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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Once ya go Black.......

I died my hair black. Midnight Black to be exact. =)
The original plan included violet highlights too but only ONE of them took. haha
So ALL the rest of the violet washed out except for ONE streak. When I have a ponytail in you can see my one lonely little streak.. lol
This is the T-Shirts for Seans band... they have the skull thats pictured in the next post on the back of them. =)

I think I look damn good with Black hair though. lol

Friday, March 28, 2008

Did ya miss me?

It's only been like 2 months since I blogged huh? Did ya miss me?

Yes, I've had a lot going on in my life lately. I couldn't even begin to go into it all, and I'm sure I'd leave something out if i did. So I'll just sum it up. lol

*Went to Denver March 13 thru the 18th to visit Andy. You all remember Andy? He was our roomie at the house we lived in before we moved to this apt. almost 3 years ago. Hadn't seen him since we all moved. Had a GREAT time there.... I was so happy to get to see my Andy. I miss him so much more now though that I've gotten to see him for a bit... lol but oh well, we'll visit again soon. It was my first trip EVER that I went by myself... it was also my first plane ride EVER.. and I was by myself.. lol Got to see the mountains and lots of beautiful scenery.... FORCED Andy to take me to Buffalo Bills Grave.. lol it was fun. =) I'll put a couple pics after all this. =)*

*Seans band is doing great. =) They've played a couple shows out now and have 6 songs completed... one of which I wrote (brushes off shoulder) haha. They've been invited to play shows at venues and with bands that NEVER invite first timers to.. so that's awesome.. means they are really good. =) www.myspace.com/chaoticvengeance . Their merchandise comes in this week too... so buy some lol*

*I think I had a mental breakdown of sorts. LOTS of things were going wrong in my head and I felt like I was shutting down. I'm not going to go into all of it all but I'm pretty sure I've gotten myself back into Robyn mode again. My trip to Denver helped a lot.*

*Been kinda sick lately. Not sure what's wrong exactly. I've had a lot of pain in my abdominal area... my sides and my back.. usually the second I ge ta pain in my side, i automatically think.. Kidney Stone... lol cause I've had 18 of them now. But, this pain is different. I Know what Kidney Stone pain feels like and this isn't it. It doesn't hurt to the point that I want to go running to the emergency room though so I have just been dealing with it, it's getting better every day though.*

*Went to Phenoix Hill the other night with my friend Hope on our first date hehe. Got to see one of my friends bands play, and then got to meet and watch this really great cover band play upstairs later. Hidden Element... they were from alabama. Anyone reading this from alabama should try to go see them... I was VERY impressed. But anyway, back to Hope.. lol Her and I have known each other for over a year now and have always been real flirty towards each other. So we decided to give it a shot.. hehe and see how we work as girlfriends.. and I gotta say, I fucking love my Hope. Sean digs it of course... haha and her hubby is good with it too so it's a perfect situation. I have a super awesome chic to hang out with, we can fight guys off together when we're out, and then make out and maybe more after the show... lol how does life get any sweeter right? (I can see 8 of you that I can count rolling your eyes right now, heres a finger for ya. ;) ) *

* We almost got rid of the new kitten. We still have her as of right now, but certain things about her have got to change. lol I've held off spaying or declawing her because I'm not sure if she's staying with us and I don't want to alter her in case her possible new owners don't want her altered ya know.... SOOOOOO..... her already annoying ass has been in heat for like a month now..... lol it's so horrible.... Her and Zoe can get along for VERY short periods of time... then someone loses some fur... her and Boots get along geat.. and it's funny cause Zoe will like punish the kitten. We call Zoe our enforcer. If Lucy is doing something like getting in the trash, Zoe will run up and smack her.... then Boots will go smack Zoe for smacking Lucy.... it's too damned funny.*

*Got my kiddo enrolled in school. Haven't gotten word yet on which school it will be but it'll be one of the two that are walking distance from me. Well, neither of them are close close but I could get to either of em if I needed to walking. I'm glad though that she'll be in one of those two.*

This is the logo for Seans band. Chaotic Vengenace. This is also the design on the t-shirts
CV's first show at Wicks on Dixie. This is me, my favorite Bernie and my luv. They are making their grr faces... lol
Rob, he's the drummer. =)
That is just so hot.... mmmm yeah. me likey.
Corkdogg on Bass.

Buffalo Bill's Gravesite. His wife is buried here too.
Really bright pic but Me and Andy outside the aquarium.
Pretty Self Explanatory... lol Coors Field. =)
Our "we're hot" faces. lmao My boobs look nice though.. haha
The best way to get a pic of this huge ass stadium is from the x-pressway.. lol Invesco Field.. or Mile High Stadium. =)
Andy. =)
Seahorses. =)
Pretty ness
I was SOOO fucking jealous of the hand gliders.... I wanted to do it soooo bad but we couldn't find where they took off from.

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