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Thursday, October 14, 2010

congrats to my manda

Been an interesting few days.... Manda had her baby... =) Kailyn Faith.. she's a cutie.. I haven't gotten out to visit her yet but I will. i'm so happy for them.. they got their perfect one boy one girl family.. =) it's kinda neat to watch the people you grew up with have kids and shit...

Then my friend Nick's mom died =( He's the responsible party for it too and doesn't have the means at all to do anything so if anyone knows any charities or financial assistance offered for funeral services please let me know.

Found out a guy I used to be friends with is pretty sick and in the hospital waiting to have surgery... they found blood clots and all kinds of shit, he's my age... dont talk to him anymore but i still hope the best for him.... (i didnt mention your name if you happen to read this)

There was an ending to this post but i saved it as draft and deleted it on this copy... it was about my evening last night and how i'm done dealing with lies and drunks.... and as i saved it as draft it occured to me how many posts i draft instead of publish just because i dont know for sure if i really want anyone to read it or not..... or if i dont want certain people to read them..... kinda sucks... cause if i write it at home chances are someone will eventually find it and read it... lol so no thought i have is ever totally safe...... sigh.....


At 1:18 PM, Blogger MarkyDsMom said...

sooo it's been like 11 weeks since you have posted anything on here... what up!?


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