will be. My cousin lent me her dog carrier, it's a big one, not big enough for my dog though although not many things are hehe. But anyway, it's plenty big for both my cats to fit in. But it's too big for me to carry so I have to transport them there, then put their leashes on them and walk their fuzzy rotten asses into the vets office. I'll let you know how that worked out. lol Wish me luck!

Monday, November 07, 2005

I'm such a prick.

Ok, so I'm an asshole. Did everyone know that? Yep, big fat asshole lol.

Mom called me while I was making dinner tonight to "check on me". Why was she checking on me you ask? Yea I had to ask too, cause I had no clue what she was talking about. Um, so today is November 7th. Yep. That didn't strike any chords with me either, so as she laughed at me she said "Your dad". Oh yea, my dad! Today is 12 years since my dad killed himself. Nice of me to forget huh? lol what a great daughter I am. I guess because it doesn't bother me anymore that I don't even think about it that much anymore, therefore, today's date never crossed my mind as having any bleak memories. I mean, I do miss him of course, and everyday it kills me that he's not around to see hs grandchild but that was his fault so fuck it right? But yep, had to let everyone know that I'm an asshole. lol Go me!

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This is kind of a silly pic, but it shows how short her hair is from the back. Anyone that knew my kiddo, knows we took a lot of hair off. Posted by Picasa

This is Mik after her new haircut. They took off 5 inches, so now it sits right at her shoulders. Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 04, 2005

My pic Posted by Picasa

I'm the chosen one.

I know Manda made a post just like this one but it happened to me too and although I'm not real sure it's something worth getting excited about I figured I'd tell ya'll about it anyway. hehe. I got something in the mail today from The International Library of Photography saying my photo was chosen for the semi finals and has been published in an anthology. Of course they want you to buy this anthology that costs 60 bucks, which I'm not gonna do. I've had poetry published in one of these types of deals before and my grandma bought me the book, and yes it was a nice book and all but still 70 bucks for a damned book? no spanx. They went on to tell me that I have a great artistic vision and yada yada yada like they do, but thier were two parts to this story that I thought were interesting. For one, I got this in the mail, not on my email so that speaks a little more professional to me, but that could also have been their goal lol, and the second thing which I thought was really neat is that I got a certificate of copyright on my pic now. They copyrighted it in my name, pretty neat. Anywho, pic is above. =)

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Bootsie nose hehe Posted by Picasa

Bootsie Posted by Picasa

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Sleepy Zoe Posted by Picasa

Zoe Posted by Picasa

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