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Sunday, June 21, 2009


This isn't going to be detailed, I just felt I should update real quick.

We are all back from Florida. Most of you know this by now though. *things* didn't work out in certain areas but living there was awesome.

Those of you who have my number call me. Those that don't and would like to talk, I'll tell you more, OS knows how to get ahold of me (or he will after I call him tonight) so ask him, he canuse this as proof that he can give ya my number. =)

But yes I'm back in Louisville, and yes my ENTIRE life has changed. I'm not sure totally if it's a better change or a worse change or just what it is exactly but I'm working on figuring it all out.

Luv you all, sorry it's taken my so long to write again, and I have no internet acess, I lucked into it today... so I won't be updating too much til I get a laptop or something.



(and to the ones who've I've recently discovered have read my blog and are REALLY pissed off at me about it now..... I'll tell you like I've told others before. This is my journal. I chose to allow it to be public but the same rules apply as with a typical diary that you keep under lock and key........ These are my thoughts when I'm sad, or pissed off, or what have you... I don't vocalize these thoughts to everyone as I feel them all the time because I know it'll hurt feelings sometimes... so i write it instead. If you find it, and chose to read it, then get hurt feelings oer it, then I'm sorry for that but at the same time. If you see something you know you're not going to like then chose to keep reading, you're trying to piss yourself off.)

so that being said.... i'll write again when I can... until then... LUVS

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