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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend report

Had a pretty ok weekend. The weather yesterday was great. We spent the day drivin around the cemetary. Its one of our favorite things to do. :) trying to not spend much money so we can manage to pay our storage up an get there 2 get the important stuff. Every single picture i have of myself my mom and my dad is n that storage. Everything my mom gave me. Everything mik has ever had. All our decorations an memory stuff. Those r the things it breaks my heart to think of losing. Moms stuff mainly tho. so im tryin to figure something out. Dunno if itll work out or not. gotta work all week. Really startin to hate my job. Really really need a new one. Lol u hirin?

Lil fragile

Ever felt like you cant do anything right? like i break everything i touch. Bull n a china shop like they say. I hate being the cause 4 everything being fucked up.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A side note

Sean doesnt read my blog. He has probably only looked at it like ten times total and i have been blogging for like 8 years. Just somethin i was sittin here thinkin about.


I was told today that i wont be asked to be a part of someone really important to me's wedding. this is what that sentence from the post below is supposed to look like. Lol i forgot the word wedding and it reads kinda funny without it. And i mentioned already that im posting from my phone by text and i couldnt figure out how to go edit a previous post. Lol sorry. So read this one then read the one below it for my real post for the day. :)

Just stupid

So im not gonna say names cause i dont want to start nothin lol but something happened today i just had to write about. i was told that i wont be asked to be a part of someone really important to me cuz the guy had said my name while they were fuckin one nite and that his girl really doesnt even like me that much. now i can see her reasonings and all but i had nothing to do with that. Lol it really kinda hurts my feelings that i dont get to be a part of the wedding. And also to find out that she doesnt like me. She sure does text me when she is bored for someone who doesnt like me. I dont understand why so many people are like that. i just keep finding out more and more that its really hard to find someone you can truely trust. So ty ty ty to the ones that i have. You all know who you are. :) so os taught me how to send posts directly to my web site by text. Thats how i posted this one so if its hard to read or whatever im sorry. Lol xoxo

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