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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Not much

Took my kiddo to the park yesterday. =) We're always going down to the park...hehe these are a few of the pics I snapped. =)

Spent the day yesterday with my Grandma, found out all kinds of interesting things that have been said lately that I'm not gonna get into right now. But I helped her carry a bunch of stuff either out to the trash or up to the attic... yea I carried a chair up the stairs.. woot! lmao.

Gonna take her today to go buy a dress for my cousins wedding. She already has a very pretty dress that she'd like to wear to keep her from having to go out and spend money she don't have but my cousin won't leave her alone until she actually goes out and spends money on something.... *shaking head* sooo... I'm gonna take her today to go look. I think we're gonna hit up the farmers market tomorrow morning too.. hehe I haven't gotten to go to the farmers markets yet this year.... LUVS me a good fruit market... =) There is NOTHING better than good ripe, fresh produce.

I have me a tomato plant this year too. =0) yay... so I get my own tomatoes this year.. hehe I got them all year last year from Larry but he didn't plant any this year so I had to plant my own.

Don't have much to update on, we might have a new band we're picking up... not gonna say to omuch about that right now though, we are having a meeting with them Sunday to talk about management so I'll know more then. =)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Poor girl

Theres been all kinds of interesting things going on around me lately.. BUT, I'm not gonna mention the main one because I'm not sure who all reads my blog and I don't wanna be accused of running my mouth or anything stupid like that. lol

Anyone hear about the accident at Six Flags Ky. Kingdom? We have this ride called hellicator, they changed it to the Superman Tower of Power recently but it's the same ride.... takes you up real high and just drops you... they call it a drop tower I believe.... anyway, one of the cable snapped a few days ago and completly sliced off this 14 year old girls feet.... just clean sliced them off... Poor girl.

Of course there are rumors that she wsn't harnassed in right and shit like that but this poor girl.... gawd... I can only imagine. Lost both her feet at 14 years old because a theme park ride wasn't properly maintained.... The company that supplies the parts for the rides said they hadn't supplied any parts for the past 13 years for that particular ride.... so in 13 years, the cables have never been replaced and they are only supposed to last like 5 years.

Not real sure I'm going back to Ky. Kingdom... I definitly don't wanna take my kid until they release something saying they've had all their rides properly inspected!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ho hum

It's been a strange couple days.. But these pics were from Saturday's show. =)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Some days are worse than others. I really miss my momma today. *sigh*

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Congrats Billy and Christina

Seans little brother and his girly Christina got married Monday evening. They left today to move her to North Carolina with him. It was a military wedding, so Billy and Sean wore full dress blues. Sean and I were their witnesses, it was a very small wedding. Really nice though, and then we all went out to eat afterwards so it turned out nice. =)

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