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Friday, August 31, 2007


So last night, I had a conversation with a girl I'd just met. Someone thought her and I would get along well so they introduced us. She's the girlfriend of a guy I work with and she doesn't really have any chics in this neighborhood to hang out with, so I fiugred I'd meet her and maybe we could be friends.


was talking and in the conversation she tells me I'm gorgeous. Then she asks me if my husband would ever "share" me.... lol I didn't know how to end the conversation.. lol

My issue is this. This has been happening to me a lot lately. I'm not sure why, but that's the 2nd request I've received like this in less than a week... it's prolly the 10th request I've had this year... for the same thing.... lol

So, last night I was talking to Sean about it.... and I bet you can't guess what he told me.. lol what most guys would say...... I have no problem with it.. long as I get to watch... haha

I had someone ask me the other day if I was Bi. I've always considered myself straight.. I've never done much with another girl to be able to tell if I liked it or not... When we did the movie, I had a scene with Jodie where we were topless and making out, but that's really the most I've ever done with another chic.... I did have fun doing it, and I've never backed away when a female kisses me... but I'm not sure I could go any further than that... lol

I'm not ruling it out though.... maybe it's one of them things that I need to try before I can say yes or no... I dunno. I mean Sean (of course) seems all about it.. haha imagine that right? and it's not cause he wants to fuck anyone.. cause all he wants to do is watch really... and I think that as long as he didn't touch the other chic that I'd be fine with it....

anyway.... this is one of them topics I should have prolly put on my second blog.. cause I know I have family and friends that read my shit and then spread it amongst themselves and use it as fuel for the next time one of them gets ticked off at me, but the way I see it is this: This is MY blog... it's where I put things I'd like my "friends" opinions on.... and I shouldn't have to run a secondary website just because some people don't like this ones content.. lol

Don't get me wrong on this either... this isn't some sort of ploy to liven up my sex life with my husband cause there are no problems in that dept. never have been.. if there are two people in this world who are sexually perfect for each other, it's me and sean.... anything I've ever wanted to try he was right there with me, and vice versa... and we've tried most everything else so why not this right? It just sounds fun to me I guess... something new to try.


Going to a battle of the bands tonight... Incursion is playing.. and I luvs me some Incursion... but 13th Age is also playing and the drummer to that band used to be one of my old managers at a place I worked called Safeway... so I always try to support his band too.. got a sitter tonight, don't have to work... it should be a great evening. =) I'll post pics tomorrow. =)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ambers Birthday

It's been awhile I know. =) I'm sorry. lol

Went out this past weekend for Ambers Birthday... got a wee bit fucked up.. haha I've never been a drinker, and I've never been drunk in my life but here lately I've been having me a drink or three when we go out. I find it makes for really funny pictures too. lmao I still will never get drunk though... just not into all that. I usually prefer to just smoke me a bowl or two and enjoy my buzz all night...... did that too tho. lol

We *actually* went to the dugout Saturday night.. and it was so funny cause the owner of that place is the same um... person.... who took 2 of our bands from us back in June... and since that day we hadn't been back to his bar. But Anton Mink was playing and I can't get me enough Chloa so we had to go support her. But, the ENTIRE time we were there, Wayne didn't say one word to us... he even talked to the people we were sitting with and never even said hi to me or Sean. Its better that way though, I really have nothing to say to him.

Went from there over to Fenders Den Of Sin to party till the sun came up.... it was too much fun. Even when I was asked to join in a 3 some... haha I didn't of course, that's just not me either, but I got an offer none the less.. lol

So here's a few pics from that night. =)

Friday, August 03, 2007

28 finally.

Happy Birthday To Me Today! =) hehe

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