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Saturday, September 10, 2011

jus checkin in

Hanging out at a friends house tonight. Been over here most the day hanging out too... has been nice to have some free time. I cleaned the hell out of our room at gmas today too.. and in the past week have probably done about 15 loads of laundry.. lol and still aren't done with our laundry yet.. I've been washing and sorting thru all our winter shit, gonna be needing it soon I think. Today was the only warm day this week, and it's rained all week long too.

Needed the rain though.. I bet it's rained as much in the past 4 days as it has all summer long. Has been HOT and DRY. I like hot normally but it's even been a bit much for me, and that says alot.. lol

Don't have much to report really, just wanted to check in and post a lil something. Hope all is well with everyone reading.



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