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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Eight Belles

It really sucks to be off work, have a babysitter, and then be sick the entire time.... ugh. lol I've had this cold now all week, Sean's got it too. Grrr.

Anyone watch the Derby yesterday? Poor Eight Belles. I've never seen a horse die right there on the track before like that... that was fuckinng nuts.... hurt my heart. Poor Horsey. Apparently she was only the 2nd female horse to ever win the Derby, well she came in 2nd, she didn't win.... but anyway.... the 2nd one ever... and she snapped both her ankles right after the finish line and they put her down..... very sad. =(

Good thing she wasnt the actual winner though. I'm not sure what they would do in that situation... there def. wouldn't be a triple crown winner that year if that happened.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Talk Derby To Me

I was bored... and don't really have anything interesting to talk about... lol
We went yesterday to the Pegasus Parade... it's part of the Kentucky Derby Festival... Today is a very very rainy Oaks day and tomorrow is Derby. Talk Derby to me baby.... hehe

Actually I could care less really.... lol it's not all that interesting to me. I haven't even seen a list of the horses that are running.. only one I know of is Pyro... and thats cause my boss has been talking about him all week... haha

Anyway, while we're at the Parade we see my grandma, daryl and andy sitting out of our vocal reach.... lol and then my uncle and my cousin and her husband go zipping by on a golf cart.... as my other cousin brian comes up behind me and grabs my kiddo... lol scared the piss out of me. So I'm at a parade with tens of thousands of people and see like 5 family members.... haha... only talked to one of them tho (brian lol)

Our friends Kynt and Vyxsin were in it too this year... they were "Louisvilles Goth Couple" on The amazing Race. We've known em for years... they looked so cute in their Derby hats.... lol

It kinda sucked this year though... Sean and I are both sick and sitting outside watching a parade all feverish and shit isn't fun... lol but we'd promised Mik she could go. the time gaps between each thing though was way uncoordinated compared to other years.... lol

anyway, I stole this tag from Moose.. I'm bored.. hehe

5 things found in your bag:
I never carry a bag.. my motto is "If it doesn't fit in my pocket, then I don't need it" lol but 5 things in my pockets.... hmm

1 .mp3 player
2. cell phone
3. id
4. couple dollars and
5. some change lol

5 favorite things in your room:

1. my scrapbooks
2. my bed.... aaaaaahhhhhhhh
3. my pictures
4. all the boxes of moms stuff that is still in my closet cause I can't make myself go thru it yet....
5. that one drawer.... lmao

5 things you have always wanted to do:

1. Parachute from an airplane.
2. Hand glide over the mountains
3. Successfully run a rescue and rehabilitation center for wildlife.
4. Live a long and healthy life. ;)
5. Own a lot of land.

5 things you are currently into:

1. Work apparently... lol I'm always there
2. My kitty's
3. My kiddo
4. indepandant music
5. tattoos. =)

5 people you’d like to tag:

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