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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Happy Happy Happy HNT

Was screwing around with my camera the night Sean and Terry went out. These are the pics I came up with from my boredness. lol Happy HNT everyone... Sorry I took a haitus for a couple weeks but my computer was being a bitch for awhile.. Can't out bitch me though, muhahahaha. Click the HNT link on my sidebar to go visit The Man. While your at it, click on "The Other HNT" too.... Lots of daring individuals over there who want to see your comments. =) Enjoy.

Know what I just noticed too? I'm so excited lol. 170 visits from now and I'll have 10,000 hits.. woo-hoo.. thats an accomplishment!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006



My grandma just called me and told me something that just has me seeing red. RED! Oh I'm pissed!

Everyones heard me bitch about how my Uncle refuses to help grandma do anything anymore because she won't kick Brian out.. Now I agree she needs to kick Brians ass or something cuz the way he's treating her house in just riduculous but... thats Grandmas problem... noone elses.. and Just because the basement is a mess doesn't mean that my uncle shouldn't help her still with other things around the house, but thats my normal bitch and I'm sure you've all heard it already. "Not gonna chew my cabbage twice" lolol anyway...

Renae, my cousin. She's the one that's done went and done it now. She's usually the sweet, say nothing about anyone, always be nice to grandma type, but not this time. Grandma told her the other day at a birthday party that she misses her coming over, well she looked right at grandma and said "When the basement is clean, we'll come back over" THAT'S BULLSHIT! Who's fucking business is this? GRANDMAS.... who's business isn't it? EVERYONE ELSES!

She told her she couldn't stand the smell. Now I'm not covering for anyone, I'd be honest about it. You can't smell it anymore upstairs, and when you could smell it, it was very faint. Thats just purposely trying to hurt grandma. And that pisses me off. I hate my family anymore. They are all a bunch of worthless, nosey, bitchy people that do nothing but better themselves. And yep I'm aware that some of you ASSHOLES read this and know what? I give a shit. Screw that. I do anything my grandma asks me to do. Why? Because thats what you do for your grandma. If she didn't have me, she'd never get things done. My husband mows her grass, I take her places, I help her clean, I help her cook, I help her do all the things that NOONE else will. And me only. No body offers any help at all, and one day, karma will come back and bite all of you HARD in your ass, and I'm just going to sit back and laugh my ass off because you all deserve it. One of these days, gods going to be reviewing your file and say... "what's this? refused to help your grandma; Did your best to make her life harder???" DENIED! yep.

My grandma is 83 years old. She probably doens't have a long long time left and I think that anything I can do to make her life a little easier is what I'll do, because I love her. She's done more for this family than ANYONE else has.

My grandma is losing another daughter. Her daughter is going to die. She's already had one of her children die, this is taking quite a toll on her obviously. So what better to do than just add stress and problems on top of that. Let's only think about ourselves and how we can make grandmas life a little harder for her right now. Yep thats what family does. ASSHOLES. And once again... ASSHOLES.

Ugh, I'm so pissed! FUCKING PISSED!

Till next time

Went over to Josh and Deenas over the weekend to see their new house and it's super cute. I love it, matter of fact, me and Sean both said after seeing it that it's basically what we want when we start looking to buy. They've got a real nice pool in the backyard and plans for a trampoline too. And their fish tank is bomb diggity. They have a salt water tank with all kinds of pertyful fish in it.. (Pics below) So yay for them, I'm happy they finally have something they can fix up. =)

Made dinner for us and mom last night, had cabbage, sausage, corn bread and fresh fruit.... ummm..... nummy. =) I love cooking for my momma.

Not sure what we're gonna do today but I'm feeling all motivated and shit for some reason lol.. prolly end up spending half the day at the park or something, hehe. If Mik has her way we will anyway.

Got tickets the other day to go see Widespread Panic the first of August... so I guess it's my birthday present seeing as how my b-day is the 3rd of Aug. But I can't wait, Widespread fukkin rocks! Corey's gonna go with us so it should be all kinds of fun. Thinking about calling up Christina and seeing if she wants to come hang out today, I've been trying to keep her occupied since Billy left. He's not doing so well up there. He's really homesick, missing us and really missing Christina. He asked her to marry him, she ahsn't answered himyet though, I think it kinda scared her, lol.. Poor girls only 17. lol She's not going to tell him No, but I think she's gonna tell him that they can be engaged for awhile so she can get outta high school first. Which to me is a very smart decision. She seems like a smart girl.

Thats about all I have to report on I guess.. lol nothing interesting has been happening, which in a way is kinda nice. Happy Hump Day everyone and I'll see ya tomorrow for HNT. =)

K, so Blogger is being an asshole again and not letting me upload anymore pics so I'm gonna go do them with Hello instead. Ha! Can't outsmart me asshole! lol

Deenas fishys.. a little blurry I know but this pic had th emost fishys in it at once. Posted by Picasa

Mik and dad. He's pretending to be a dolphin. =) Posted by Picasa

Me and the Mik swimming at Deenas Posted by Picasa

Yea ok so I told you all about Zoe eating carrots and brocolli.... Well this is a piece of Spearmint Gum that her goofy ass is eating now. Silly cat. Do I detect a hint of minty freshness? lolol Posted by Picasa

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Finally, some peace

I'm so happy I could cry.

My uncle offered my mom yesterday that if she could get the landlord here at our apt's to let her have an apartment without a lease or deposit.... that he would pay half her rent each month. Now, Jim, the manager here would do anything for my mom so he already put her name on the one thats being evicted so she'll get to live on her own for awhile now. She's been talking about having her own place for years. She just hasn't had the neergy to work to be able to afford it. So now with him helping her out, she'll be able to afford to do it.

Now, I do ned to say thig real quick cause I have NO IDEA how much family actually reads my blog.... I'm not sure if this is supposed to be a secret or not, and ya'll may be reading this like damn she just tells anything to anyone... but get over it.. lol I'm excited for my mommy and I wanna share it! None of my "readers" know any of you all and it's not like there gonna say anything to anyone thats gonna know who you are anyway. =)

Now, I know some people will probably ask... can she live on her own? I think she can just fine.. and I'm not even talking from the blind aspect of it.. she's fully capable of living on her own from that view of it. But as far as her health... so far she's fine. Still perfectly capable of doing everything she needs to do. And she'll be right across from me... like I can see her place out my window. I'll be able to make her dinner and help her clean and do laundry and stuff like that. So I think it'll work out much better than her living with either asshole she has the choice of living with.

Larry (where shes living now) told her that with her gone he can focus more on the things he wants to do... like deep, solitude prayer. Um, yea have fun with that. Like, he's wanting to rid himself of all old possessions, furniture and everything... live with nothing for awhile and dedicate all his time to the lord. Now, Lord, I love you.. I really really love you. But, I can't dedicate every single second and all my things to you, and I dont believe that that's really what you want from me in the first place. So yea, Larry's lost his marbles I think. L.C. (last place she lived, and choice #2) is offering to pay her funeral expenses and shit... but he's like 80, looks about 150, and lives like a fogey and she can't stand it. I think they are both idiots actually, and her best possible possibility is to live on her own. And enjoy peace as long as she can.

I can't say how happy I am that my Uncle is actually gonna help my momout like this though. I've been bitching and bitching lately abot how he doesn't do jack for my grandma anymore...... and then he goes and does something like this for mom... So I'm really grateful. =)

Anyway, Sean just left to go get the kiddo and Christina is over here hanging out so I better wrap up. Thinking we're gonna go out to Josh and Deenas and see their new house this evening. Have a good Monday everyone. =)

Friday, June 23, 2006

My first article

This was my first article for the Louisville NiteLife Magazine. I didn't realize they had put it up on the website, but go check it out if you get time. =) I'm so proud.
There are quite a few pictures and an update of whats been going on with me under this post... you may have to go to the archive pages though to see them all. =)

Louisville Nitelife Around Town

Small Town with Big History...Bardstown, Kentucky by: Robyn Durkin
The next time you have a free day and would like to explore beautiful scenery, you should gather your family, and spend the day in Bardstown, KY. Bardstown is one of Kentucky's oldest towns, with many historic buildings, and it is a center for the growing of tobacco and the distilling of bourbon. Bardstown is in Nelson County, Central Kentucky's Bourbon Country, 35 miles south of Louisville. It is a city that was built out of the forest in the aftermath of the Revolutionary War. Veterans of that war seeking land migrated over the old Wilderness Road from Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina to the forts at Boonesboro and Harrodsburg. Having survived that perilous journey, family groups of Maryland Catholics and Virginia Protestants pressed on to Bardstown. The fertile land and limestone-enriched water found in and around Bardstown became the basis for the establishment of great plantations of cropland and a robust whiskey distilling industry.
When my family and I visited recently, we were only able to spend about four hours in Bardstown. We had a blast, and spent a very nominal amount of money. I had read an article about the Horse and Carriage rides offered through the town so I made an appointment with Jonsie, the owner- operator of Around the Town Carriage for noon. We arrived in Bardstown well before schedule, but we used the time to our advantage.
We stopped in first to see the performance area for Stephen Foster - The Musical. I've never been fortunate enough to see this show, but I now plan to in the near future. The performance area is all outdoors in the park's amphitheater. It had a very personal feel to it. The air felt comfortable and the entire set was tucked back into the surrounding woods. A very impressive house prop could be seen in the distance. We got to observe some of the cast members rehearsing and we visited the gift shop to pick up some brochures for future visits. They are also featuring The Sound of Music this season. Both shows begin June 12th and prices vary.
After we left this area, we explored the My Old Kentucky Home State Park. The first thing I thought of when I got out of the car was "this place is so green". The views and scenery are just breathtaking, and there is such a peaceful feeling. I'm a nature girl at heart so I love seeing the woods, hills and wildlife all around. This place was perfect! A short while later we left to meet Jonsie for our carriage ride around town.
Riding in the carriage was great. Jonsie gave us a narrated historical tour of the famous downtown area of Bardstown. Some of the things he showed us were houses that were built back in the mid 1700 to 1800's. Despite their age, all of these houses were in remarkable shape. He showed us the house that is the oldest one in the area. This beautiful home was built in 1710 and is still resided in. Jonsie then took us by the McClane House. Back in the 1800's it was the town hospital, it was later renovated and turned into the town's Post Office. The McClane house still stands and is used as a Bed & Breakfast. It appears that in Bardstown they don't tear down and rebuild...they just find a way to use the same building for another purpose, which has allowed the town to maintain it's historical quality.
We rode past the building that used to be the old jail. They used this building for prisoners until 1987. We did not have time to tour the inside, but just the outside was amazing. After the carriage ride we went back to take a few photos of an old stockade that was set up outside. The front of the jail was used from 1819 until 1874 and the back half of the jail was used from 1874 until 1987. It also is now a Bed & Breakfast.
The old Courthouse is now the Welcome Center for Bardstown and is located in the middle of the street. It is the main focus of Downtown Bardstown. Visitors to Bardstown can stop in the Welcome Center for literature and information about the different sites to see. You can also pick up different maps that show the way for the many walking tours that Bardstown has to offer.
We stopped off at Talbott's Tavern for some lunch after our carriage ride. We actually stopped at the corner drug store first because Jonsie recommended it to us. He said that the drug store still had an original soda fountain machine and that their food was the best around, so we thought we would try it out. No such luck, the place was packed. So we walked around downtown and finally decided on Talbott's Tavern. We were a little concerned that it was going to be pricey because the building inside and out looked fancy, but nothing on the lunch menu was over ten dollars. The food was excellent too! I decided on a BLT because instead of the traditional tomato most places offer, Talbott's uses fried green tomatoes instead, and to my surprise I pleased with the switch. Our waitress was fantastic too. She even stopped to talk with my daughter each time she would pass by. We learned that the Talbott Tavern has been operating as a tavern for over 200 years. It was built in the late 1700's and has only changed family ownership once.
Several notable American icons have passed through the tavern's doors including Abraham Lincoln, Daniel Boone and Jesse James. Several bullet holes located in an upstairs wall are reputed to have been put there by Jesse James. It is also rumored that some of the people who stayed at the tavern in years past never checked out, even after death, as some people claim to have encountered ghosts or other paranormal activity at the tavern. The Old Talbott Tavern still serves as a bar, nightclub, restaurant, and bed & breakfast.
During our ride, we also passed by a round, stone building that Jonsie told us used to be used as a Smoke Shack. People back in the 1800's would take meat here to have it smoked and cured so that it would not go bad as quickly. We also passed by an old cemetery, and the house that the U.S. Marshall lives in. During our ride, I noticed that most of the homes and storefronts around town had these large stone blocks in front of them. Some of the blocks were shorter than others. When I asked Jonsie about them, he explained to me that the short ones were used to tie up horses, and the taller ones were used to hitch up carriages when patrons would stop in. The ones that have not been broken or damaged are permitted to stay.
Another great place we visited was The Chapeze House. Construction on The Chapeze House was finished in 1810 and the Chapeze Distillery was founded in 1846. The Bourbon brand, Old Charter, remains one of the world's great Kentucky Bourbon whiskies. It is one of the many stops on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, and offers a wide variety of wine, spirit and cheese sampling, as well as some of the best southern hospitality one would expect from this town.
My Old Kentucky Dinner Train is also a fabulous dining experience. Although it differs from most attractions in Bardstown, in that it is not the original site, it is still a remarkable place to visit. The entire train features vintage 1940's railcars, and a wide selection of dinners and lunches to choose from. For one price you can enjoy a well prepared meal, and a two hour ride through some beautiful farm land. In October, they even offer a haunted train ride with "Clue" type mysteries. Well worth it!!
Whether you have an entire weekend to spend, or just a few hours, Bardstown has something to offer everyone. They have many different tours to choose from, and, most are walking tours so you do not have to bother with traffic or parking. A lot of the sites have a nominal fee, others might ask for donations. There are so many different things to see, and so many historical facts to take in that make visiting Bardstown a memorable vacation site.
I mentioned earlier that this town has a general comfortable atmosphere, but we got a first hand glimpse at the almost family like bond the townsfolk have with each other. While we were riding down one of the streets in the carriage, a small boy was playing on the sidewalk and he stopped, waved and yelled hello to Jonsie. Then we slowed, and Jonsie proceeded to talk with the mother about the new horse that had just joined the Around the Town Carriage family. It is times like this when you can still appreciate the small town atmosphere in a community with so much history. Be sure to visit Bardstown, KY this summer, and when you do, stop in Around the Town Carriage and tell Jonsie that Louisville Nitelife sent you...

Zoe eating BROCOLLI! Ever seena cat that loved veggies before? Well here she is. Weirdo. Posted by Picasa

Mik on the playground Posted by Picasa

Mik in the fountain. We LOVE this fountain.. lol Anytime it's on, we're there! Posted by Picasa

Christina... Posted by Picasa

Manda and Sean (spongebob) I thought this was a neat pic. Posted by Picasa

Rotten Kid Posted by Picasa

My beautiful mommy.. See the flowers I picked for her in her ear? Posted by Picasa

My mom and her friends Cathy, Joanie, and Denise. They all got together a few weeks back and had a real nice lunch for her. =) Posted by Picasa

Me and Grandma prepared to clean out the nasty ass basement.. Posted by Picasa

Mik's matching Boo-Boo's Posted by Picasa

Mik, Me, and Christina on the swings at the playground Posted by Picasa

Me and da Hun Posted by Picasa

Updates... hehe

Geez, I'm not even sure where to start.. lol
First off I guess.... Billy shipped off. He left a few weeks ago to join the Marines... haven't heard from him yet as to how he's doing, I sent off a couple letters to him today. Been trying to hang out with his girlfriend as often as I can so that she doesn't get too lonely. Poor thing. I couldn't imagine what that feels like. The pics above are Billy and Christina smooching..... The Meps sign, and Billy. Wish you well Little Brother... Semper Fi!

I'm gonna post the rest with Hello cuz Blogger is once again being a bitch and I'm tired of messing with stubborn computers... Grrrrrrr..... lol

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Who's the man?

I did it! I did it! I'm so happy.... Yay!

Took two different towers, 3 different harddrives , 2 sets of windows install disks , and a call to my favorite customer service idiots down at Insight but I finally got it all fixed..... I think.. lol
Watch.... tomorrow it'll die again.. lol let's all cross our fingers for Robyn's Computers newfound health. =)

I have a lot to talk about and update on and tons of pictures to post but first things first. I have to reinstall my picture resizer and picassa and all that before I can even upload any of my pics. I still have to install Firefox too... right now I'm on IE and I HATE IE. Sooooo, I've still got some work to do but as of right now... I'm back! yay!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I have so much to post about and soo many pictures to put up here but I can't do any of it from someone elses computer. =( Anyone that thinks that they can offer me assistance... please email and we can go from there.... I'm working on a couple things but it's just not working out so well for me.


Sunday, June 11, 2006


Just wanted to let everyone know... I'm at a friends house right now and he graciously let me use his computer. BUT, mine died yesterday, lol. I knew there was a virus on it and I guess it got tired of waiting on me to remedy the situation so it just decided to give up on it's own.. lol

I'm in the process of wiping out the harddrive and reinstalling windows but I've got sooooo much going on this weekend that I'm not sure I can do it quickly so hopefully it'll be up in a couple days... Until then... Bare with me... I shall return!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Need some company?

Well tonight we are taking Billy out to the booby bar.. This will be the last time in god knows how long that we'll get to go out with him. In Sept. he graduates Boot and we're going out to S. Carolina to watch and support him. Well, Seans mom sent me an email yesterday of his Uncles back yard... they had a visitor... This is the house we're going to be staying at when we go down for graduation... I told Linda that Mikayla WILL NOT play in this yard by herself.. lol because this is the second set of pics she's showed me of a certain visitor. They said he was knocking on the door. Neat huh?
Going today to transfer Billy's car into my name at some point. Waiting on B to call me since he'll have to come pick me up.
Moms docotr went ahead and sent a refferal to Hospice for mom and her "team" came over yesterday. Very sweet people. They explained everything to us, and told us all the things they offer. They told me that they offer greif couseling to all family members and signifigant others... but they also have child physcologist (sp?) for Mik to talk with. Maybe they can help her understand better than I can. I mean, I'm not going to be afraid to answer her questions, and I've always been honest with Mik when she has questions, I'm just worried that after moms gone and Mik asks about her, it's going to make me want to cry and she doesn't understand why my level of grief is so high ya know... so hopefully they'll be able to make her understand.
I think they are going to be a tremendous help though, when I left moms yesterday after talking with them, I felt better. I felt pretty good actually and I have since then.... It's just all still so weird to me. Not sure how to react yet.

One other thing before I go, sorry this one is so short.. I'm working on another one that I stole off someone elses blog (hehe) so hopefully I'll get that one up today too. =) But I wanted to say, just in case they read this at all.... Congrats to Amy and Terry! They are engaged.... and picked out their rings... awwwwwwwww =) lol

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

And another Thursday is upon us.....

Took this picture this morning, and I needed a hug.. so I figured I'd give myself one... lol

Had a couple interesting things happen today... 1. Grandma called me flipping out this afternoon and said she'd come pick me up if I would come get rid of the bird in Harold's room. Now... after I laughed about it.. tee-hee I agreed. So she came and got me and Mik and we went a bird huntin. Now, this really isn't a big deal to me.. I mean grandma was all spazzed about it but this is not the first, or the second, or the third little birdie that I've had to save from grandmas house. And that doesn't stop at birds.. I should go into business... yea I gotta talk about that too in a minute... I've caught bats, and coons, and snakes and lizards lol grandmas house has like tunnels or something lol... anyway back to the bird.... This was the prettiest wild bird I've ever seen, I'd swear it was a baby hawk but it was little bitty so I don't know.... it had that curved beak and a real pretty brown color to it, I almost wanted to keep it. Yea imagine bringing a BIRD into Zoe and Boots' house.. they'd be like HOLY SHIT Look what Mom bought us, it would not be pretty. lol It was so scared so I got the clothes basket and just trapped it when it landed on the curtain, then slid the basket down the wall, got it to the floor and reached in and grabbed it. It really didn't even fight a lot, it was like thank god for geting me out of this guys room... you should SEE what he does in that bed. Poor bird. I took pics as you can see below... but the first one I took when I first walked in, it was just chillen on the curtain. The second pic is me holding him in my hand but my grandma took the pic and it was probably her first digital camera taking experience ever so it sucks but I wanted to show it anyway cuz I think you can see a little of it and it's so pretty. =)

Sean had a business idea today that was REALLY good, but he told me I wasn't allowed to blog about it.. lol damnit!

So right now it's kinda storming outside.. like it's REALLY LOUD, and I mean everytime the lightning or thunder strikes it sounds like its hitting something in the parking lot.. its LOUD, but it's not raining all that hard.. it's more than I'd like to stand in.. lol but not enough for that much noise.
So anyway... Happy HNT everyone... wanna play along? Click on the button on the side..... and... you should really check out the other hnt. It's for the more daring of us. Luvs.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Another sleepless night

Well, it's after 1 and I'm tired as the fuck.... yet can't sleep.... again. My mind wanders something terrible at nighttime. I won't think about something all day, then I lay down to sleep and POW there it is. I don't get it.

Took mom to the doctor today, he just reinforced what we already knew... chemo won't help, radiation won't help, there are no available drugs that would help......... He did explain to us today what her final days will be like, don't much feel like explaining it right now though. They sent in a refferal to Hospice today as well. *sigh*

On to other news... hung out with Julie all day today. She was babysitting her 3 year old neice so Mik played with her all day. We went to the park in hopes of playing in the fountain but they had it turned off for some reason. So we went to Julies and hung out instead. Had fun.

Had an interesting chat with Shannon (Seans sister) today. She instant messaged me talking about how sad she was that Billy was leaving. She asked me why everyone left her out of activities... I told her that that was a subject best discussed in person but she wanted to know.... so I told her. I left out a lot of my feelings about the things she does because thats kinda irrevelant but I told her that we can't take her constant bitchyness. I told her that she is all smiles and laughs when shes with her firneds or whatever then me or sean walk into the room and she just turns into a sourpuss, so I explained to her that we just assumed it was a problem with us so we try to keep our distance to make her happy. She said she was sorry for acting like that and thats not how she wants to portray herself. I really think aliens have visited her or something lately and are inhabiting her body cuz she's NEVER this understanding about anything... it's kinda weird.

I may have talked about moms friend Sue before. Well, Sue has a dog named Popcorn. Just recently I had to rush her and Popcorn to the vet and she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Popcorn should have really been put to sleep then but Sue couldn't do it... Anyway, Popcorn died today.

Last night, Sean made me some pancakes..... well something was on the burner and it caught fire... it was just a little fire and we quickly put it out... no big deal.... well not even a full minute later, 2 firetrucks come roaring down our street... Sean flips out.. he's all looking out the windows and shit.... "Surely they couldn't be coming here" we both said.. it was really strange. Well, a police car pulls into out apt. complex, parks and gets out of the car and starts shining his flashlight on the doors... Lol so we're both like... should we go say something??? Well they went to the lad next door to moms... she's pregnant and was in labor... it was really funny though if you were there... Baby was born today and no she dind't name him Damien.

I completed my first story for Louisville NiteLife Magazine today too. This was my first official story, and they sent me to Bardstown, Ky. to do an overall review of the town and all it's features for tourists. When I turned it in with my pics today they told me that they loved it, and that I did a fantastic job. I'm so proud. =) yay.

I'm gonna lay on the couch now... try to go to sleep....

Before I go though, not sure if you even read my blog anymore but if you do....
I love you Candace! You're a terrific friend, just wanted you and everyone else to know. =) Don't fret.

Hehe, How about this one? Posted by Picasa

Happy 666 Everyone! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, June 04, 2006

I need a fix

K, first thing... I forgot to mention in my video post... I did that on my digital camera so it's not gonna be like super quality or anything, I just wanted to let you all hear how good they are. =)

I have a confession.... I have an addiction. People that have known me for years have known this, they have just maybe forgotten about it. This really actually affects me, lol sad to say. =) I walked past this "thing" today and just got this urge t ohave one.. just to taste em again... ugh.. drive me crazy.... I used to LOVE them... like by the bagfuls or more in a sitting.... Can ya guess??? hehe and I'm for real about it.. I've gone for 11 years without a single one because a doctor told me not to ever have them again. 11 years people. WITHOUT ONE. *tear* oh, to just sit and have one.... or two... or six.... handful maybe?


I also want to do a post about my kitty cats soon... I have soooo many pics of them.. I'm trying to learn how to do the collage thingys for it and I'll post it then. =) Have faith.. I figured out the video thing... yep mentioned it again.. can ya tell how proud I am? yay me!

I've also been working on a post to Billy cuz he leaves Monday morning to join the Marines. So happy, yet kinda sad. We're taking him to the titty bar Friday night I think... everyones invited. ;)

I heard the cutest saying today too... Johnny smoked a pound of crack, almost had a heart attack... Billy smoked a pound of pot, a little hungry's all he got. hehe drugs are bad mmm'kay?

Update as to what I got done this weekend.... NOTHING.. nah I'm kidding.. hehe =) Ummm, I cleaned out my cabinets and put all my can goods on the shelf thingy I wasn't using anyway.... umm... reorganized all my cabinets. This turned out to be a rather large job... not quite what I expected lol but I like it waay better. Ummm, cleaned out the fridge.. which was a big job too considering it's leaking, been leaking... awating someone to come check it out.. I mean it's working fine, everythings really cold, freezer is fine.. it just leaks water. Kinda annoying.. very messy.

Did a couple loads of laundry.. nothing major... cleaned living room and kitchen.. so I made progress...... =)

What'd you do this weekend?

Our friends kick ass!

So last night Sean and I went to the Hill to see Speed of Sound play. Let me tell ya... they fukkin rawk! I've seen a lot of local bands play before but honetly they are one of the best I've ever seen around here. Here's a Video... and yep I figured out how to post videos... aren't ya proud of me???

Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday Friday

Not a whole lot going on with me today. It's Friday so The Muff will be off all weekend.. yay! Don't think we have many plans.. tonight we're supposed to go over to Josh and Deenas and grill out and see their new house I think... then tomorrow night we're gonna go watch S.O.S play I think... so we should have a fun weekend.

Gonna start next week loking for a part time job at night... it sucks but it's the only time I can work really. I have NO babysitters anymore, and it's not that we're broke or anything cuz we're not.. we just have so many vacations coming up and after we pay bills, there isn't much left to save for them.... so Robyn must work a little lol. Damnit! hehe.

June 12th is Billy's ship out date... He's gonna be one of the Few, the Proud very soon.... couldn't be mor eproud of him.. but MAN, I'm gonna miss him. And I know his girlfriend is gonna have it rough too, poor thing. SO next weekend, we're takin him to the strip club just to send him off right.. I tell ya though, tell a stripper you're a marine... and well.. good things happen to you.. lol Everyone loves a Marine.. yummy. =) hehe I just hope it's everything he's dreamed of and that he has a safe, long career with them.

I have plans for myself this weekend also.. Wanna hear them? lol K, I plan to first off, get my plants from my grandmas FINALLY.. lol they've only been for like 7 months lol, so I need to get them and bring em home.... I plan to clean off my black cabinet thingy and transform it into a pantry for can goods cuz this tiny ass kitchen in this little bitty ass apartment just doesn't have enough room for my shit.. lol And I'd rather us it to hold like chips and whatever BUT I don't wanna leave themin my daughters reach lol so can goods it is. =) I plan to re-contact paper my drawers also.... it's kinda pulling off some of them and it's sticky so I gotta do something cuz it's driving me nuts! AND I have to do some laundry too... blech! I hate doing laundry!

So I'll update you Monday as to how much of that I actually got done lol.... let's take bets on it, hehe.

Well, everyone have a great weekend... I'm sure I'll blog again in the next day or so... you know me.. always have something to say.

I had this big long post prepared but just saved it as Draft instead... it was about my cousin and all his assholeness and not taking care of his dogs and everything... ugh but i tjust pisses me off everytime I read it so I decided it was better for my own morale to just leave it alone.. I will post the pics though of what he's let his animals do to my grandma's basement... See.. it's sad because since G-ma hurt herself she can't get down into the basement so she really had no idea what it looked like... she could smell it, but couldn't see it.. So yesterday I took pics to show her but she couldn't see them well enough so I just helped her down the stairs so she could personally see it instead... It's insane at what he's let it turn into....... again...... breathe...... I'm not gonna get into it.... Just let the pics speak for themselves.

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