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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Escape From Hell

Finished filming yesterday for the movie we were in. Escape From Hell! =) It'll be submitted to the Frightfest film festival in August. I have waaaaaay more pics over at my myspace page www.myspace.com/seannrobyn go check those out too. =)This is Sean as Satan and he's killing the Grim Reaper in the final scene.
This is the mailman zombie.... this was one of a couple that I did the make-up for. =)
The crew for the 3rd day of filming
Yep, I'm hot even when I'm dead.
This pic is unedited... I luv it.. prolly my fave that I took that night.....
The Royal Family
Deena, me, and Jodie. Jodie and I were lovers in one scene.
Deena, Satan, and Me

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Escape From Hell Blooper #1

Sean and I are in this movie called Escape From Hell. We started filming for it last Sunday, and Deena went along to watch... Well, two of the cast didn't show so Sean had to fill in for the lead male role and Deena got to take the part of the secondary female role.
Lead Female- Hillary - Me
Secondary Female- Christine - Deena
Lead Male- Shawn - Sean

Sean is also Satan in this movie, we just haven't had to film his parts yet, we're doing the rest of it this coming Sunday and Monday.

WELLLLLLLLL, let me explain the scene first....

In this scene, we have just came out of a room where Satan killed someone in front of us... Christine (Deena) is crying hysterically and Shawn (Sean) wants her to calm down so we can get out of there. So he slaps her and tells her to pull herself together.... well in retaliation, she knees him in the nuts.

So that's what we were told to do....... so first take Deena gets the tears going (with water lol) and we all barrel out of the room.... and she steps in to the slap instead of stepping away from it and Sean really smacks her....... she didn't break character though and she really racked him to pay him back.... lol

No one was mad or anything, matter of fact we all laughed for like 20 minutes.. it was a pure accident but yea, my hunny smacked the shit out of one of my best friends.... haha so we turned it into our first blooper. so you gotta check it out.


I laughed my ass off at this... it's too friggin funny!

Once the movie is finished, it's going to be netered into a film festival and once I get a good copy of the entire thing, I'll post it for you all to see. =)

Friday, July 06, 2007

Robyn Rants Again. haha

2 Posts in one day.. You guys are lucky huh?

I just wanted to rant for a minute about something I learned yesterday.

I'm not a person who runs to the doctor at the sign of a sniffle, therefore I don't take my kid very often either... but I have a healthy kid. She gets allergies a couple times a year but I can control that myself, but other than that she's been very healthy her whole life. So, imagine my surprise when I was told that in order to register her for school, I had to get a copy of her immunizations..... so I got a copy.. and found out that she hasn't been to the doctor since 2003. Haha 4 years and no doctor visits..

Now the shot records don't tell you which shots they need when, so I figured she'd done missed out on like 10 of them... and that it would be a torture session to get her caught up and enrolled in school. But, I made the appt and we went yesterday... Well, I learned that if a kid misses a shot, they just skip it, they don't have to catch it up so she only needed her 4 year old shots and because she's a big kid, she got to skip one of those too... so she only had to get 3 shots yesterday... she caught a glimpse of the first needle and cried, which made me cry.. but the second and third shots the nurse did without her seeing and she didn't even notice it happened till she seen the band-aids so that was good.

But my rant is this:

I learned last night that you DON'T HAVE to immunize your kids. It's not a law, it's not required, it's meerly a suggestion. And yes you might argue that the reason none of these diseases are seen anymore is because of modern day immunizations, but just keep that to yourself cause I don't wanna hear it. lol That may be true... but at the same time, if the diseases are gone, then why not stop the shots? I just think that... if you're giving me a shot to say... stop a rash... and one of the side effects of that shot is a fucking rash then what's the goddamned point in the shot in the first place?

The chicken pox vaccene is retarded. The lady told me to watch for poxs up to a week after the shot... isn't the fucking thing supposed to keep you from getting the chicken pox? If it can cause them then why bother? that's just stupid. But I had to give in because I thought I had no choice.

They said she didn't need more until she was 11 years old.... but I know better now... they can kiss my ass in 2013. =) But I say that and I don't mean it because the one immunization I DO agree with is the tetanus one.... I've been exposed to tetanus before from my wreck and had to take a months round of antibiotics to ward off lock jaw. So that one,, yeah I agree with that one. I've also stepped on a nail before and was told it was a good thing I'd had a tetanus shot beforehand, and that's the one she'l need at 11 so I'll let her have that one, but if (not that I will) but if I have another kid... we're gonna go the shot free route.

Happy days. =)

K, first things first.... My new blog is up and running now.. I just haven't posted to it yet. It's only going to be for when I need a "secret" place to bitch.. and yes so far everyone who has written and asked for a link will get one, none of you all are who I'm hiding from.. lol =) Just gimme time to get it going and I'll send out invites.

Secondly, The 4th of July went great for us. We went to Churchill Downs and bet on some races during the day, Mikayla loved it.. she'd never been there before, she got to see the horses and watch a few races. We didn't win anything much though.. lol Then we went over to Jeremy and Melissas and cooked out and let all the kiddos play together. Watched some fireworks, and got home around midnight.. lol it was nice.

Found out yesterday that my cousin, her hubby and their 3 kiddos moved back to town. They'd been living in Arizona for a few years now and finally decided to move back here. =) I'm so happy about it too. I missed em. They are some of the few I wanna hang out with, so we're going over there Sunday night since we had to miss the party they had for our family this past week. That and I want my kiddo and her kiddos to become friends so we can have them over here some.

Went and gave my landlord my rent last night..... and like 2 hours later he's knocking on my door... so I answer... come to find out, he lost it. Yea. So I get my flashlight and go try to help him find it... but we never do.... Then I find out that it wasn't just mine, it was one other persons that he lost too..... but I'm not sure what I can do besides trying to help him find it.. lol it's not like I can just pay it again or anything... lol So I dunno what'll come from that.

That's about it for my updates.. lol Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Monday, July 02, 2007


I've decided to start using my second blog. I've had it for years now, but I'm going to go update it, take the posts that are there off and start using it from time to time too. I have a lot of things I would like to talk about that I don't want certain people to read cause they just spread it to any and everyone.. lol Sooooo.... once it's up and running I'll let ya'll know and you can email me if you'd like the new link. =)

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