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Monday, October 17, 2005

Busy Busy Busy

Lots to talk about, where should I start? Hmm, ok, We took Billy out Friday night to Trixies.... his first strip club experience. Lol, it went great. We were all gonna chip in and buy him a dance and we asked one of the girls which dance we should buy him and she told us to definitly send him to the dungeon. So we did, hehe. They took Josh's belt, sneaked up behind Billy and put it around his neck like a leash, made him get on his knees and led him around the club for a bit. Then took him to the dungeon, and strapped him ankles and wrists to the wall. She pulled his pants down, RIPPED off his boxers and proceeded to spank him. It was great! lol...... He still has welps as of today (Monday). But after that we felt bad for him so we bought him a 2 for 1 dance and he loved it, in fact he loved it so much, he got the girls number and went out with her last night. Go Billy, Go Billy. hehe
Had Shannon's baby shower and it went Fab. She got all kinds of stuff and everyone that was here won one of the games so it worked out perfect. We had all kinds of fun, everyone was in a great mood.
Went yesterday and got our halloween costumes, Mik is Harmony CareBear, and her costume is just too damned adorable. I'm a jaguar and Seans a dead guy, hehe but he's really scary. We took her to the Zoo last night for trick-or-treating, and it went good too, better than last year. We didn't hit any traffic and they gave more candy this year than last too. We also bought the coffin to finish up our graveyard with last night. Our yard is so pimpin. =)
Some lady from Office Team just called me and set up an interview with me on Wednesday, so maybe that'll come through just for a little while, I went today too and put in an application with a temp service that just does like typing and such, so maybe that'll come through too cause of now, Labor Ready hasn't given me any work yet and I need a little cash.
Well, I'm in the process of making homeade chicken noodle soup and I better go check on it so it doesn't burn or stick or boil over or whatever it does when left unsupervised. hehe
Ta-Ta all.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Not the best way to spend an evening.

Well Holy Crap! The past 4 tests I've taken for school, I've gotten 100% on. I'm just that good I guess hehe. It's nice though to log on to my homepage or whatever and see grade history 100 100 100 100 lol yea go me go me! =)

Taking Billy out tonight for his 18th birthday, should be fun. hehe We're gonna buy him a lap dance for his birthday, what better present could an 18 year old boy get right? I'm sure he'll agree. Then Shannon and Adam will get in tonight around 4 a.m. and tomorrow I'm throwing her a baby shower, and those are always fun. =)

Don't really have anything interesting to report today, besides my kid yakked all over me last night. Great huh? lol I guess dinner didn't agree with her or something cause she was fine this morning and slept fine the rest of the night, but man was it gross. She started crying so I went back to see what was wrong and she wouldn't stop so I was sitting on her bed holding her and kinda rocking her so she'd relax some and she just threw up all over me. Nice. But it's a part of mommyhood I guess. Manda and Mark were here and Manda was like "Yea I'm gonna let Mark handle that part of it when we have kids" lol but you learn to deal with it. I'm not saying you get used to it cause I don't think I'll ever get used to be thrown up on, but it wasn't the first time it happened, and I'm sure it won't be the last. But when it's your kiddo and you know that they feel bad you just let it go and deal with it cause you're main focus is making sure she feels better. Still kinda gross though, lol.

Andy's done with his shower now though, so I'm gonna get off here before he comes back in his room. =)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

90 f-ing days?

I feel so lost in the online world right now. At work was when I used to do all my onlining, like blogging and email and the such, but now that I'm not there anymore I harldy ever get any puter time. =( Oh well. Andy just hopped in the shower so I figured I'd gaffle me some "quality time" with the old machine here. so let's see.... what all has happened since my last blogging? As you've prolly read on Mandas blog, we all went out Saturday night to a haunted house, and it was pimpin... much much better than the last one we went too. Prolly still go to one more though, hehe we're freaks.
Um, I started my new job yesterday, and it sucked.. Well, the job didn't suck but the "you have to go through a 90 day probation before you receive full time pay" sucked, so fuckith that I think. I own't even live here another 90 days. So I think I'm gonna quit and me and Andy are gonna go to Labor Ready once or twice a week till we move to make some cash.... and it's untaxed cash so that's always nice. It's manual labor but whatever, I can hack it, hehe.
Mik wouldn't go to sleep last night, kept telling me her neck hurt, so I took that to mean her throat, and I think her belly was cramping up on her too, poor baby. I finally coaxed her to sleep around 10 with the help of Benadryl.... druggin the kid.... no really, she didn't feel good and she had to get some rest. This morning though she seemed a little better, and didn't have a fever so I took her to day-care cause she wouldn't hush about wanting to go, hopefully they don't call in an hour saying your daughter is sick, come get her.
Going out to dinner with Seans family tonight, Billy turned 18 today, oh god. We're taking him to the titty bars Friday night, hehe should be fun. Devirginizing the new adult hehe (and his friend Corey of course). Saturday is my cousins baby shower that I'm throwing her, and they are staying the weekend with me, so that's always fun. Get to rub da belly all weekend hehe.
Well, I guess that's about it, not really much to talk about when you sat at home all week not working hehe. It's great though, much, much, needed break. So ta-ta all. I'll try my best to keep up with all the blogs and such. =)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

In memory

Well, I got home from work yesterday and was making dinner when my Grandma called. She told me Mike just died. Now, this is my grandma on my dads side, and she and Mike weren't technically married, but they lived together for like 14 years, and I think it's actually a law in Ky. that if you live togetehr for 12 years, you're considered married already. But anyway, I'm not real sad over this or anything cause Mike was like 87 years old. We knew he had congestives heart failure, and he also recently found out he had lung cancer... on top of already having emphsema. His doctors told him back in August that he had about 2 months left. So we had warning of this, and to me, if I live to be 80 something years old, I'll be thankful to have made it that long. Don't get me wrong, it's sad and all. This was the only man I've ever known as a Grandpa. He's often told me that I treat him much better than any of his "real" grandkids do, I thought he was awesome. He did kinda start to lose it a little but you could still talk the old Mike out of him when you seen him, so I'll really miss him.
But anyway, when the doctors told him he had only 2 months left, I had asked Dan about grievence pay or whatever and he told me that you get 3 days paid. So I called Shirley at home and asked her if it still applied to me since I only have 3 days left, and she said it did. So I went this morning after I took Mik to daycare and cleared off my desk. Was kinda weird, I expected to work all day my last day, instead my last day turned into yesterday. I'll go back Friday though to pick up my check, and then next Friday I'll have another check to get too so I'll see them all again.
That's about it for today I guess. I still have one other thing to do online and better hurry before Andy starts to twitch. ;)

Monday, October 03, 2005

First of october....

Man, had a busy weekend. Friday night we went to Moe's with manda and Mark. They were nice enough to buy us dinner with their gift certificates from Amanda being a sexi bitch hehe. Thanx guys! =) Twas nummy. Saturday we went on the My Old Kentucky Home dinner train with Grandma, Harold, Mom, and the old fucker. =) And I say old fucker with utmost respect of course, and he lived up to his name of course by being a grumpy asshole the whole time. The train ride was really neat though, and the dinner was awesome. After we left that and got everyone home or whatever, we met at Deenas so I coul play with Igy, their new iguana. He is just too cute, and really calm, he just sat on ym finger the whole time we were there. Then we all went out the the Morgue on Baxter. It was pretty cool for a haunted house, but I think waiting in line was neater than the actual house was, lol that's bad huh? Some of the actors from Actors theatre were dancing to Thriller in the field by the line, and they were pimpin..... it was neat. After we left the Morgue we all didn't wanna go home yet so we went ver to Jillians and had drinks..... I actually got kinda tipsy which I NEVER do, it was fun though. Went home around 2, smoked a doob with the muffin and Andy and watched Man of the House. That's a really funny movie btw, in case you haven't seen it yet. Finally got to bed around 5 lol. Woke up Sunday morning around 9 and took Roxy to the vet. I had to ride with her in the bed of the truck, was kinda interesting. They just gave me some antibiotic ointment stuff to put on her ear, and some pill antibiotics that I have to give her 6 of each day.... 6!!! They also gave her a shot of steriods (like she really needs that lol) And I went ahead and bought her a 6 month supply of her flea meds too, so she should be good to go for awhile. =) We also went ahead yesterday and decorated our yard, hehe. It looks way too cool. We did our graveyard again of course but this time Sean made a path so the kids will have to actually walk thru the graveyard to come get our candy hehe.
Well, thats my weekend.... How was everyone elses?

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