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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Poor Car

Today Mik was on the porch playing and I was in the living room and we all heard this crash noise... It kinda sounded like someone had dropped something big into the dumpster... didn't think anything of it.. Few minutes later Mik comes in and says "mom, I see leaves everywhere" so I went outside and could vaugley see like the top part of a tree down at the end of our parking lot. So we put on our shoes (grab the camera) and go investigate. hehe

Turns out, this BIG tree just barely on the other side of the fence from us just cracked in half........and landed on a car. I guess the storm last night damaged it and it just gave in today, but yea, SMOOSHED the poor car. I didn't get very good pics cause I had Mik with me and didn't want her real close to it but when you look in the drivers window (well what used to be the window) you can see the roof... lol it's terrible.

It also did some pretty good damage to the nursing home right next to us. Got the gutters and part of the roof. It appears to be their tree actually. The car was one of the ladies who lives heres daughter.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

New Tattoo!

Went and got a new tattoo today. =) Been trying for some time now to figure out what kind of memorial piece I wanted to get for my mom and dad since they are both gone... and at first I had decided on this angel my friend joe drew me... but the more I thought about it, the more I didn't want it..... so I got another idea.

As everyone knows, my momma was blind... well when I was like 5 years old she taught me how to read and write braille. So I wrote her name (Phyllis) out in braille and had it put on top of my right wrist... so I can remember that memory of her teaching me every time I look down. =)

This was BY FAR the fastest tattoo I've ever encountered... lol it took him longer to set everything up then it did to put it on me... I was worried it was gonna hurt cause it was right on top of my wrist bone... well he started and once I could feel it I looked at everyone and said, this isn't so bad... and right then he took his gloves off and was like... I'm done. lol it took like 2 minutes tops.

The Tat Wax I use is fucking with my flash so there is a glare on the pics but I tried to get a few. =) Tell me what ya think.

The other day Mik and I were playing outside in the water and we compared our hand print sizes... hehe I thought it was cute. =)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Beautiful

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