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Friday, March 31, 2006

Awwwwww.... Kissy Kissy picture. Posted by Picasa


Hey, I know I've posted today already but I just had to say one more thing..... THANXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to everyone that stops by my blog.... I just realized today that I'm over 5000 hits.. Woo-Hoo thats awesome! I love you guys. hehe

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Went to the zoo the other day with Shannon and Mik. First off I got Shannon in on my membership, it was pretty cool... saved her like 12 bucks. The guy at the gate told us to make sure and see the Vampire Bat exhibit, it was open now. I love bats, so we went and found it. Now, the exhibit looked like just a closed section they were working on or somehting cause it was pitch black an there weren't any signs letting you know what was in there, but I figured it had to be the bats since I hadn't seen them anywhere yet. Now after you stared into it for a few minutes, your eyes would adjust a little to let you *faintly* see where a couple bats were hanging. Nothing real exciting though. Sooo, I decided I'd try and get a pic with the nightime setting n my camera... check this out. We could see 3 bats on my camera that we couldn't even see with our eyes. I was so impresed with my little digi. hehe Anyway, heres the pics. The firs one is the vampire bats, the second one is how they feed them, they are ice cube trays full of blood. and the third pic is a very horny peacock. =) Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 30, 2006

=) Happy HNT Everyone! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I had to show everyone how big the puppies are getting. THis one if my fave cause his ears are starting to stand up. lol He's got one up and one down so far, we're calling him loppy cause he's lopsided lol. Posted by Picasa

This is Na-Nook. This is the one he's decided to keep cause it's brown and we've never seena brown husky before. He's also the fattest so far hehe. Posted by Picasa

This is how big the Puppies are all getting. Mikayla LOVES to play with them and she's really good with em. But I thought this was just too cute not to share. =) Posted by Picasa


Lol, sorry.... forgot to post the results to my quiz.... hehe

1 Robyn100
2 TINA100
4 Amanda88
5 Mom88
6 Osbasso50
8 Thorn38
9 April38
10 Burley B38
11 WC Jack25
12 sto'25
13 Amy13

Now, the "robyn is a loser's" are all Brandi that I used to work with. She kept chaning the email address thinking I couldn't figure it out but I'm smarter than her. hehe And Tina with her big 100%.... yea Tina sits next to Brandi so I'm sure that's where the 100 came from. ;) Losers! lol Thanx to everyone who participated though, it was just something fun to do and see how well everyone knew me, hell even my mom missed a question. lol


WELLLLLLLLL, found out two things yesterday that I have to fix! For one, my lovely friend Jamie in conjunction with my good friend Andy helped me to figure out that I think my computer is slowly commiting suicide. =( I'm gonna put it in therapy in hopes that it will decide that it likes it at my house and hangs on a little longer. lol Nah, for real I'm gonna have to go out and buy a slave drive for my pictures and my music. SOOOOO, anyone know where I can find a cheap harddrive, let me know please! I already looked on ebay, found a coupe for around 40 bucks... is that a good price? Not too awful computer savvy I'm afraid lol.
Also, does anyone know how I can make the pics that come off my digi camera smaller before I put them on the computer? Like is there a setting or something on my camera that makes them smaller or does it just make them that big so that they can be blown up if you want to?
Second, Seans mother informed us that she can't keep Mik this year on Memorial Day. THAT SUX! Sux I tell ya! Cause my mom will be recovering from surgery so I don't know how well she'd be able to keep her for 4 nights. She offered to keep her for 2 so I've at least got two of em covered so far. I'll figure it out though, I'm not gonna miss our annual trip, it's too much fun. And just wouldn't be the same without me lololol. Yea I made that up. BUT, my uncle Jim wants Mik to come stay the night with him 3 weeks from now... yea you heard that right manda, uncle JIM wants to keep Mik.... bout blew my head off when he said that. He wants to wait till he has all the girls one night and let Mik come join the fun. So hopefully she'll enjoy time at her uncle jims and then maybe I can ge thim to watch her one night. If I only have to find someone to keep her for one night, that shouldn't be too awful hard. lol it's always hard though when you only have two options. Generally it's just between my mom and Seans mom that'll keep her. Is ok though, the way I see it is...... no one has offered to keep her so when they ever need a babysitter, I'm just gonna be magically busy. YEP! My cousins, I'd LOVE to keep them from time to time but it's a two way street too. If I keep you'rs, if needed you better be willing to keep mine. I don't think that's unfair. I just wish someimes that it wasn't so hard to get someone to just play with her for a few hours, she's a great kid. Oh well! I don't miss out on anything so eff it right? lol
Was reading Mandas blog earlier and she made a comment talking about ow she feels like she puts out so much and gets nothing in return... Story of my life lol. I just wanted to say a few things about that too. Wait till you have kids, it gets worse lol. Well proly not for you cause you have KK and I'm sure she'll prolly have your kid more than you do lol. BUT, I"m always doing things for other people and I'm not even tlaking about my mom and grandma because I don't think I should get anything in return fo helping them. I couldn't tell ya how many times they've both helped me so I have no problem helping them with anything they need. Plus I'm just a sweet person like that lol. But anyone else, it's like that. Anyone else in my family.... I give, they take, and thats it. pisses me off sometimes. It's like you ungrateful beep beep beeppppppps lol. Ugh.... anyway... Shannons gonna come get the MIk today to give me a little break and cause they take her to church on wednesdays so I gotta go get her ready and everything. Luvs.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Who loves their Robyn?????


K go to that link and see how well you know me. =)

I had to make it two lines so it would all fit, just make sure to copy it with no spaces and with the little & at the end of it. =)

and again.......................

Why do bad things surround me? I found out Sunday that my favorite great uncle is dieing. =( Wendell, he's my grandmas brother, he's the youngest out of all 9 of them and I think he's one of 4 thats left, my grandma included. I'd have prolly handled it a little better if I didn't find out now ya know. Right now, my grandma is in a rehab center, my mom is getting ready to have damned near all her liver removed because of cancer, and now I find out wendell is dieing. ugh... yay for life! I think I'm the "lose a family member" poster child. Most people experience death maybe once or twice by the time they are my age but me? naw I'm special... I've lost more people that I can count. SUCKS! I've always prided myself on being a strong person but DAMNIT! how much can one person take?
I used to joke with my other grandma cause it seemed like everytime I talked to her someone else she new had passed away. But thats understandable when you get to be grandma age.... it's not so understandable when you're not even 30! Tell you what though, if I ever find out where they are hiding that damned fountain of youth.... I'm gonna gather everyone I know and we're all going skinny dippin in that bitch! For sure!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Who me?

Okie Dokie. Robyn is pissed! Went to Brians yesterday morning to feed the puppies, looked around, didn't see Lexi so I called Brian to make sure he didn't have her with him. He didn't. Now, I'm not real sure what she did but I know it was the bitch across the street. She called the cops on us two days ago, and she prolly tried to call them yesterday and they told her that they weren't supposed to respond to her, it pissed her off so she just came over and took our dog. BITCH. Now you're probaably saying to yourself.... the dog could have just gotten loose. True, but nope. Theres only one way she can get loose and thats to pull her head out of her collar. Brian bought her a new collar a couple weeks ago. Instead of the snappy kind, he got the kind with the metal buckle on it. Dogs can't take those off, and we punched an extra hole in it so it'd be tight enough on her so she really can't pull her head out of it. Besides all that, if she'd gotten loose, the effin collar would still be attached to the chain and it wasn't. It wasn't anywhere so it's still on her which means, someone came over and just unhooked her. Now I don't know if this lady took her to her house, gave her to someone or just let her go but Brian and Christy are both heartbroken. He even slept on the porch last night in case she wandered back to the yard in the night. We called the police to confront her cause I was afraid I'd go off on her if I did it lol. She wouldn't let them in her house so all they did was talk to her. I'm gonna call the original detective we spoke with the first time this afternoon though, see if he can do anything more about it since he knows the whole story.

Got myself kicked off the forums at school last night too. Hehe Yea Go me! Trouble maker lol. I just disagreed with something one of the main instructors said, and in a totally seperate post I was talking about Internet Explorer and I said it's harder than hell to keep the pop ups away when using IE. lol so between the word Hell and my not agreeing with the group, I got kicked off. Which is fine with me anyway, lol. I've never liked posting in them, I just thought I was required to, but I was told last night that I'm not required to any more than just sign in from time to time. I think I can hand;e that. lol. I'm such an asshole sometimes. ;)

Saturday, March 25, 2006

I'm going to the Gorge!!!

In 12 days, I get to go camping. Aren't you excited? I know I am. I love the gorge. I think it's probably one of my favorite places to go when I get a free weekend. We originally planned to go with two people we met recently, but her sons starts baseball that weekend so she can't make it because she doesn't wanan miss that. Which I totally understand, I wouldn't miss Mik's openeing night either. He says he might still go with us though, and that'd be pimpin too. Terry and Amy both are really cool people. Yep just exposed you all up on the internet too. hehe And while it'd be awesome to get to go with them both, it'd be cool to go with one of them too. lol
Billy and Christina are also gonna go with us. Billy wants to squeeze in as much camp with his two favorite people as he can before he joins up. And while Billy's also gonna go with us Memorial Day, Christina chose to sit that one out due to the fact that she really doesn't like one of my friends that always goes that time. I JUST NOW found out from Sean that Willy and his girl wanna go too. OMG. We hardly EVER get to hang out with them and I've never actually gone and done something with either of them so that's just fukkin neat. If everyone holds true to their word and all 7 of us get to go, this will be a fat trip. Uhh, I want it to be now damnit! Telling me I get to go camping in a few weeks is like telling a small child they're going to disney world. lol That's all they talk about until they get to go... Yep thats me!
So, I'm super excited to go. Can't wait till April 7th gets here, it better not be fukkin raining or I'm gonna be PISSED! Long as it's not like downpouring I'm still gonna go though cause we've went before when it called for rain and it was beautiful.. lol but then again we've also chanced the rain and damn near got killed so it's a 50/50 situation. lol I'll just be smart about it this time. If I see that it's rained so much overnight that we need to move camp to avoid the rising creek.... we'll just pack up and go home, or get a hotel lol.
But, short and skinny of it.... I can't fukkin wait! Can't wait Can't wait Can't wait! campfires, and marshmallows, and hotdogs, and tents, and the sound of the creek, and hiking, and rock climbing, and exploring, and taking a big fat shit by a tree.... it's great. lmao!

Friday, March 24, 2006

I am not a freak... well ok maybe I am.....

I've had a couple conversations with people here lately that kinda clash with each other, so let me clarify for those that are interested.
I participate in HNT which is Half Nekkid Thursday. I really couldn't give you a reason why I do it cept that I like attention. =) Yep I'm an attention whore just like I'm a comment whore. I just like to know when someone has looked at my shit and wanna know what they think about it. Thats just me.
No, I'm not a swinger, No I'm not bi, and No I'm not interested. I'm happily married, I love my muffin like nothing else in this world. I've never even fantasized about having sex with anyone else before, well minus Matt Damon but I've never had a fantasy about him I just know that given the opportunity I'd rock his world and Sean would just have to understand. Which he would, cause he has permission to knock the bottom out of Angelina Jolie or Gwen Stefani if ever given the chance. You are only allowed to cheat on me with celebrities lol.
BUT, Just cause I like to post somewhat revealing pics of me on the internet does not mean that I want to be with someone else. My hunny is awesome in every way shape and form. AND he knows I do HNT, hel half the time he takes th epics for me. We just aren't a jealous couple. We are secure with each other and don't mind the other getting attention from something like this.
Sooooo, just wanted to clear that up. Yes I am a freak, but only when it comes to my muffin. You all may get to see it every now and then but he's the only one that gets to touchy...... hehe

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Happy happy Happy HNT!!!!

Happy HNT everyone! Givin a little taste of a bubbly bath and some of my sexxi hubby belly too. Lucky devils you..... hehe

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

This is Brian and his "two in the pink, one in the stink pose" Yea he's a perv. Worst part of all this? We're sitting in Grandmas room talking and he's explaining to grandma what that saying means exactly. lol My poor grandma. But read on below, theres an actual post below all these pics. =) Posted by Picasa

Me and my muffin. We're just too damned Sexi! Posted by Picasa

K, Sean tried to make us pizza the other night. Yea well he burnt 2 pizzas before I took over and made one the right way. lol Anyway, thought this was cute and a good way to show the world just how "talented" my muffin is. =) Posted by Picasa

Lots and Lots of crap.

We've recently discovered Limewire for downloading music and movies. Well, we've used it so much that we are now dangerously low on drive space lol. So I went through today and put all our music on cd's and then deleted it all, but I also went through and tried to delete any programs that I know we don't use. Anyone know of anything that I could delete to free up some space that I prolly have on my puter and don't use? Like all those media players and shit, which of those do I really need? What I really need is my Andy..... Andy Andy come home! Come free up space on your beloved puter.
Wanna know a secret? It's not gonna be a secret for long though cause he reads my blog but I really miss Andy. I thought it'd be the same as it was last time he lived out of Louisville but it's not. It's different cause he lived with us for 2 years, and I got used to him being there every day and having someone to talk to and "surprise" (hehe) anytime I wanted to talk and now I don't =(
Now I'm not saying my honey isn't good company, cause he is. But..... I do miss my andy.
I also wanna say that I know of at least 3 people that read my blog and no tleave comments. I am a comment whore. It makes me feel loved so comment damnit! Even if you just say yep I was here, I'd be happy. You can creat a blogger account for free and you don't really have to start up a blog, just title it get your user name and never use the blog again, just comment on Robyn's blog so she'll know everyone loves her. =) hehe

Took grandma to the doctor today and he told her she was healing like a 20 year old would. So that's awesome! He took her out of the straight leg brace and put her in a hinged brace that allows her to bend her leg up to 30 degrees so she's pretty excited. Hopefully this will get her out of the wheelchair and closer to coming back home. He told her her shoulder was helaing well but there is a bone chip just kinda floating around in there and he said if her pain didn't go away that he would have to go in and remove that bone chip but that it wouldn't be anything major, just a few stitches and no healing time. Her Rom (range of motion for you non-med students out there) is excellent. SO overall, she's doing better than they had expected which is great.

My mom goes Thursday to have the vein going into her liver cauterized (or however you spell it) and they will wait two weeks to make sure that took and then schedule her surgery from there. Ugh I hope everything works out alright. I was talking to grandma about it today and we were talking about Brian and how he's done pretty good with himself by not having any parents to raise him. His mom died when he was 11 and his dad is a deadbeat loser alcoholic and is never around, and my mom raised brian from 11 years old, he's 23 now. Anyway, we were tlaking baout how I'd handle life if I lost mom becuase I'd have no parents then either and I told her I'd manage cause I have to but it would be really hard. But I was sitting last night talking to Sean about it and I said I wonder if I could make my mind feel toward mom if she dies the way it feels toward my dad now. Like I wonder if I could just from the beginning think, it was for the best and I can make it. But I don't know if I could or not. I was 14 when dad died, and he killed himself. I felt a lot of anger because of that because he chose to leave me, it wasn't like cnacer killed him or something ya know. That anger is what helped me cope I think and I won't have that anger if I lose mom so I'm not sure how hard it would be for me. Not gonna think about it anymore though because she's gonna be fine. =)
Welp, gotta run, gonna make a pizza for me and mik cause Seans still working. Wanna smoke a bowl damnit I wish he'd hurry up and get home lol.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Rocked Ass.

WHAT? What's that you say? I'm sorry, I can't hear you!

Went to the Sevendust concert tonight. They came with Nonpoint, who also rocks ass, Wicked Wisdom, which is Jada Pinkett Smith's band, and one other I can't remember the name of. Now, I had no idea that Jada Pinkett Smith sang, let alone hardcore rock! And she kicks ass too. We got a picture of all the band and personal autographs from all of them. Sean was trippin that he got to shake hands with her and talk to her lol. And she's smaller than i am. =)

Met Terry and Amy (and 2 of their friends) also last night. They are cool people, I'm really glad we got to meet them. Definitly gonna have to hang out often! They're both 30 and between them have 4 kids, one thats a few months younger than Mik. She's gonna love that lol. They invited us over for a cookout the other day but we didn't get to go.

So, sitting here, feet hurt, legs hurt lol, it's great. It's been a long time since I've seen a real good rock concert. Sean and I went to see Alice Cooper after we got married in 2000 but it was at the palace and concerts there SUCK! I've seen Rob Zombie and Korn beofre also but that wasn't with Sean. Got to headbang lol. =)

Damned concert was right at 6 hours long, can't fukkin beat that for 20 bucks a pop. Well, free for us.....thanx Kroger U-Scan. =) lol

Saturday, March 18, 2006

More decisions

Well, my mom got news from her doctors yesterday. The tumor on her liver has shrunk away from the blood vessel it was resting on so they want to go ahed with surgery to remove the rest of the cancer. BUT, the surgery itself holds a 5% chance that she'll die during it, and a 45% chance that she'll have complications from it all. They have to remove 75% of her liver in order to get all the cancer. And sh runs a chance of infection, jaundice, liver failure, r pneumonia. AND she has to quit smoking 3 weeks prior to surgery or they won't even do it, and they'll test her systm for nicotine beforehand also. They told her to discuss everything with her family and let him know.
I say on with the surgery though because it only holds a 5% chance of killing her, but if she leaves it alone theres a 100% chance that the cancer will kill her soon too, so I say go with the 5. It's awfully scary for her though, it's pretty scary for me actually but I try not to let her know I'm scared. I try and stay positive and happy when I talk to her about it. I just wish that we dind't even have to make this decision. I wish Cancer would stay far far away from us an let us all ive normal happy lives. God's already taken my dad from me, why not just let me keep my mommy?

Friday, March 17, 2006

Karma is a big metal machine at Kroger

Well, today Sean was talking to someone he met online and they were tlaking baout going to a concert this weekend. Then like 20 minutes later he calls me and asks me if I wanna go. SO I went today and bought tickets from Kroger. Well, I went and got some groceries also and it totaled like 45 bucks, I put in a 50 and the machine gave me 42 dollars back. Um, hell yea? So me being me, I jus tput it in my pocket. snicker. Now, I'm not normally a dishonest person, if it'd have been a person cashier that did it, I'd have said something because I know they have to account for it somehow, but this was a machine that did it. That machine isn't gonna get fired or anything so I just kept my little mouth shut. hehe and now I'm 40 bucks richer. So anyway, Sunday I get to go see SevenDust in concert. So everyone else have a good weekend too. =)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Another groupie

I just wanna say that next week will be Sean's debut to HNT! Stay tuned.......

Greeeeen with Envy... HNT!

K, so according to Views From The Back Row (sidebar) We're supposed to include green in our HNT shots. Now, my couch is wonderfully green, but I wasn't sure that was enough, and then I noticed the nip trying to peek out so what you get is my attempt at drawing a clover. Lol, you can tell what it is damnit! =) Anywho.... on with the festivities........

Happy St. Patty's Day, drink a green one but be safe getting home!!!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Trials and Tribulations

I've come to a conclusion. Now-mind you- it's only a trial conclusion because I haven't run it past my muffin yet. I always have to take his opinion into consideration too, this way I reserve the right to BITCH when he doesn't take mine as well, tee-hee. See how that works? ;) Anyway........
The zoo called me today, well not the zoo itself, but a lady that works at the zoo, and told me that they were interviewing tomorrow between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. and she'd like to speak with me. Now this is great news at first, I'm rally excited but the more I talk to her the more it's not so great. It's only for seasonal employment, and they like to keep their seasonal employees as seasonal anymore. She also said that it's really rare anymore for them to hire in new full time people becuase they have all they need and they've all been there for years so their not going anywhere soon. I asked about the internship and she said the internship position is full also and this person has it until they graduate in a year and a half. So no hope of that either. SOOOO..... I don't think I want a seasonal job for 6.50 an hour, no guarentee of 40 hours possibly getting stuck taking tickets or working with a bunch of 16 year olds ya know. hmmm?? At the same time, I'd be so happy if I got to be at the zoo everyday, and especially happy if I got to actually work with the animals.
Plus, this lady said that I'd start immediatly and I really wasn't looking to start working until the first of April. I have too much going on in the next few weeks. *Shrug* Guess I'll talk to my hunny and then let ya'll know what I decided. =) Ugh.

*****Ok Ihave to add an update to this one just cause it's funny*****

A lady just called me for an interview with Mulloy Properties. Now, when I applied, I just seen bookkeeper, didn't pay much attention to who it was lol. Mulloy is a condo property management company. LOLOL... It'd be just too damned funny if I went to work for "the enemy" LOLOL... Ok sorry.. thought that was funny.

Candace. =)

Got to hang out with Candace last night. I miss candace, I couldn't even tell you when the last time I seen her was, but it's been a long while. She usually has Thanksgiving at herh ouse every year but she couldn't do it last year and I'm not even sure when I had seen her before that. Mik's birthday maybe?........anyway. Hung out till like 10, poor girl forgot her glasses though so she was kinda nervous about driving home lol. Mik was happy to see her, she made her give her her bath and read her her bedtime story last night. Lol she even MADE me get out of th ebathroom so she could hang out with Candace by herself lol. Silly kid. We're gonna go see her new house soon as she has time for company lol.

Grandma got transferred to the rehab center last night. It's right up here by our house so that's good, I'll be able to go up every day and see her. Not sure why but I'm soooo tired today. Mik let me take a half nap on the couch till 10 so that helped a little. I'm getting pretty god at half naps. For those of you without kids, a half nap is where you kinda fall asleep but you can still hear every little noise going on around you lol. It's a learned skill. hehe

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Let me just tell everyone how excited I am. I met this couple online back when we lived in Fern Creek (months ago), and have been chatting with them since then. Well, they have a 3 year old little girl, same age as Mik, just a months difference. Today we talked it over and decided we wanted to actually meet each other, so we set up a day and time and are gonna go to the park together. My little Mik might actually be able to make her a friend that she can see outside of church. I'm so happy right now. I've been kinda down lately because I feel so bad for Mik, she never has anyone to play with, she never has company, and that really bothers me. She's a totally well developed little girl, she's doesn't have like socialization issues or anything because she does have friends at church that she sees every week and she was in daycare for awhile, but that shit's so expensive so we had to pull her out. I'm gonna try and get her enrolled in like head start or something this coming school year though.
I've found 3 or 4 other couples that Seanand I have both hit it off very well with them and all of them have kids too so that's just awesome. I'm just so excited for Mik. Do I sound weird?

Monday, March 13, 2006

Here we go again

OMG!!! I seen the cutest thing I've ever seen today. Me and Christy were laying on Brians bed playing with the puppies and she was scratching na-nook's (the brown one) belly and he started kicking his little leg. Newborn puppies have kicky foot spots! I had no idea, but it was so damned cute. Little 2 inch long leg just a kickin hehe.

Well, Mom stayed the night with Grandma last night to help her to the bathroom and stuff. Well grandma being the stubborn grandma she is, got up around 1, had to pee, didn't tell mom and fell again. They had to call us at 1:30 this morning and Sean had to go over and pick grandma up off the floor and help her to the bathroom. What a lovely experience for my poor muffin huh? lol. Well, today she kept complaining that it hurt when she breathed in, so worried she may have broke a rib or something we had to call ems to come get her again. Couldn't take her myself cause I can't get her in the car. Well, just found out about an hour ago that she didn't break anything else, but she bruised her left lung, thats what was causing all the pain, and they are keeping her for a few days now. She has requested that they put her in a rehab center or something just for a few weeks until she can learn to get her balance herself and so she'll have people to help her do things like bathe and potty. I really don't like the idea of her being in a rehab place but right now I'm not sure there are any other options. So now my job has become..... take care of Harold. Ugh! I think I'd rather take care of grandma actually but whatever I need to do I'll do I guess.
On a side note, we've decided not to bring Roxy to our apt. Just don't think she'd be a good apt. dog and I was talking to Brian today about it and (this makes me wanna cry) but I told him I guessed I was gonna have to sell her or something and he said that he'd keep her as his own before he'd ever let me get rid of her. She's an awesome dog. I'm so happy he said that though. I love my cousin, he has no idea how much he made my day just by saying that. =)

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Ye Old Faire

I know I've blogged about 3 times today already but I have one more thing I want to tell everyone. =) Couple days ago, Sean found this lady looking to "stock" her village at the Kentucky Renaissance Faire. So we emailed her and are both gonna go audition for it. I really hope we get to do it. I'm not even real sure where they do it at, Sean says he thinks it's Bernheim Forest which isn't that far away, but I really don't care because they have camping facility's available for people to stay over on Saturday Nights. I just think this sounds like waaay too much fun. We've done a few role playing parties together before and had a blast at those so this should be even better. We watched a special on these Faires the other night and were talking about how much fun it'd be to actually be in one and then he found this lady. Karma. I love it.


Ok, well I tried. I've changed the margins all around on that slideshow and still can't get them right. So I'm just gonna leave it like this for now. If anyone knows how to fix this, please email me and help my dumb ass out a little lol. Seannrobyn@gmail.com

These are all the pics I've been taking while with Grandma

She'd shoot me if she knew I shared this pic of her, hehe.

Ugh! I'm tired this morning. There was a pretty good thunderstorm thru the night and it scared Mik awake around 6 and she never went back to sleep. So I've been up since then, grrrrrr.
Gotta go pick up Grandma from the hospital around 11 I think, or whenever she calls me actually. They said her surgery went perfectly, but she's gonna be in some pain for awhile. =( I have NO IDEA how she's gonna get around though. She broke her right collarbone and her left knee so she can't use a walker or crutches or a wheelchair. How many other options are there? And I deff. can't lift her. Seans gonna go with me to get her in case I need his muscles, but once tomorrow comes and he's at work I'm not sure how I'll get her moved from place to place. Speaking of grandma, she thinks I've lost mym ind cause I take my camera with me most everywhere we go. Lol, so following this are some of the pics I've been taking at doctors offices and such hehe.
Went to Wal-Mart yesterday, spent a hundred bucks. It's so easy to spend too much money at Wal-Mart lol. We got these oil burner air freshener thingys and they are pimpn. They work great and smell good too. Been burning incense a lot lately but mom can't stand it when she's over here.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Robyn 101

Ok, I'm supposed to list 25 little known things about me. This is kinda hard cause I really don't hide much about myself from people, but I'll try and think of some.

1. Me and my hubby have been on a mad search lately to find friends with kids.
2. I've lost 12 pounds not trying.
3. My mother gets on my nerves more than anyone else in my life does.
4. About 25% of my friends are over the age 45.
5. I keep a personal journal (besides this blog)
6. I've shaved off every hair on my body before besides my eyebrows and half the hair on my head.
7. Me and Sean have given serious thought to a threesome.
8. I've kissed a girl before (2 actually, 3 if you count the whoopsie-do me and Manda had joking around)
9. I don't really have that many secrets lol
10. I have a living will, a will, and a safe deposit box yet I have no real valuable possessions.
11. I recently killed the sweeter side of Robyn.
12. I secretly wish sometimes that me and my family could just go live ina village in some distant country and grow our own food and live in a society where money is not an issue.
13. I enjoy voyeurism.
14. I'm very happy being me.
15. Probably my most favorite thing to do ever is go camping.
16. I think I miss my dad more now than I did when he first died.
17. I'm really quite the freak when it comes to....um........ yep.
18. I think I struck gold when I found Sean. (not downing anyone else or anything)
19. My tone of voice changes when I talk to animals.
20. I change the words to songs when I'm holding my animals to include them in the lyrics.
21. I can develop an attitude at the mere mention of certain people. (L.C. LeeAnn)
22. The 2 on my keyboard keeps sticking down and making all kinds of little 2's across my screen.
23. I can only think of 2 secrets that I've never told anyone.
24. I only have one regret in life. I've done all kinds of things that I probably 'should' regret, but I don't. The only thing I've done that I wish I'd done different was spending 6 years with someone that turned out to be such a waste. That kinda sucks. lol
25. I think my life has changed alot in the past 6 months. I've rethought out every aspect of myself and my family and friends and I've changed alot of things to better myself, and so far it's working out great.

So there's 25 things about me that you may or may not have known. I tried not to mention the obvious things like how many tattoos I have or whatever. And I'm not one to tag other people so if you read this and it sounds like fun to you, feel free to do it yourself, just leave me a comment telling me so I can come read yours. =)

And also, I told you a few days ago about my crazy beasts chasing the laser pointer..... Well, here's a picture of Zoe half way up the wall. lol

HNT for all!!!!!

Lol, great pics huh? Sean was trying to help me figure out what to post for HNT and these were his choices. Isn't the one of his tiny little butt just too cute? I thought it was adorable hehe. I couldn't really come up with any real good ideas lol so this is what ya get this week. hehe =) Enjoy.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Oh lord. We got a laser pointer for the cats the other day from Brian and it's too damned funny! Had them jumping up the walls and shit. Lol.
So it finally happened. We were just waiting for it to happen and it finally did yesterday. Sean got pulled over in my car. =) The brakes are all fucked up in his truck so he took my car to work and my tags have been expired since August lol. We're lazy procrastinating bastards so we were really just waiting till we got noticed before we go have them renewed lol. Pretty bad I know, but whatever. Don't have any fines or anything to pay, just have to go to court and prove we got them done. Really don't even have to go to court, just have to go to one of the governmen centers before April 4th and prove we got them done.
Took Grandma yesterday to the doctor, they are gonna operate on her knee on Friday. This will be the first time since she had her kids that she's had to stay overnight in a hospital. She's 81 years old and never had to stay at a hospital before, isn't that awesome? I pissed off my cousin Lee yesterday too. She called and was all asking about grandma and stuff so I told her what I knew and she started with "Well at her age this is just horrible, horrible horrible, and it takes older people longer to heal and this is a major thing and grandma will never be the same and just yada yada yada" And I said Lee, Grandma is fine, she's going to be fine, and I'd bet she doesn't want to hear your crap about how she's not. And she hung up on me lol. Which really was kinda pimpin cause I was trying to figure out a way to get off the phone with her but she did it for me. hehe
Going camping soon. Billy had his enter date pushed up in the Marines so he could be sure and get third battalion. He wants to be a roughneck like his brother. So, he'll have to miss out on our annual Memorial Day camping trip, so Sean and I decided that the next time we get a half-way decent weekend, we're gonna take him camping with us. =) Gonna miss Billy so much when he's gone, but at the same time we couldn't be more proud of him.
Mom kept Mik for me yesterday while I took g-ma to the doctor. Well went to pick her up and she's over there sitting on Joes lap watching cartoons. Now normally, this isn't anything but Joe happens to have pneumonia right now. PNEUMONIA....... yea let's just sit Mikayla right on top of all those germs. Nice huh? I'm not a germ freak by any means but that's a little different I think.
Pretty sleepy this morning. Think I might try and squeeze a nap in somewhere today. Have to take g-ma for blood work at 11, so it'll have to be after that I guess.

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Last night my mom calls me and says that grandma fell and hurt herself and needs me to come over to help her, so I went over to her house. Well, friday, she was leaving to go out of town with my Uncle Jim for her sisters funeral and she tripped over one of the dogs tie outs and fell into the post that holds up the porch. She thought she was fine so she went ahead and went out of town. Got home last night and couldn't move her arm so she needed my help to get undressed and ready for bed. Well, this morning she couldn't even take a bath without help so I went over to help her and finally talked her into going to the hospital. Jim calls and says he'll take her so after he got there I washed her dishes and then came home. Well, she called a few minutes ago and they found out that she shattered her knee cap, fractured her collar bone and her ring finger on her right hand. Poor grandma, so now me and mom are gonna have to take turns going over and helping her bathe and get dressed and make meals and stuff. Kills me though cause I know she hates it, she's always been so independant and able to do everything on her own, and I know she hates for people to have to help her with mundane things like getting dressed. =( They say she'll need surgery on her knee but hopefully she heals completly and quickly so that it's just a minor hit to her ego.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Are you a good friend?

I got this the other day in an email and it was really interesting to me. It's not you're typical what's your name and height survery thingy. It makes you think for answers so I thought I'd post it and see what others have to say.

Do I have people with whom I can simply be myself? Well, actually I don't hang around people that I can't be myself around. If I have to act differently around someone, then they aren't really my friends.

What types of friends do I value most? Why? Honest ones that actually care about me and my family. I have many friends whom I've had for 18-19 years now, and to me that's really special.

What do I feel are the main qualities of friendship? Well, honesty is th emost important factor to me in any person, friend or not. I also think being supportive is important, and to me a friend should be the person you should be able to turn to about any problems you're having, and not have to worry about being made fun of or ignored.

List and briefly describe the friends who are in my life now? Um, Manda-my bestest friend, known her since I was 9. Been there for each other through every single thing that we've ever gone through really. Mark- Not sure if I should call him abest friend or not, we used to be but I'm not sure anymore. I still love Mark like I always have but sometimes I wonder if I'm still up on the food chain to him or not. Josh and Deena- Again friends with Deena since I was 9, she was the first out of all my friends that I met. I love both of them dearly but Deena has an inferiority complex and thinks she's better than everyone sometimes and that grates on your nerves sometimes. Candace- I've known Candace since before I was even born. I'd call us best friends although we never see each other, but it still can't stop our friendship. Brian- he's actually my cousin, but he's one of my better friends too, there isn't anything Brian wouldn't do for me, Sean or Mikayla, he's just awesome. Billy- He's Seans brother, but again, theres no one in our lives like Billy, he never complains about helping us do anything, and he's always over here. =) There are more like Willy, and Julie, and gary and Jamie and etc. but I don't have room to describe them all hehe.

Describe ones who are no longer alive or present to me now but who have made an impact on my life. Why do I think they were able to make such a difference in my life? Well, the only person who's not alive is my dad, and yes I'd consider him a friend. There are a lot that aren't around anymore, like Richard and Mary and both of them did influence my life, they taught me what anger is like in a relationship and also what it means to hold on to your marriage despite all odds, and thats really a valuable thing to learn I think. Steve vanished also but thats for the better I believe, he was just trouble waiting to happen.

Among my circle of friends, who are my personal heroes or role models? Everyone is my hero for seperate reasons. Amanda has built a wonderful life for herself despite all the shit she went through in her life. She's maintained a good relationship with her mom despite the way she just gave her up, and her and Mark have kept their relationship alive since high school and thats an awesome accomplishment. Josh and Deena I admire because they are always trying to one up themselves lol. If you ever want to know what the newest things look like, just go to their house lol. I'd have to say though that Sean is my personal hero. He's taught me so many things about myself and together we have learned how to maintain our lives despite all the shit everyone likes to throw at us.

Who are the prophets in my life? In other words, who confronts me with the question: "To what voices am I responding to in life? This would be Sean, and only Sean. I can't even start to explain all the things he's opened my eyes to.

Who help me see my relationships, mission in life, and self-image more clearly? How are they able to do this? This again would be Sean, None of my friends "challenge" me in life really. I think we're all beyond that point, and honestly I think you're husband should be the only one to do this anyway. Sean has helped me to develop my love in Christ, he has helped me to learn to be a parent to our daughter, he has helped me to deal with all my obstacles and he has taught me what it feels like to not have anyone judge you, and just to be loved for being you.

Who tease me into gaining a new perspective when I am too preoccupied or tied up in myself? This would also be Sean, although I don't think I've ever been to involved with myself to gain a new perspective on anything. I'm not a self-absorbed person, and I never put myself before others, so I don't really think I need help in this dept.

Who help me experience the living God in new ways and help me let go of stagnant images of the Lord as well as outmoded ways of praying? Sean, Sean, Sean. And Seans mother. I've called Linda before crying when thoughts of my mom dieing (she has cancer) has had my faith clouded, and she's always been right there to help me focus and clear my head. I could say things about her that I don't agree with but when it comes to faith, she's always the one I turn too. Sean has taught me the value of prayer though.

When and with whom do I play different roles as a friend? This would be my mom. I stay the same with all my friends but with my mom I have to jump from caring daughter, to health advisor, to relationship counselor, to landlord, to money manageer, I just have many many role with my mom that I'm forced to play out.

House of rotten

Ok, it's been awhile since I posted pics of my
critters. =) Provided that it publishes the same
way it looks right now, the top left pic is Zoe, she's our youngest cat, and really really rotten lol. The one on the right is Boots, she's about 4 years old. As you can tell both my cats smile for pictures. Like I said, ROTTEN. The dog is my Roxy, she's a full blood St. Bernard and sweet as can be. She's about 125 pounds right now and 2 years old. Loves my babies. =)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

HNT returns

Ok, so after many months of nothingness from me, I'm finally back for HNT..... yippee! Please be sure to leave lots and lots of comments so I'll know I was missed greatly hehe. The second pic is my actual HNT entry, the first pic is one that my camera decided to take on it's own while I was playing around with the self timer. I love the first pic, it's kinda strange looking but it makes my boobs look a lot bigger than they really are, hehe But then again, I don't frequently look at myself from the floor up.

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