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Saturday, August 13, 2011

kidney woes

So I went to the doctor last week about my kidneys. I had my first kidney stone when I was 15 years old... and have had about 40 of them since then....For the first time in the 17 years Ive fought with these things, a doctor actually gave me some options and suggestions. Gave me a little hope finally. At the time of my appt, I had 3 stones that were traveling thru the tubes in my kidneys, and one thats just chillen inside my kidney waiting to break loose and pass. As of today, I've passed 2 of the 3 that were moving, and this 3rd one is really giving me hell... Hurts Hurts Hurts.... I hate it.

She started me on a restricted diet though thats supposed to make my body stop producing these things so often though. I'm only allowed meat and animal protiens three times a week now, can never again in my life eat a grapefruit and have to severeley limit my salt intake. I also have to limit how often I eat oranges, berrys with seeds on them, peanuts, rhubarb, dark green leafy vegetables, and next to no red meat at all... and restrict myself to 2 glasses of soda and 2 glasses of tea a day, and the rest of the day I can only drink water... and also, contrary to popular belief, no cranberries. Yep, cranberries are BAD..... most people swear by their juice when they have kidney infections, but in reality, cranberry causes your body to over produce uric acid which is bad bad bad......

SO, I've been following these orders the best I can. Is hard to get used to not eating whatever the hell I want to eat like I've done my whole life... but I'm trying to follow it.. and I so hope it makes a difference. I'm getting to the point where dealing with the pain from these things on an almost constant basis has started to affect my mood and just overall life in general.... I get so down and hopeless feeling when I'm in pain all the time.. so somethings gotta give or I'ma lose it.

So think about me when you're enjoying your steak tonight.... lol

Friday, August 12, 2011

I didn't disappear

Been awhile.. this will be a quick one too, but just wanted to post a lil somethin to let everyone know I'm still here. =)

We are doing pretty good, same shit different day really... lol Tryin to save money to get us a place again.. stayin at grandmas again for now.. it won't be too much longer tho. I really dislike that feeling like I'm intruding on my gma all the time. That and she gets in her moods sometimes and starts treating me like I don't do anything for her... when in reality I bend over backwards for her and my uncle.. I do more for them then I do for my daughter, husband or self even. I just hate that unappreciated feeling. =(

Getting ready to go play Black Ops tho... so I'll write again later. =) Loves everyone, and yes, I'm still here.

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