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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

TMI Tuesday

I used to participate in TMI Tuesday every week, as I used to participate in HNT every week also.. hehe But life, work and being a mommy sometimes halts how many things I can get done in a day hehe. But I figured you all were tired of reading about me moving lol so I'm doin TMI this week. =)

1. Have you ever sent or recieved a sext message? - yeah quite a few times. I used to send my hubby pix while he was at work too just to drive him nuts.. hehe

2. Have you ever made or recieved a booty call? - Nope, I've been married since I was 20, and was with the same person before Sean since I was 15, never had time for a booty call lol

3. Have you ever added or edited a word/entry to Wikipedia or Urban Dictionary or any other online reference? - Not exactly , but word has it HNT is in the Urban Dictionary now and Ive participated in that since it began. =)

4. At what age did you have your first consensual sexual experience? - I was 15 the first time I gave and received oral.... 19 before I ever had sex tho.

5. What has been the greatest age difference between you a consensual sexual partner? - a year between Sean and I.

Bonus (as in optional): Why do you blog? - my blog is the only person who really listens. ;)

Saturday, March 28, 2009


On a brighter note, ALOT of shit got packed the past 2 days. =) I went and paid for the truck yesterday too so thats in line.. and when I walked out of the store and the lady said "see you next weekend" it hit me... hehe it IS next weekend... I'm MOVING Next Frikkin Weekend! lol

Got damned near ALL our laundry washed and sorted. Got a Mik bin, and a me and Sean bin and a sock and undie bin that goes with us.. lol the rest goes to storage. And it's amazing... We've only lived here 4 months, and I did all our laundry 4 months ago and sorted thru it all and got rid of a TON of stuff that didn't fit Mik anymore.... and now just a mere 4 months later, I have another TON of shit that doesnt fit mik anymore.. haha it's amazing how fast kids grow. lol I'll be able to give the chic I work(ed) with some more kid clothes tho for her little one before I leave so that makes me happy. I like helping her out.

I cleaned up the bathroom real good and got it mainly packed up... got the kitchen packed.. and we took everything off the walls and packed it today too, so it's starting to really look like we're moving now. =)

Went out with manda Deena and Tre the other day for lunch.. it was fun. Deenas all pregnant and cute and Tre is fun to hang out with, it was a nice day. =)

Had a date set up with my cousin and her family for Monday but they got a wild hair and decided to head to florida themselves for a mini vacation (can't say I blame em hehe) so that was cancelled... BUT, I see that this way.... If they will just supr of the moment go to Florida, then I KNOW they're gonna come visit at some point.. hehe And I extend the same *you can stay with us* offer for them that I offer to everyone I love BUT, with 4 kiddos, we might hafta *camp* out in the yard to have room.. lol but I'm game for that too.. bring it on.

I love you though Denielle. =) I love your family... You and Shannon are the two of my cousins that I'm closest too and have a genuine relationship with. I started talking to you more when mom was dieing, and although it was terrible circumstances, I'm glad of the outcome between you and I. =) I don't want to lose touch with you because I'm moving. You living states away didn't change anything. Same for you Shannon, you and I have always had a odd little bond hehe.. months can pass and it's like we didn't miss a beat... I can only imagine the shit we'd have gotten into if we'd lived closer together huh? hehe

I don't want any of my other family to read this like.. well what about me???? But the rest of you know that we aren't super close. I love all of my family (even the one I have a very strong opinion about) but we're not on the same wavelength on a lot of personal levels.... nothing bad, just different lives is all. =)

We've got 2 shows to go to before we leave and thinking about who all is gonna be at the both makes me wonder who I'm gonna miss most out of my friends. It also makes me curious as to who all will actually come visit us. I hope everyone does.. I hope we constantly have a visitor.. that would be awesome.. hehe

I keep wondering where I'll get a job at too. I'm going for something easy like waitress or cashier or something like that at first.. just to get something that makes money, then I'll focus on finding something alittle better. The goal is simply paycheck at this point tho.. hehe I'm really hoping that moving somewhere with more wildlife possibilities is going to help me get into an area I'll be happy with for a career. I'm eventually opening a shelter tho, it WILL happen one day.

I guess thats enough rattling for now.. lol 2 posts in one day is alot for me.. haha ;)


I know you're going to be surprised to hear this, but I have a few things I need to bitch about. ;)

*Seans mom is first on the list. Let me give you a little insight into the background first. Seans brother is in the Marines. he's stationed in North Carolina right now, lives there with his wife and daughter and dog. Sean is also a Marine, but was discharged in 2000. Billy, Seans brother, has always tried to model his life around what big brother Sean did.... hence the whole Marine thing.... and since the day Billy joined up, he's tried to get out. I'm not gonna get into why or how but he's tried numerous times to get out now, once before he even graduated Boot.

Well, now he's being deployed in August to iraq. He managed to dodge being deployed until now.

Well, when Sean was in, his family never did anything to recognize or say they were proud of him... No parties, no gatherings, no *my sons a marine* bumper stickers and tshirts, no trips to visit him, none of that shit... BUT, every tiny acheivement Billy gets and a party ensues....

When he joined, his girlfriend was all distraught (as expected, she was still in high school) so we basically let her move in with us. Spent all the time we could with her, and she went with us when he graduated for 9 days to South Carolina to be with him and bring him back home for his 10 day. Then he graduates, she moves to North Carolina with him, and they barely speak to us anymore.

Anytime they come to visit *home* they never make it a point to come see us. But they'll call. Seans mom will make dinner and we'll get an invite, and we go.... to see them...... but thats the ONLY time we get to see them. Sean got Billy involved as a DJ on wildliferadio this past year, and Billy was super excited about it... and they started talking more thru like yahoo and whatnot and it made Sean happy... Billy said he wanted to come over and do ashow with Sean together while he was in town.... then he gets in town.. and they NOT ONCE come over.. BUT, he manages to make it out to Fenders house for a show.

So then today... Seans mom picks Mikayla up cause she's keeping her tonight for us and asks us if we're planning to go to North Carolina in August b4 Billy is deployed. And we said no. August is Mikaylas birthmonth and mine, and we'll both have new jobs, and all that and if we could afford to we would but not likely.... and she gave us the stank eye....

Sean was deployed too. lol He served in Iraq... none of his family gave a shit..none of them seen him off..... it's the double standard and it really hurts seans feelings. I hate it.

His mom wasn't supportive of Sean, she didn't go out of her way to show her pride in him, she doesn't do it now to him. She's never ONCE told him she was proud of anything he's done. Our daughter is a genius, and she's beautiful... and Linda loves her sure, but she never acts like she's proud of her gradndaughter ya know.... she never shows emotion over anything involving sean.

Wanna know something fucked up? I've been with Sean 10 years now... in this 10 years I've watched my mom be eaten alive and die from cancer, I've had a kid, i've lost a kid, and we've had many other emotional things happen to us... ONLY time i've ever seen linda cry was the day I was baptised. To me thats fucked up. She did't cry at our wedding, she didn't cry when her first grandkid was born, but let her sons fiance get dipped into a pool of water and the waterworks flow....

I just don't like how we are expected to be all tight knit and such when we are treated like the bottom rung of the ladder. I'm sick of putting up with it, ad I'm sick of seeing how it makes Sean feel. I'm not sure if any of his family reads this or not, and if you do and get pissed I'm sorry but I'm so tired of seeing him feel like this.

This is why we came up with our own definition of family. We know what it is to be family, and those that we let in know what it is too... and if you're questioning what I'm talking about, then chances are, you're not part of it.

Monday, March 23, 2009


We have a 3rd kitty. =) Ms. Whiskers. She's Nicks cat. I wanted him to bring her over before we move so my cats can get used to her before we move them all. Had to pretty much break his arm to get him to finally get her over here but she's here now. =)

She's really sweet. I think she's about 5 years old like mine are and she's spayed. She isn't declawed like my two are tho so hopefully there aren't any fights. So far, a lot of hissing and growling but no actual fighting. I hope they continue to not fight. She really doesn't have the attitude either.. lol it's my two that are being the assholes. but it's a territory thing, I knew it would happen. They'll get over it. lol

I talked to the principal at the school Mik is transferring to today also. Found out everything I have to do to get her in school in Florida. Basically I just have to have the forms I already have transferred thru the Florida health dept into official Florida documents and then turn them in. She does have to have a physical from a florida physician tho, so I'll have to get that taken care of once we get there.
I don't have to rush quite like I thought I would tho because we're moving there the week of their spring break. Spring break here starts this coming Monday and is over the 3rd of April, and Florida school's start spring break on the 6th.. lol so she gets spring break twice this year.. lucky kid.. haha I explained to the principal about the situation where she's in a kindergarten first grade class now so they are going to aptitude test her before deciding where to place her also.

My kitty's are up to date on their rabies vacceines, which is Floridas only pet requirement, and I'm gonna flea treat them the day we leave. I think I've decided to get a larger crate and put Boots and Zoe together in one and then position them in the van so that they face Whiskers cage and can see each other the whole trip, that way they won't be all pissed off and fighting again when we get there. I bought them all collars today too... I know none of them will like being on a leash but when we stop and stretch ourselves I can at least let them out of their cages for a few mintues each on a leash. lol this should be fun. I guess I'm just tossing the mice in their travel cases too... I'm not real real concerned with the mice.

12 more days!

We also decided to skip Disney World for now and go to Universal instead. Florida residents can get annual passes for 99 a person... Disney was gonna cost us 150 a person for 1 day! lol so we're getting annual passes to Universal instead. =) That way we can go all year long. We'll hit Disney eventually... after all we *will* live there. lol

Sunday, March 15, 2009

nonsense... hehe

We have exactly 3 weeks from today til we move. =) And we've decided that we need to get all the cats together before we move.. lol See, Nick had 2 cats also.. a boy and a girl. I don't think he's keeping the boy tho, he's unneutered and still a kitten, so I think he's going to adopt him out, but he's keeping Mrs. Whiskers, his girl. She's an older cat like my 2, and a girl.. lol

The place we're staying when we first get down there doesn't allow cats tho, so we figure that we need to get them learning to like each other before we move.. that way they don't go thru the stress of a 13 hour drive, then get tossed into a strange place with a new cat. So after work tomorrow, he's bringing Whiskers to our house, we're gonna start to mesh the kittys.. lol

Wish me luck. lol I have 2 cats, Zoe and Boots. Zoe is 4 and Boots is 8. When we had Lucy, we got her as a kitten and Boots was ok with her, but Zoe never did learn to like her, and we finally ended up getting rid of her. BUT, she was a kitten too, Whiskers isn't a kitten. Zoe's problem is with hyper tiny kittys.. lol I think that Whiskers will be easier to get used to because she's lazy and old like my two are now.. haha

I told Nick tho that he really oughta come stay with us til we move too tho.. or his cat is going to feel like he gave her away. It might make the transition easier on everything involved if he's here with her. I just hope they all get along. I love Whiskers, she's a great cat and having 3 kitty's makes me happy.. hehe

I'm still trying to decide if I want to get a larger crate and put Boots and Zoe in it together for the ride to Florida, or if I should crate them seperatly. I'm also wrestling with the idea of maybe sedating them for the ride. Boots has Cystitis and it flares up on her occasionally because of stress. And I know a 13 hour car ride will stress them out and I don't want to get Boots all feeling bad or nothing. BUT, I'm not real sure I'd be comfortable knowing both my cats were knocked the fuck out in the back of the car either.. I mean, if they just go to sleep that's fine.. lol because I can wake them if I need to, but being out like that with no vet nearby is likely to make me nervous. That and is it really safe for them to go that long without stretching their legs, eating drinking or pottying?

I seen on someone elses website where they had bought like a medium to large sized dog crate and put a shelf in it half way, got one of those aluminum roasting pans u can get at the store for like 2 bucks and used it as a small litter box inside the crate, and both her cats had room to curl up together in the box and still have access to a box.

I remember when we moved to Arkansas from Louisville Ky we had Thumper, and she was like 15 years old at the time... it was an 11 hour drive but we stopped half way and stayed the night. I had Thumper in a small crate, and the crate sitting on my lap in a hot ass uhaul the whole time, it sucked.. lol And she ended up pissing on herself about 6 hours into the trip. I gave her a bath in the hotel and she made the 2nd half of the trip just fine. But we're not stopping this time that I know of. I mean if everyone needs the break we will, if everyone seems fine we won't..

We're also trying to decide for sure if we want to rent a truck or if we can pull something that all our stuff will fit in and drive the van... The truck rental is more expensive because we have to tow the van and the tow dolley is like 125 bucks by itself. See our van is elderly.. lol that's my drawback in deciding for sure. It's a 91 which isn't *that* bad BUT it has over 320 thousand miles on it. It was my grandma and her boyfriends, they bought it brand new, always took great care of it cause they could afford to and literally drove it EVERYWHERE.. lol My parents borrowed it a time or two when they went on vacations, it's been all over the U.S. lol It drives pretty good still, we luckily haven't had any issues with it since he died and left it to me, but thats a long drive on a vehicle with that many miles on it. I keep thinking we're better off to tow it.

Driving it would be much easier tho, cause Mikayla would have room to lay down in it and we could fit her sean and I and the cats in it together. Nick is moving with us also and he has a Jeep Cherokee. He's driving behind us... we've already said that Mik's gonna curl up in his car instead cause it's got more room for her, but that puts her riding without us, and I'd rather have her with me ya know.. lol selfish mommy. hehe His Jeep is what we were going to tow a box behind if we can find one that'll fit all our furniture.. I bet we end up with a truck tho. It just seems like the easier option. Costs a little more, but that's worth it sometimes if it knocks off hassle of our van breaking down somewhere possibly. That would suck.

I could ramble on and on about everything... I'll stop tho. bernie told me the other day that my excitement was hurting his feelings because he's pissed we are moving. We've had like 4 people that have said they are moving there in a few months, if they really do that'll be awesome! We'll just relocate everyone.. haha Justin and his wife kerry are definitly moving, they're just waiting til school is out first for their kids. Josiah and Kristi said the same, they have 2 kids and want them to finish up the school year first, then they are moving... and theres another one I'm not allowed to list that is coming if their band issues fall apart like it looks like they are.... Kali and Joe are already there, we are moving right down the street from them, and Staci lives close to daytona which isn't but like 45 minutes away so we already know people there too. =) We moved to Arkansas and didn't know anyone but my moms boyfriend and ended up making some really great friends that we still talk to, so I don't doubt our friend making abilities... haha

I can't wait. Maybe you've picked up on that.....

Friday, March 13, 2009

it's hard to hold it all in.. lol

Down to 23 days til we move now. =) 25 til I go to Disney world.. lol Next Friday is my last day at work... I'm so ready.

Was supposed to be off today, but went in for a whole hour to cover Nick so he could get some shit done before 3... a whole hour of work.. haha was kinda weird.

I told grandma two days ago that we were moving... and she asked me for 1200 dollars b4 I left. I told her I'd see what I could give her from my taxes and I'll end up giving it all to her I'm sure but it kinda pisses me off. Brian lived here almost 3 years, absolutly trashed the place and she never charged him a dime. I've lived here 3 months, kept it nice and clean, helped her and harold out anytime they need it, AND was the one who cleaned Brians mess b4 I moved in and I owe her 1200 dollars. I'm the one who restored the nice *smell* down here too that everyone bitched about for so long. Such is life I guess. yay double standards. I'd offered to pay an extra month of her insight bill for her since I was moving out but I'm not paying the extra month now that I owe her that much money.. sorry.

Got all my boxes now.. ready to start packing but I'm waiting til last minute this time because since Brian lived down here, the basement is flooded with roaches... (he had 5 dogs that shit anywhere they wanted to) and i'm not interested in taking those little creatures with me. I deal with them living here but they like to harbor in cardboard boxes so I'm gonna leave my boxes outside til we leave so they can't get in them... lol

I'm so excited to quit my job tho.. lol it drives me crazy working there.. I've managed 50 hours the past 3 weeks so my paychecks have been nice. And my taxes were mailed out today so I should have those anyday now too. yaaaay. Everythings coming together. It's exciting. I can't wait to leave this state.

Since mom died I've wanted to leave... it just doesn't feel like home without her. So I'm gonna go somewhere that she never helped make home for me so that I don't have those memories haunting me. That might not make sense to you all but it's hard to type... Here in Louisville, here at grandmas, here n this neighborhood, EVERYTHING reminds me of mom. And not that I don't like those memories because I cherish them but it makes it really hard sometimes. So maybe a change of scenery will help me out.

I'm looking forward to all the things people keep telling me that I'm not going to like. For instance, I'm looking forward to not knowing many people, I'm looking forward to meeting new people.. I'm looking forward to not knowing my way around, and having to learn a new place.. I'm looking forward to the HOT, I'm looking forward to the bugs, I'm looking forward to the change in economy, I can't wait to get a new job and a new place.... I'm excited to see how the cats are going to react, I'm nervous about the mice tho... When we moved to arkansas, we took out 3 gerbils with us, and they died on the ride there... I'm hoping to have better luck with the mice.. lol The gerbils had a heatstroke, I know now to monitor the temp in the mice cage throughout the ride.

I'm excited to see Miks face on her first day at a new school, I can't wait to hear about her meeting new kids.. I'm hoping to get her into a smaller school so she gets more hands on teaching.. I'm looking forward to her actually being in kindergarten instead of having to keep up with a first grade class when she's supposed to be a kindergartener. I can't wait to take her to the beach again, and Disney World...

I think this is going to be a great thing for us. I'm gonna miss Kroger cuz I'm addicted to Big K.. lol I'm gonna miss our friends here, but they can always visit and we'll visit them.. I'm gonna miss walking upstairs to see my gma, I'm gonna miss knowing ppl who can fix my car, or help me with whatever I need, but I'll find that down there too. I'm a friendly person, never had a problem making friends.

So anyone who reads my blog that lives near Orlando, let me know and we'll finally get to meet. hehe ;)

I'm happy about this, I wish everyone else could be happy for me too. =)

Sunday, March 08, 2009

28 28 28 28

It's getting closer and closer each day.. hehe 28 days from today and we are leaving! =)

My last day at work is the 20th, last paycheck 2 days before we leave...

Already have where we're staying lined up, got the truck reserved with a tow dolly to pull the poor van behind us.. lol We'd considered driving it but I don't think her is healthy enough for a drive like that, so we decided to pull it instead.

We're also gonna take a family day to Disney World about as soon as we get down there. I've never been to Disney, and neither has Mikayla, Sean went when he was like 8 years old... so it should be lots of fun for us. =)

I'm so excited though. I'll miss our friends here, but obviously Louisville isn't offering us anything so it's time for a change.

28 more days!! ;) lol

Thursday, March 05, 2009

not so anon this time haha

I realize the purpose of the Other HNT site is anonymity... lol but theres quite a few that wanted to see my new *addition*.... so just this once, I'ma tell you, go look at the Other site and you can see a pic of it. =)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Beaches Bitches

So, I'm not supposed to announce this because I haven't told all my family yet, so if you're family and read this, please keep it to yourself til I get to tell grandma myself. lol But we are moving. =)

My reason for putting it on my blog is that I need advice.

I know a couple of my readers (Denielle, Moose, Andy) have all moved from one state to another. Denielle, I'd especially like your advice because you've got kiddos. Sean and I moved to arkansas before we had Mikayla with less than 500 to our name and did just fine... but this time we're taking a good amount of cash with us and we've got a kiddo now.

We are also moving blindly, without jobs lined up. We are relying on what the people we know that live down there are telling us. I'm a workhorse tho.. lol I'm willing to work wherever pays me so I know I can find something. hell I work in a resturant NOW. lol

And I know the first question everyone has is Why are we moving and Why florida so lets just get this out of the way.. lol

Why are we moving?

Why not?

I hate Louisville, always have, always will. It offers nothing, jobs suck, cost of living is outrageous, and if i stay here I'm going to always be like I am now. Just like my parents... living check to check hoping nothing happens, then something will happen like it did to them, and I'll be screwed.. like they were.

I'm not close to my family, and I'm not saying anything bad to those who may be reading this, but you know as well as I do that I'm not close to anyone in my family. I live at my grandmothers house currently, in the basement so I see her daily, and I will miss her like crazy but I can't stay here just because of her. I just feel like Louisville is not where I'm meant to be.

I LOVED Arkansas. We moved there for my mom though, it wasn't for us. She was dating a man that lived there and she thought it was going to go somewhere, it didn't.. and when I got pregnant with Mik, we decided to move back here so Mik could be near Seans mom.

Literally, the only time Mik sees Seans mom tho is when we BEG her to babysit. She doesn't do the grandmother thing and take Mik on her own, she only keeps her when we ask her to, and even then she'll pick her up at like 6 pm friday bring her home at 10am saturday... it's never extended. So Mik's not going to miss much there.

But ever since we came back, I've wanted to leave again. Then mom got cancer... so I stayed of course. But now moms gone.. and dads gone... so why shouldn't I do what I've always felt I needed to do? I can always come back if it doesn't work.

Now Why Florida?

again.. Why not? lol

It's warm. =) I don't have many real reasons for our choice of place. We tried mountains in Arkansas, so this time lets try the beach. lol Maybe next time we'll try a different country even. I'd love to move out of country, even if just a year or so... that'll prolly be after my kid moves out tho. =)

We have friends that live where we're going already.. and they are friends that are into all the same things we are. They work for the radio station we dj for. Speaking of, I'm live at 8pm EST tonight (Tuesday) Tune in.. support me. hehe Wildliferadio.com

It sounds like fun, I'm excited... Mikayla is really excited. I think it'll be good for us.

But my questions are... Anything I need to know about transferring schools and stuff like that? I know I'll need to get immunization records and stuff like that... do I need her birth certificate cause I don't know where that is.. lol Any tips for making the transition easier for her? We're going to be staying at a weekly hotel for 2 weeks also... any hints on that?

And Moose... any tips for moving long distances with Cats? lol

So there ya go. That's whats been going on in my world. =)

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