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Monday, January 30, 2006

Years gone by.

I'm not sure how he found Manda, but a guy we went to MIddle School emailed Manda the other day and so she forwarded it on to me to see if I remembered him or not, so I emailed him too. Been chatting with him on the puter and on the phone since then, he's interested in getting togetehr a middle school reunion. I know that sounds crazy, I've never even heard of a middle school reunion, but honestly I find that more exciting than a high school one. I only went to high school for about a year and a half but I didn't make too many friends that I'm interested in still knowing ya know, I'm in contact with "the good ones" already lol. So anyway, he's given me all kinds of email addresses of people I used to know and I've been talking to them the past few days and it's just super neat to me to find all the "back in the day friends" that I'd forgotten about. Kinda neat how fate works sometimes.
So, I'm gonna go to lunch Wednesday with the guy that found Manda and another person I knew then too. It's interesting to listen to him because he's kept track of a lot of people, and it's interesting to see how everyone has turned out after so many years. I mean hell, thats been what... like.....15 years or so ago. Lots can happen in that amount of time. My high school reunion never seemed like anything special to me but this one has caught my interest. =)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I wanna be RED!

I've always had this desire to be a red-head, but my hair has other plans for me. I've died it numerous times, I've had it professionally done, I've even had it stained but it always washes out. Permanent dye washes out, now thats enough to piss ya off huh? Yea, well. Sean was tired of my whining so he took me to get it dyed again hehe. I haven't died my hair in over 2 years just to "prepare" it to be red, lol. A beautician told me once that it wouldn't hold because I've died it blonde too much and it can't hold on to the red pigment, so to leave it alone till it all grows out and try it then and it should work, so I did. Lived hapily with my brown hair with blonde highlights, lol, all natural for like 2 years. Anywho, Tyrese, the guy who did my hair this time was intrigued by my problem and asked me if he could use "black girl dye" on my hair. I'm willing to try anything. So now my hair has been highlighted red, and by red, I mean RED. It's more intense than fire engine red. You know how you see black girls with red highlights? Thats the red I have now, and i LOVE it. Of course I'm biased on this, but I think it's pretty friggin hot. hehe. Not that I wasn't hot before, but now...... yea, I'd do me. =) Last night though I washed it, and upon examination of my bubbles, they were pink. Now maybe it's just excess washing out, I guess we'll see, but if this washes out too, then theres just no hope for me. I hope it stays though, I love it.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Oh where oh where could it be????

You know, I'm not complaining, well I guess I am really, but to the extent that you would think. Did that make sense? Probably not. Anyway, I've come to the realization that I've been "having fun" the wrong way for most my life. Let me explain. Since Sean and I moved in with my mom, I haven't been working. Thus, we don't really have any extra money to go out and spend. So you'd think that would cut all the fun out of my life right? Nope. We've had MORE fun this past month than I can remember having for a long time, and I've finally realized that it's because we've quit trying to buy fun. We make it for ourselves instead. For instance, Sean and I went to the movies the other night, now we always get in free to the movies cause I'm good friends with the manager, and although the movie sucked, we still had a great time and only spent 4 bucks to get some popcorn (cause I snuck in a drink muhahahaha), but after that we went to this little bar that we used to hang out at all the time and spent 5 bucks on drinks. So 9 dollars for a night out and we had a blast. Played pool, saw a movie, and got our drink on, then came home and got our freak on, which is another topic I'd like to talk about, but in a second. But my point is, everyone in this world is under the impression that the more money you spend, the more fun you have and thats just not true. I've met 4 different people that we've become friends with lately by just hanging out at the park. Met a guy named josh and his little girl, they are from alaska and are here while his wife is in medical school. Met another guy named Tani and his little boy and they are from Australia and moved here because of family, but anyway... it's just nice to know that fun can be found for free. It's great!
So onto the freakness. I don't know if my libido left when Mikayla came or what but when I was pregnant, I had such a hard time that my doctors cut off sex when I was just 5 months along, so poor Sean had to make due for about 5 months without, I know I know, poor guy. lol Anyway, since then, he's lucky if he got some three times a week. Now I know some of you are like 3 times a week is good, but it really isn't for me and Sean. Before Mik, we were like rabbits and we'd do it at least twice a day. But I'm happy to report that I found it. Hehe, my sex drive was hiding under the couch or something and I found it again, lol. So Seans not only worn out now (pleasently) but he's a happy muffin once again. lol So I just felt the need to share it with you all. Like you care right?
I've also been pricing digital cameras, which I know one person who will be thrilled to hear that, you know who you are hehe. But I'm excited, I've NEEDED a camera for quite some time now and it drives me nuts not to have one. I'm terrible at not developing actual film so I need me a digi so my computer can do all the work for my lazy ass. Anywho, found me a polaroid one, it's got 5.1 megapixels, 32 mb of internal memory which I don't care too much about cause I plan on getting on of the mega memory cards for it anyway. um, it has a BIG lcd display, can't remember exactly how big it is though, and it takes video and even plays mp3's which I could give a shit about really but I'm sure I'll put that to use also. The only downfall and I'm not even sure it's a downfall is that it charges with an adapter, it's got the little base cradle thing you set it in to charge. It says it has two batteries included but I'm not sure if that means that it can also use batteries or if the batteries only work with the base. Anyone have any advice on this? I would like to find me one that charges from a base but also allows me to change out batteries if it dies when I'm not at home, is this possible?

Sunday, January 22, 2006


Just wanted to warn everyone, hehe. Sean and I went last night to go see the new movie, Hostel. Judging by the previews and trailers it looks like it'd just be completely twisted, but nope. It wasn't a bad movie or anything but it wasn't anything near what we were expecting, it doesn't even really show any gore. Big letdown.... so anyone that was considering going to see it............. Wait for it to come out on video. I also learned last night that the price of the movies has gone up to 9 something dollars. Thats just ridiculous..... glad I get in free! lol
So we went to the movies, and then we went to Dark Star and got us a drink and shot some pool. It was nice to just hang out with my honey for awhile. We took Billy and Corey to the movies with us though.
Well, thats about all I have for now lol, just wanted to stick in my two cents on that damned movie lol. Ta-Ta!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Long time.......

GRRRRR! I've been using every spare second I can find the last week trying to get my finals for school finished up. I'm just about done though, I have 8 horid, horid math problems that I'm gonna force my wonderful cousin to help me with and I'm finished! Yippee! So I'm taking it you all miss me. =) Awwwww, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that. Hehe.
So let's see, what all has been happening? Well, for one, I've come to the conclusion that Candace no longer loves me. Candace is a girl I've known my entire life, our parents were friends before either of us came along. BUt in the past year or so, she's just fell into her own world somewhere. I call her, I leave messages, I send her emails, I call some more and she never calls me back. She cancelled her yearly Thanksgiving that she's always done this year and never rescheduled it. So I don't know, I don't want to push the issue a whole lot but I wish she'd at least call me sometime. Um, Took Zoe to get her stitches out and she's all healed up now. It's almost like they gave me a new cat though, I love it. We can play rough with her now without being shredded by her claws and she's so much more loveable than she used to be, and she's still our tiny little Zoe. I love it hehe.
Can't wait to get moved. Living with my mom and Larry sucks monkey nuts. They don't ever go to bed till like 12, and I'm not talking going to sleep, NOOOO, they don't leave the living room, which is our bedroom until like 12, so by the time Sean and I talk for awhile and get our luvins on, it's damned near 2 before we ever go to sleep anymore. I just want all my stuff back, and my own couch, and my bed, and all Mik's toys, *sigh* it'll be here soon enough I suppose.
So, I think we've decided that we're gonna rent a trailer, you get the most room for the cheapest rent that way and we can save to start the buying process in a year or so. I want to get about 4 acres with a trailer on it, and then one day we can buy more land and build us a house that we design and rent out thetrailer. SOunds like a plan to me. hehe But, I must be going, left my kiddo with my mom while I came to use the puter and I must get back before she drives her mamaw nuts, hehe. Seans mom is keeping MIk tomorrow night though so I think Sean and I are gonna go on a "date" awwwwwww... Blech! hehe

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Can't stay long ut I wanted to post a little something just so everyone knows I'm still alive. I do have to say how much I love you people though cause even though I haven't been able to be on here much lately, I've still been watching my hit counter rise. Yay! Muah to all hehe.
So let's see, what all has happened? Well Christmas was awesome. Mik got anything and everything you ould think of, it's kind of sick really lol. I got some good stuff too, pair of jeans, couple shirts and a gift card to go scrapbook shopping, yippee! I think I'm finally gonna break down and buy my wire writing starter kit. Anyone besides Manda know what that is? lol.
Christmas night Mik got a stomach bug, then 2 days later mom had it, then me, then Larry, then Sean but now it's gone. Thats got to be my least favorite formof illness to have. Not that I particularly LIKE any of them but if I had to choose, it definitly wouldn't be that one, lol. Anyway, it's gone now. =)
New Years was a lot of fun. Seans brother and his friend came over, they are always a blast. Been hanging out with our long lost friend Willy lately too, so that's been nice, we missed seeing him. =)
Took Zoe day before yesterday and got her spayed and declawed. She's home now but still just sleeps alot. Poor baby, not only does her belly hurt, her toe toes hurt too, I'm a mean ass mommy! But it'll be nice to play with her now and not get shredded. And she's young still too so she'll get used to it. She did fall out of her little tree thing last night though cause she doesn't have the claws to grip it anymore, but Boots can do it so Zoe will figure it out soon.
But, I gotta run, my hun actually got off work early today so I'd like to spend some time with him for once. Luvs everyone and I'll try and write more soon. MUAH!

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