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Sunday, December 31, 2006

I did it. And this is the last time.

Alright. I just did it. I haven't said before what I was gonna do, and I'm not going to talk about it a whole lot, but I just put my last cigarette out a few minutes ago. The last one. Not gonna be any "just one mores" either because in the past, those "one mores" are what made me NOT quit. So I'm just sticking to it this time.... not smoking any at all, no draws off friends or anything. None. I'm done.

So. Robyn's New Years Resolution for 2007 has begun.

Happy 2007

I hope everyone has a very happy, safe New Years Eve tonight. =) Be careful out there, here in Louisville it's been rainy and chilly all day so I'm sure the roads are a mess....


Happy New Years!!


Not sure if this is the real video or not.... and if you're not interested in looking then don't look cause it's kinda graphic, but it's a video claiming to be Saddam being hung. And I think it's fucking great. About time we got him off this planet.


Saturday, December 30, 2006

Family Tattoo Day

So we went yesterday and all got new tattoos. =) It was Me, Sean, Billy and Christina, and Shannon and Nik. For those that don't know.... Billy and Shannon are Seans siblings... and Christina and Nik are their signifigant others. =)

Anyway... Seans mom agrees to keep the kid for a bit at our house so we can all go have our Family Tattoo Day. We get there and it's PACKED.... so we put our names on the list... well actually, Me, Billy and Sean put our names on the list. Christina went to get her belly button pierced and Shannon just went to watch. Nik had an appt. already for he was having extended work done. So I'm walking around, browsing through the designs and I just couldn't make up my mind. My idea was to get something on the top of my foot. Well, halfway through my decision and Shannon starts talking like she wants one too.... then Christina chimes in with an interest for her 2nd one.... so we three girls decide that we'll get "sister" tats.... We couldn't decide on one design for the three of us so we all picked something seperate but got them in the same place. So.... on the left side of the hips of Me, Christina and Shannon are nice new tats. =)

I got a flower, it was supposed to be blue, but I wanted purple instead. Christina got 2 roses, and Shannon got a frog.... she's got a thing for frogs.. lol =)

Sean got the Heartagram symbol on his chest, Billy got Fred Flinstone and his dads initials on his arm, and Nik had more work done on the sleeve he's been working on for awhile now.

It was fun running from upstairs to downstairs taking pictures of all my family getting inked.. lol But the funniest part of the evening was when we first got there. When I walked in, this lady at the other end of the shop started waving to me... Now this is my 4th tat.... 5th time getting ink, so it's posible the artists recognize me or whatever, but this was just a lady getting work done... so I walked over to her.... and guess who it was.... I bout died.. lol

My moms Hospice nurse. Sherry. She was my favorite of all moms nurses, she's the one who used to play hide and seek with Mik every time she'd visit. =) And she was getting a tattoo on her butt... lmao. Just goes to show you that classy, working class people get ink too. It's not just for us freaks anymore. hehe.

Anyway, these are all pics from yesterday... everyone getting done and all so they are fresh pics... I'll show healed pics soon and they will show much more detail.

This is Shannon getting a Frog on her hip

Shannon Again

Sean's Finished (but not healed yet)

Mine finished (but not healed)

Sean in another world

Christinas finished

Me.... Hurts so good

Piercing Christinas belly button

Billy's.. His dad really liked Fred Flinstone, so he got a bust of Fred with his dads initials (FWD)

Workin on Billy
And this last one is Christina being worked on

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

HNT Favorite!

This week for HNT, we were supposed to pick our all time favorite HNT that we've taken of ourselves. I have quite a few favorites, but I really like this one.. and it leads into next weeks HNT as well. Since I took this pic, I've had that tattoo on my back redone. And it looks 150% better.. so next week I'll do this same pose so that everyone can see my new improved Tattoo (plus, I've lost a pound or two as well).. Plus (hopefully) by next week, I'll have a new tattoo to show off. Yay! Happy New Year everyone..... Be Safe, and Don't get drunk and run over anyone!


Christmas was very nice. A little strange, but nice none the less. I have to admit that I wasn't sure how to feel, and I did shed a tear or two in private but all in all I did well. =) I think the strangest part was just not being able to call mom and tell her what all Mikayla got. Which was EVERYTHING. lol I could probably better list the things Mik DIDN'T get. Child is so rotten. I was worried that without mom buying her stuff, that she wouldn't get very much... Gawd was I wrong... lol she got all kinds of shit. It's so much fun though to watch her face light up.

This was at Seans moms house. Presents, and Paper and Tape Oh My!

Barbie Castle... She got TONS of Barbie stuff.

This was everything Santa brought. I miss those days. lol

This is an "after" shot.... lmao

Me, Manda, and Deena only exchange ornaments... the heart was from Manda, the Snowman was from Deena. Too cute.

La Tree.

Mik and her Joshy.. They got her a V-Tech computer. She LOVES it.

Mik posin... she's so silly. =)

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Pretty Neat

I'm on a website called Cherrytap.com It's mainly a site used to share pictures and get comments and shit. Well I had a comment yesterday and it was thi spicture. Someone took one of my pics and made it look like this. I really like it, it's pretty nifty looking! =) Wanted to show it off. hehe

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas To All!

This Christmas has been a bit different
Many things that have changed
My mommas not here, my kids a year older
Our lives have been rearranged.
I survived all the shopping, and the baking
The wrapping, and making of crafts
I now get to sit back and watch the smiles come
and hear the wonderful sound of my child laugh.
I'm hoping for you and your families
The best that this season can bring
And to the ones that aren't here with us this year
A memorable chorus of prayers I sing. =)
So from our home to yours, with more love than you know
Merry Christmas to you, and pray we get snow.

Luvs to all,

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

3 wishes for others HNT

K, I didn't really "get" this weeks theme, so I guess I did it kinda right at least.. lol The way I wanted to do it is if I was like super loaded and could buy whatever the person deserved.... so these are 3 people I wouldn't normally buy a gift for that I think should get one of these at some point in life. =) Hehe

Moose- A Nice Day at the Spa... Get a good stone massage, sit in the whirlpool...
She's always doing so many things at one time.. She leads a very busy life and it has to take it's toll in stress levels.And I know exactly what kind of stress she's dealing with worrying about her momma.. So.. If I ever had the means to afford something super wonderful for a friend.. I'd definitly buy her a day to pamper herself. =)

Hella- Plane tickets
I won't say too much here... Just that you all need to see each other more often. hehe It's just too damned cute. =)

Brad- Trip to disneyland. =) hehe
Brad's having the time of his life as of late, and I think it'd be nice for him and his new "family" to take a nice vacation together. =)

So there ya go... =) Happy HNT everyone and have a good weekend. =)

Tis the Season

And the rushing begins.... it's my least favorite part of the holidays. I hate rushing. Tonight we've got dinner and gifts with my moms best friend. She didn't want anything to change about our tradition just because moms not here anymore so hopefully tonight is a joyful time for us all. =) Then tomorrow is "make sure everythings wrapped day". lol Friday is Seans birthday... big 29.... my hunny's getting old.. hehe
We're supposed to go out to Deenas to hang out and exchange ornaments in the afternoon, then move on to my other Grandmas for the evening, so Friday will be stuffed full. Christmas Day we have to go to Grandmas in the morning for breakfast and gifts.. then spend the rest of the day at Seans moms............

Hopefully it all goes smoothly. Nothing ever does though, lol so we'll just wait and see I guess.


Our Concert is moving right along... I'm waiting to hear back from 3 bands now and after they respond then I have everyones dates set up. It looks to be a great show. =) So Jan. 14th come down to Phenoix Hill and join us.... 10 bucks a head... but 21 and up only.


All the puppies have been sold I think. I had brought my Uncle over to my house last night for dinner since Grandma is in that rehab place right now, and when I took him back home, there was a man with Brian checking out the pups. It's great that they've all got homes now, but at the same time, I'm gonna miss playing with em... they are soooo cute. I washed harolds clothes all day yesterday and just stayed in the basement playing with all the dogs. They are so sweet. Gotta give the boy some credit.. he may not give them much attention, but they sure are loveable babies. Mik has been around all his dogs since he got them and theyve never once offered to hurt her or anything, and that really says alot about them in my opinion.


Grandma called me last night, she might be getting out of the nursing home before Christmas. Her insurance is dicking her around so she might not get to stay there much longer. I'd rather have her home though, they aren't doing anything for her that she couldn't do herself at home. She's just been real sick to her stomach lately and they can't figure out why or control it very well..... *shrug*


I've been trying to open myself up so that I can hear from my mom too but so far she hasn't contacted me(that I know of). BUT, yesterday when Mik woke up she told me about this "bright colored angel" that was in her room. She said she flew in and stayed above her bed, then kissed her head and said I love you little angel. And yes it was Mikayla who told me all this. Mom always called her her little angel, so it makes me wonder if it was mom. Maybe she knows that I'm ok and focuses her energies to contacting Mik instead.

I've been teaching Mik lately to journal her dreams. When she wakes up in the mornings, she tells me what she dreamt about that night and I write it down for her. One day years from now, I think it'll be avery interesting thing for her to be able to look back and see what she dreamt about as a child.

I would love to hear from my mom though. You make think I'm crazy but in my lifetime, anytime I've needed my dad, all I have to do is find a quiet place, clear my mind and he'll appear to me. Not necessarily as an image, but I can feel him, I know he's there.. and so far, I haven't felt mom with me. But like I said, maybe she needs tobe with Mik more than me, and I'm ok with that if that's the case. =)


I'm still not sure if I'm supposed to mention this or not so I won't say any names... But I have 2 friends that are pregnant right now... and I just wanted to say Congrats! to them both... One was a little unplanned, but mommas excited none the less now that she's gotten used to the idea. I can't wait for the new little ones to get here though.... nothing better than a newborn. =)

I guess that's about all the updates I've got for now... lol I've been thinking about this "3 wishes HNT" for tomorrow and I can't come up with anything too awful interesting.. lol we'll see come tomorrow I guess. =)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Moms Ashes =(

Went yesterday with Jan and Lindy out to Camp Kysoc. This is where mom had asked me to sprinkle her ashes at. So since yesterday was her birthday, we went and did it. =)
It was really pretty up there.... and Jan and Lindy showed me all around... where their cabins were, where they're campers slept... where they ate, and swam, and played in the lake.... it was just a really nice way to spend an otherwise sad day. =)

We went afterwards over to General Butler State Park and ate lunch over there.. it was really good too. Then came home.

Kinda sucked yesterday morning cause I had to get up around 6 to go get grandma some clothes... They put her in a rehab center for a couple weeks to get her strength back. She called me and was pretty upset that she had to go there, but she wanted me to move over there for a month... Just me.... that just won't work for me.. so I told her it just wasn't possible. She kinda got nasty with me at first about it, like Im the only one responsible for caring for her.... but she later called me and told me she was just upset and never meant to treat me like that.

I went over and seen Brian, Kristy and the dogs tonight too. Sierra was spayed yesterday so no more puppies for them. Kristy said they didn't wanna breed again for a few years, so that should be music to some peoples ears.. lol But they were there cleaning the basement... but it's like I told him.. it's not going to make any difference. No one is going to come over and say Hey this looks really good because I'm not sure those words are in their vocabulary. But it did look great... and theres only 2 puppies left to be sold so it should be back to just his 3 dogs again.

Was supposed to go out last night with Melissa and she prolly hates me. lol I just didn't feel like it.. They didn't get over here to pick me up till almost midnight in the first palce..and I really didn't wanna be out till like 4 or nothing.I'd spent the whole day doing things for my mom and my spirits weren't exactly where they should be to go to the club... So I just stayed home... fell asleep on the couch while Sean and Jeremy hung out toghether.

I think tonight I'm going to start wrapping presents... ugh... thats my least favorite part of Christmas.. lol

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sound like fun?

I'm supposed to go Saturday morning with Jan and Lindy out to the camp my mom worked at as a teen-ager. We are going to spread her ashes.... Saturday is her birthday. I'm not real sure how thats going to affect me.

I thought havingher ashes here at the house woud bother me too but so far it hasn't. Mik hasn't asked about it even thoughit's sitting right on my bookcase. I've went over and over how I'd explain that though so I'm prepared should she ask still.

But we're going to go out and do that, then they are going to show me around the camp and then we're gonna go have lunch somehwere in Madison. Hopefully we can make it intoa semi-nice day. =)

My Grandma had to go to the hospital yesterday too. She has been sick feeling for a couple days now and yesterday she got real, real weak. She was afraid she'd had a stroke so she called an ambulance. Turns out she's dehydrated, but they kept her overnight.. Not sure if they'll keep her again tonight or not yet though.

Sean came home from work yesterday and told me that I'm going out Saturday night.. Lol... Melissa was invited out with some of her friends but she' slike me... She's usually the only non-drinker of the bunch and it's really no fun to sit and be sober al by yourself so I told her I'd go be sober with her too. lol I just don't see the fun in getting drunk. I'd rather get baked off a nice fat doob instead.. hehe I can get high and drive myself home and still have the ability to turn down guys hitting on me. =)

It's been a long time though since I got to go out and shake my ass and after the day I'm gonna have Saturday, I may just have to get me a shot... We'll see I guess. So I'm kinda excited about it. I just hope we don't go to 4th street. I hate it down there.... it's the biggest waste of money this citys ever done in my opinion.

What has happened to my commentors btw? I see you o n my stat counter... lol

Mwah! and sorry for no HNT today.... I ran outta time yesterday to get any new pics taken. =)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Should i cry?

I've had a weird couple of days. I've got all these emotions going on.. and a bunch of things I want to talk about.

I'm not a religious person by any means. I believe in God, I believe there is a supreme being over my life. I believe there are angels and ghosts and bad and good... I believe a lot of things. Problem is.. they don't all tie together to form one cute little "religion". So I don't go to church. And this probably drops me a level in some peoples eyes. *shrug*

Someone made a comment to me today. "God doesn't like people that bash their family" This upset me. My reply to this was simply... "Not being able to get along with my family isn't going to pave my way to hell" And it's not. There could possibly be a few stepping stones I've thrown onto that path in my lifetime, but the way I feel in this subject is hardly one of them. Am I wrong in this?

The next thing on my list is that I've recently been back in touch with a past friend of ours. We'd had a "falling out" and wasn't really speaking much anymore. Things have been ironed out though and I'm really glad for that. Didn't really realize I'd missed em so much.. lol So yay for that.

Went and put up grandmas christmas tree today and it's the most pitiful thing.. lol The majority of the tree looks great, but the top was broken and now it's kinda short and well... pitiful looking.. lol So I fluff it and whatever to make it look the best I could.. go to get the lights...... NO lights... lol so now I gotta go tomorrow after her doctors appt. and get some lights so we can finish up the tree. =)

Realized today that when things happen, I have no one I can call at anytime and have them agree with me and talk. =( I miss my momma. It's kinda been bugging me the past few days. I'm alright though, minus this shakey shit.. I don't know why but anytime I get upset, my whole body shakes.... makes it hard to type.

Someone said to me today "Robyn, Sean and you are angels. You were put on this earth to help people. Because of this gift, pain comes your way more than most but you're capable of getting through it."

I think they are right. I've never thought of it that way before, but it makes sense. Sean and me have been together for 6 years now. In that 6 years.. I can count at least 5 people we've "taken under our wing" and supported and helped to fix their lives....(well we *tried* to help a few of em... they just weren't motivated enough). I've never looked at our friendships with them like that but they were. Mary and Richard.... Mary lived with us for I don't even remember how long while he was in jail for beating the crap outta her.... and she stayed with him and we helped her get by till he go tout. Steve.... oh steve steve... lol I don't even wanna get into steve. We've had many roomates..... I could go on and on... lol but you get the point. I've always been the one that makes friends with the ones everyone turns away... I'm the one that rbings a less fortunate friend to christmas dinner... thats me.

Anyway.... I've blabbed enough about all that.... theres just one last thing I'd like to point out before I go...

There is a feature on my blog called "anonymous comments" (yep I prolly spelled that wrong) Anyway... all yougotta do is click to make a comment at the end of the post... type your comment in the box and check the circle for anon. comments. Submit and viola... you'r opinions are right out there and no one knows who it was. =)

There are so many of you out there that I truley love. You are my friends, and I haven't been on here much lately so I've missed a lot of conversations, but I do think of you and I'll be back once everythings in order. =)

I also have details on our benefit concert to update about tomorrow. It's coming along so much better that I could have ever imagined. It's going to have to be a 2 night thing to accomodate all the bands that want to help. Yay!

Monday, December 11, 2006

I miss my Momma.

Friday, December 08, 2006


Well, so far our efforts to arrange this concert are going WAY better than we could ever imagine. Makes me feel all special and shit to get online and have like 30 emails and my mojo account is stuffed... it's great. =) We've gotten 9 bands so far that have commited to it. 9!!!!! We have local artists donating their work to be auctioned off... We've got new Tattoo parlors offering gift certificates to be raffled.... just all kinds of thing. One of our local artists is going to design a poster we can put up around town to advertise the show and everything..
It's really heartwarming to see so much help from people for someone they've never even met. =)


In other news...... It's day 3 of the Mikayla go clean your room project... lol It's a slow process but it's coming along. =)

We went last night and got our Christmas Shopping totally finished... Yay for no more shopping! lol My kid is so spoiled.. I just can't help it though.. I was walking through wal-mart and being good about notpicking up everythng Ipassed but once we started getting her things it was so hard to stop... lol She's gonna have a great christmas.


The past few days have made me miss my mommy though. =( The day I found out about my friend.. the first thing I wanted to do was call mom and tell her. And every time I get an encouraging email from a band I wanna call her and be like Guess what mom? We got another one.... But i can't. =(

I've done great with dealing with this I think, but every now and then something will hit me and I'll tear up and have to stop and breathe for a few minutes, then I'm ok again. I wonder how Christmas Morning is gonna be without her phone call first thing?

Ho hum....

Anyway..... At least God graced me with friends. And because of my friends, I'm able to help another friend. Thats something to be thankful for right?

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Need a favor HNT

I have something I want to post about but I'm not sure how to go about saying it right.

I have a friend who is very sick. I can't say which friend because I'm not really even supposed to know about it. Their best friend and I have been working together today to coordinate a benefit concert showcasing some of our local bands. We hope to raise enough money to be able to get our friend the surgery that can save them.
If you can find it in your heart to help us out, email me or leave a comment and I'll email you and I'll tell you more about it. I just don't wnt to say too much on here because I don't want the wrong people stumbling upon it.
Seannrobyn@gmail.com is my email, or theres a link in my profile. =)

happy HNT... if you al participated, click the button and tell the man. =)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

This is seriously funny shit!!

Even if you don't have time.. you HAVE to watch this video.... it's the funniest thing I've ever seen. LMAO literally.

Funny Cat Speaking

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Monday, December 04, 2006

Been there and back and only got this shirt! And TMI Tuesday

**My TMI Tuseday Post is below all my ramblings... I just figured since I shared tmi anyway.. might as well add the questions on to this one.. lol**

K, I wanna talk about 2 different things. Both of them are about "girly health" so you may or may not be interested... but I'm intrigued. And it may also be a little TMI in a major degree for you all too.. lol but it's my blog and I can say what I wanna!

K, 1st is this new Cervical Cancer vaccene they've supposedly got out now. When I first heard about it, I was all for it.. and I'm not saying I'm against it now, but I believe it's a HUGE case of false advertisement. It's not exactly a vaccene for cervical cancer at all. It's a vaccene for HPV. Now HPV causes cervical cancer in SOME cases, but it's not THE cause for cervical cancer. There are many different causes. And yes it says that it doesn't guard against all forms but... I don't think they should even be able to call it a cervical cancer vaccene.. I think it should be called the HPV vaccene. Because.. now let's review... What's it guard against? HPV...

lol anyway... next subject..

Ever since I started my period as a teen, I've had 3, maybe 4 periods a year. And yes.. that's VERY irregular. I took birth control for years but got off of it 2 years before I got pregnant with Mik. So during the time I took it, I was like clockwork. BUT, since I've had her, I've never gotten back on it, so for the past 4 years I've had 2, maybe 3 a year.

Now guys... if there are any guys left reading by now, you should even know by now that a girl is supposed to have this every single month. 12 times a year. I have 3 if I'm lucky.. lol

And I'm really not interested in being back on the pill, nor am I saying that I mind this situation. But my concern is.. Is something wrong with me? I've had my thyroid checked before for other reasons and all was well there. And I've searched around online for solutions and everything I come up with says that along with the irregularity, you also have facial hair and thick hair and deeper voice and all sort of testosterone related effects and I don't have ANY of those. I have thin blondish brown hair everywhere I have hair.. and I don't really have hair anywhere I shouldn't.. lol So I don't really think it's hormonally induced or whatever. I don't really have mood swimgs that much either (I'm just always a bitch.. hehe)

I do get frequent kidney stones and almost always have aches in my side and back, but I just attribute my kidney problems to that. I've had a child so I've had ultrasound after ultrasound and I've also had ultrasounds on my kidneys, gallbladder, female areas, pancreas and something else.. lol so I'd think if I had a cyst somewhere they'd have noticed by now.

Only thing I can think of is that I'm pre-menopausal. I'm only 27 but it's happened before. But then again, this is aproblem I've had my entire life so unless I started off pre-menopausal then that really can't be it. Plus I managed to reproduce and any kind of problems like that usually make you unable to have kids right? Granted I had ALOT of problems while pregnant... but I carried full term, and had a normal perfect kiddo.

Menopause is defined as "a woman needs to not have had a period for one full year. We have seen many women stop having periods in the fall or around November and think that they are finished menstruating, only to start again in the spring. This may happen for a couple of years, but it usually means that the end is in sight." Thats off some site I seen about all this.

So if Menopause means going 1 full year without a period, then besides when I was pregnant, I've done this twice. Not consecutivly, but still. I've gone a full year two seperate times without one.
So... Lucky me.. I've gone through Menopause.... TWICE. I need a shirt. I've been to menopause, and back and only got this stupid shirt!

Anyway... Now that I've spilled all my lovely little details that I'm sure you were just Oh so interested in knowing...... does anyone have any suggestions as to what else I could ask them to check out. lol

I've just run out of ideas, and I don't have insurance so anytime I go to the doctor, I really have to have one specific thing for themto check.. lol they don't just take the time and run the tests on someone with no insurnace. I need to move to Canada.

So.... I'm really just trying to see if anyone has like their sisters aunts grandma that had some strange unheard of thing that I haven't been able to think of yet.

Hehe.... and now onto the "real" TMI....

1. Ever had your toes sucked on? I'm sure Sean has before but it's not something I get off on
2. Ever had a hickey... sexy or trashy? Why? Eh, I mean sometimes they feel great but to be visible, I think they're tacky
3. Ever stolen from a store? If so, what? Yea... went through a "spree" in my teen age years... but anymore if I do it, it's an accident. lol
4. Ever got a speeding ticket? If so, how many? Just one. I've gotten out of quite a few though.. including going 108 in a 65.. hehe Yay for boobs!
5. Ever faked an orgasm? Yep, used to almost every time with my ex just so he'd get off me.. lol

Bonus (as in optional): What's the trick to being multiorgasmic? Having either a great partner, or a great imagination. =) hehe

Saturday, December 02, 2006

100 things you may not have known

1. I have an almost ridiculous love for animals, specially baby ones. hehe
2. I got a little over half way through school to get my Vet Tech degree
3. I have 2 cats that are my own, and 10 dogs that I take care of daily that aren't mine.
4. Besides a very select few, I don't get along with my family.
5. My father commited suicide.
6. My middle name is spelled wrong on my birth certificate.
7. I think my daughter is left handed.
8. I think my husband has diabetes.
9. One of my cats has a kidney disease.
10.I never drink water.
11.I put salt on almost everything I eat
12.I have terrible credit (hehe)
13.I own 3 vehicles, and can't currently drive any of them.
14.I don't like pizza
15.I try not to eat any red meat
16.I'm very stubborn
17.My mom recently died from cancer
18.I've been engaged twice. Only married once though.
19.I was kicked out of high school, yep they expelled my ass.. lol
20.I have my G.E.D.
21.I've been to college twice, and no degree.
22.I had a car wreck at 16 and knocked out half my teeth.
23. I've had numerous surgeries due to that wreck, including some cosmetic/plastic surgery.
24.I've had 15 kidney stones.
25.Sean and I smoke us a bowl every night before we go to bed.
26.I hate sports.
27.I take care of my grandma daily.
28.I'm a very good cook, so is Sean.
29.My 4 year old daughter is 4 inches shy of 4 feet tall.
30.My parents died 13 years and 13 days apart from each other.
31.I spend way too much time in the internet.
32. I talk to more people online than I do in real life
33. I've been royally screwed over by many people that called themselves my friend.
34. Camping is my favorite thing to do.
35. I ONLY camp in a tent... none of that cabin bullshit.
36.I can read braille
37.I bite my nails.
38. I like rough sex
39.I love burning incense
40. Most people don't understand me
41.I have a sleeping disorder.
42. I'm going to "try" to quit smoking soon.
43.I'm not sure there are 100 things to say about me.. lol
44.Maybe I'll just go to 50. =)
45. I think what people say about me and what people think about me are two seperate things...
46. I hate confortations... but I'm not scared to step up in them either.
47. I tell it like it is.
48. I'm very sensitive to spiritual energies.
49. I have a facsination with ghosts and the supernatural
50. I have had many "unexplainable" experiences.
51. I've had a few near death experiences.
52. I made it past 50!!!
53. I've rekindled many high school (and older) friendships because of the internet.
54. My longest running friend has known me since birth
55. The majority of my other friends have been around damned near 20 years now.
56. I've managed to lose weight without trying
57. I've had the Osshirt.... hehe (yea I'm stretching for facts now lol)
58. Been doing HNT for over a year.
59. Sean has semi nudey shots of me framed on the wall in our bedroom.
60. I don't care what people think of me.
61. I have a deep dark secret.
62. I haven't had a "real" job in over a year.
63. My husband fully supports our little family.
64. He gets rewarded though.. hehe
65. I think I'm done now... lol
66. I was born and grew up in Louisville, Ky.
67. I've lived in Tennessee and Arkansas as well.

I made it more than half way there at least.... 100 things is hard to think of, I've been working on this for days now... lol

Oh well... you got 68 Robyn facts. =) I'll update as I can think of more.. lol

Busy Busy

Seans sister had Mik all day yesterday. She's really good to hang out with her when she's off work, and I love it. She's really the only "non-scheduled" break I ever get. Her and Linda are literally the only 2 people I have to ask when I ned someone to keep Mik.. wether it be a few hours or overnight or whatever... I soooo wish I had a few more options...
Not because she doesn't have fun at Lindas.. cause she absolutly LOVES to hang out with Nana and Shannon, but because I don't think it's very fair to always have to ask them, and they both are SO busy that it's not feasable more than half the time.

We don't do non-Mik things very often though. But yesterday Shannon called and said she was off work, could she get Mik and hang out with her all day.. so i said sure.... We had already asked her if she'd mind to come tonight and put her to bed so we could go hang out with some friends. So anyway... she ended up just keeping her at her house so we went out to some friends of ours to hang out. It was supposed to become a Bunco game but not enough showed up, so it turned into pass the trash instead. =)

They have the best dogs too... and I had my camera so I had to get a couple pics of em... they are so sweet. Both are PitBulls... ones a coupel years old, one's in her senior years and they are both so well behaved.. and beautiful. The lighter colored one is Sasha, they found her on the side of the expressway.. someone had abandoned her and they were worried about her being unfriendly or not so bright, lol but she's neither. She's got this licking fetish, hehe but that's not a big deal.. The other one is Zoe, and she's just gentle and friendly and wants love all the time. I love good dogs. =)


Trying to figure out something to do today. I wanna go shopping, but we've got Mik so we can't really get anything for her, and she's the main one I have left to shop for. lol I don't think Sean wants to do much of anything... theres a frikkin UofL football game on today... blah! I hate watching sports, I just can't even force myself to get into them. I've tried to learn to like them. Hell, in high school, I was a cheerleader, and I didn't even like sports then either. I can fake almost anything (hehe) but I can't fake an interest in sports. Sad huh?


I was told to do that 100 little known things about me thing, and I've been working on it.. so sooner or later I'll get that up here too.. lol I just can't come up with 100 things I haven't already spilled about myself.


Here's a couple more of Mik and Santa too. =) I forgot to put these up here.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. =)

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