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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Balloon Glow and Mt. Sterling

K, theres a lot of pics on this slideshow so I'm gonna try and explain them in order lol.

The first two are from the Margarita Party we had a couple days ago for mom. After they take most her liver, she isn't going to be able to drink for a very long time, not that she's a drinker or anyhing but she likes one every now and then.. Anywa.. we "celebrated her liver" one night with margaritas and sour appletinis, which is what Mik is enjoying in the virgin variety.. she felt so big with her drink too. lol

The third pic is an example of the nasty rottenness that goes onin my household. My cats love to sit in the bathroom while I take a bath at night and someone was on the toilet seat so Zoe got in the sink instead. lol

The next 11 are from the Balloon Glow Friday night. We go to this every year but this year Mik REALLY liked it. We went up and talked with some of the pilots, we got on tv with John Belski, we got to watch one deflate, it was a lot of fun. There are two pics thrown in the middle of the balloons though that are of some guys pet he had with him. We seen it from far away and kept wondering if it was real, then we got close enough to see it was real and watch it attack someones hat lol. Then I went up and asked him what it was cuase everyone around us was guessing.. I thought it was a small badger or something. He said it was a monkey. He called it something but I guess I heard wrong or something cuz I googled it and found nothing lol. Anyone know what it's called? I'd love to know.

The next 10 are from Mt. Sterling and us dressed up for the funeral. There's one pic of Shannons mean ass rotten cat lol, and a pic of her huskie, Pixie, who is also rotten. =) Then theres Sean with Dani... she's too cute, and both of us all snazzy.. II have a pic of me shaking my butt like sean was too but I dunno why it didn't upload.... hmm I'll have to find it, ya'll know i like to show my azz!

The last 2 are of Mik. I woke up from my nap and she was passed out on the couch next to me... it was too cute.. She hardly ever naps so she must have been real worn out. My beautiful little one.

Sleepy saturday

So today has been a decent day. Got home about 130 and passed the fuck ou tlol. Woke up around 4 and let Sean go to sleep for a bit. It was too cute though, I woke up on the couch and looked over on the other couch and Mik is all mouth open passed out too... She's the cutest thing alive. But she NEVER naps so to see her just fall asleep on her own... you know she must have been worn out.

Can't seem to motivate myself enough to go start dinner and it's damned near 7. Have like 8 people I promised to call when we got home and haven't called any of them... just wanna be lazy today.

I'm gonna get our ballon glow pics on here and get them posted tonight or tomorrow... I didn't get a whole bunch of pics this weekend... didn't feel like messign with taking any at shannons.. Took one or two of Dani of course.. she's just too cute. Only got to see her for about an hour though.

Funeral was nice. Shannon did a great job getting it all arranged. I'm not sure if she said the officiating minister was a cousin or uncle or something to her mom but he was related and I've never been to a funeral before that was more personal that this one was.. it was really touching. He kept talking TO Mary and Shannon and saying memories he had of Ann and everything, it was just really nice. It was so hard to see Shannon and Mary that upset though. I worry more about Mary then I do my cuz though.. I know her, she's a tough cookie... and she's got a g ood support network so I know she'll be alright. =) Lol, Mary didn't recognize Sean cuz of his hair.. lol that was kinda funny.. (he has a mohawk) but he didn't stand it up today lol.

I've smoked about 3 cigs today... had to have one after the funeral... they just get to me. But still 3 compared to my normal intake is a huge improvement... I'll work harder tomorrow when my nerves aren't frazzled. Yea yea I know.. likley excuse right??

My kid flipped me out yesterday too.. We were ridin gin the truck to go to the balloon glow and she grabbed my hand and counted my fingers in spanish.. I know Dora teaches spanish but I didn't know just how much she knew. One of our neighbors is mexican and it's like sh eknows cuz everytime she sees Igardo she always says Hola to him instead of hello.. She's so smart it blows me away sometimes.

I also got one of those survey tag thingys that I'll post in a few days.. Gregg.... stop tagging me!

Friday, April 28, 2006

To a T

Have a good weekend all.... I'm off in a few hours to head to Mt. Sterling to be with my cuz and go to the funeral. I've had 1 cigarette today. Going to the balloon glow this evening... it's part of the Derby Festival happenings going on. Supposed to go next week to see a local band play that we've made friends with but that'll all depend on how much we have to work next week cleaning limos.

Started teaching Mik today about "stranger danger". We practiced yelling "No I won't go with you" and stodd out on the porch and pointed at people that we don't know.

Well, gonna go think about making dinner now..... Luvs to everyone... Have a safe weekend!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

a little shakey

I've been smoking (cigarettes) since I was 11 years old. I was having a slumber party one night and my dad came out and threw a pack of Viceroys at me and said "stop bumming from your friends". Been a true smoker since that day.

I've quit a time or two since then, my longest was during my pregnancy. Lit one up soon as I got home though, been smoking since then too.

Was laying in bed thinking about stuff tonight..... Mom mainly and I have to admit I'm pretty scared. I also keep thinking about Shannon and how she must feel right now, and I don't want to know that feeling. I lost my dad many many years ago and I can't fathom the idea of losing my mom now. I need her, my daughter needs her.

I keep thinking..... I wonder if I'll get cancer? My grandma had breast cancer and has since had skin cancer twice. My mom had uteriun cancer, then it went into her colon and now her liver. Is this my destiny? And if so... how can I change it?

The first thing that pops into my mind is QUIT SMOKING NOW! I'm not even 30 years old.... if I quit now, my body is still young enough to heal itself from all the damage I've done thusfar right? So I'm gonna do it. I got up from bed tonight with this goal in mind. I just put my last cigarette out.

I have a 2 hour car ride ahead of me tomorrow.... if I can accomplish that, I'm homefree! The car is my weakness. I have to smoke while riding. Right now, I'm shaking like a leaf..... not sure why... I think it's all the emotions running thru me. I want to cry I think but I can't. I'm so scared for my mom.

I haven't talked about this with anyone. I have been keeping myself at peace on my own. It's not that I can't talk to anyone cuz I know I can. Last time she had surgery though I tried talking and got shut down so maybe that's still haunting me, I'm not sure. I dunno.... I'll be alright I'm sure.

When I want to smoke, I'm gonna tell myself..... you want to live to see your daughter turn 50. Mik is gonna be my influence in this, she's my angel. I went to check on her earlier and just sat on her bed and hugged her, she had no idea, she was sound asleep but she has no idea what those hugs mean to me. Have I mentioned I'm scared?

I've been contimplating quitting for some time now and I kept saying I wasn't going to tell anyone cuz all those "so how are you doing not smoking?" comments just piss me off after awhile, but I've decided that maybe I need those comments. I need the reminders. I will do this... I've done it before.. Millions have done it... It can be done.

Everyone please pray for me.... Not that I quit smoking cuz thats not between me and god, thats just between me and me... but pray for strength for me. Pray for strength for my mom. Pray for my cousin.


Too much on my mind... sorry

Yea, Yea I know.... I FORGOT all about HNT this week! Bet that makes some happy tee-hee, pass that on. =) With everything between my cousin losing her mom and my mom having her doctors appt. today, my mind was just elsewhere. Oh well, Os is on vacation anyway this week, if he can take a break so can I right?
So Adam called this morning and asked Sean to be a pall bearer and of course he said yes. The funeral is Saturday. =( I did have an in memory post up here but I decided to take it off for now, I'll repost it later.. Just didn't want Shannon siging on and reading it while everything still feels so fresh to her y aknow. I luv you shannon! =)
Moms surgery is May 9th. So scared about it too. I don't let on to her that I'm scared but I am, boy I am. They say the surgery itself runs a 5% chance of death and immediate liver failure. Then theres a 45% chance of pnemonia setting in or heart attack or stroke after the surgery. She'll be in the ICU for at least 10 days afterward, and will be very very weak by the time she comes home. I'll have to make her dinner and stuff like that till she's better.
Still trying to work out babysitters for Memorial Day weekend. Seans mom has already said she couldn't but we're gonna try sweettalking her again, and if all still fails, we'll ask his sister too. See thats the problem.... the ONLY people I can ever ask to babysit are my mom, seans mom and his sister... NOONE else ever will. SUCKS sometimes. And if god forbid my mom shouldn't make it, we'll never have time to ourselves cuz getting Linda to keep her grandchild is almost as bad as pulling teeth... she's just never been a very voluntary person for us ya know. But as of right this second... we can't go camping. I'll fix it though, one way or another, I'm GOING camping damnit! This one trip is all I ever ask for each year and I'll figure out a way.
We went last night to the meeting about cleaning limos for derby. Lol, at first I wasn't supposed to be working but I just went to the meeting and stuck my nose in there lol and far as I know I get to work too now. hehe yea go me! lol IF sean doesn't hear about his job by Monday of next week, we're gonna go drive the ice cream truck a couple days next week too. Gotta make some money.....
I guess thats about all I have for today... sorry I forgot about HNT everyone, I'll make up for it next week. It didn't even dawn on me till I got up this morning. lol

Monday, April 24, 2006

Have you hugged your internet today?

Sean and I went today and put in our app.s to drive an ice cream truck. SOunds pretty fun to me really. The lady said that you make typically between 80 and 120 a day depending on how much you put into it ya know. So I figure for an 8 hour shift, that's 10 bucks an hour.. can't beat that in cash. I also found a phone number in the paper for Derby jobs, like banquets and parking cars and shit like that. I've done that before so I know theres money to be made there, so bring it on. Sean gets to work cleaning limos for cash too so I say we'll be fine on money. =) yay for no worries.

Didn't really do much today, just been lounging around being lazy... thats always nice. I do have to say though that it's awfully nice to have my hunny home these past few weeks. Sucks to have to figure out how we're gonna pay our bills but hey we work that out, lol.

Had a guy on mojo ask me today if we've actually "met" any of the people we talk to online before, and if it worked out. Figured I'd talk for a second about that. Yep, we've met a couple people in person that we've met online. TnA for example.... they are awesome people, and their kids are super cool too. We've done all kinds of things together. Sean met a guy a couple weeks ago and we're supposed to meet him this week sometime, he lives in Vegas but he's only there for school, he's really from Louisville and he's coming in for a derby visit so we get to meet him then. I've made plans to meet another couple from mojo but their little girl got sick so we had to cancel, we'll get togehter at some point though I'm sure. I met a girl that lives just up the street from us online, and met her in person one day too, she's a cool chic as well. Lol, we've made plans to go camping with like 4 different couples too, we'll see if those ever actually happen though. But to answer... yep I think it's all worked out really well. I wouldn't trade the people I've met for anything. You can never have too many friends. =)

I love the internet... so many possibilities.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Can't knock it till you try it right?

K, I tried it. lol

I turned off my word verification a few weeks ago, but since then I've been spammed 5 times. =( It drives me nuts so I think I'm gonna have to turn it back on. Sorry all... I'll give it a few more days I guess.

Thunder Over Louisville

Well, my kid is a weeny... hehe She's scared of the fireworks and the loud noises, so my mom kept her and Dani while we all went downtown for a bit. THANK GOD we live close enough to walk. Deena called on their way home and said she was by my house and they were gonna stop by.. well 15 minutes later she called to say they had barely moved and they didn't wanna get out of the line of traffic, so they were just going home. lol We made it down there in 20 minutes, and back home in 20 minutes. Was in my sleepy pants ready for bed while everyone was still fighting their way home.
So anyway... Shannon and Adam, Billy, Christina and Corey, Me and Sean and Terry and Amy was our group. We all hung out at grandmas most the day and grilled out a pimp ass dinner. Then we walked mom and Larry home so they could keep the kids and we all headed out... after a few "preperations" of course lol. This year was my favorite by far. We could see a lot of the air show from g-mas too. The fireworks are so pretty though... and I love to be able to feel them when they go off.
Anyway, nobody got in a fight, nobody got drunk, everyone had a great time.. All in all, it was an awesome night. =)

Saturday, April 22, 2006

too loud! Posted by Picasa

sleepin puppies.... these are theonly 3 left Posted by Picasa

This is where I can feel it the most. =) Posted by Picasa

Friday, April 21, 2006

Child pornography

K, not sure how many of you actually go through and read the comments people leave but I've gotten an interesting comment today. It was from a "friend" of mine and he was saying that he thought it was wrong of me to post my HNT pics and then the next day post pics of my daughter. I'm not sure I understand what's wrong with this but I wanted to address it anyway. If it's a matter of wht if my kid seen em, then my response to that is My daughter is 3... I take a bath with her, what's it matter if she seen a pic of my boobies when it's ok for her to sit in the tub with me and see them in all their glory.. and oh yea they have glory! If it's a matter of "taste" then I think my pictures are very tasteful. Sean usually takes all of them and he has a very artistic eye and he trys to portray that thru my pics. Now, I only have this 1 blog.... thats it, just one... and one is all I'm interested in having. I'm a member of myspace, louisvillemojo, friendster and a couple others, including blogger and they all have blogs you can do there too but I don't want to. I like having one... it keeps me from being confused and repeating myself and it saves me time. I do ALOT of things online and don't want to try and keep up 2 or more seperate blogs. If this bothers anyone else, please let me know.. If I know it's a matter that more than just this one person has a problem with then I might consider doing a seperate hnt blog but if it's just one person then sorry I'm gonna keep it this way. I'd rather keep it this way actually. They are just friggin pictures people! It's not like I prance around my house or anything in my lingerie in front of my kid. I've seen blogs where people do both on one and there are no problems with it. Anyway... it just kinda got to me today.... thought I'd BLOG about it! But as of right now.. it's staying the same! I don't wanna lose visitors or anything like that so if anyone is just uber offended than by all means.. let me know. And if you thought I was being harsh or anything then I didn't mean to come off that way... hell if anything I was joking about it. Fuck........ I wish so many people weren't so uptight sometimes.... laugh a bit people!

This was said comment

"Robyn, this is Anthony. I am using Amandas name to make a comment b/c
I am not joining the blogging community, sorry. I just wanted to let
you know that you do not want me to post comments b/c you will not like
what I have to say about you or your blog. I know you are a comment
"whore" but this is the only comment you're going to get from me. I
just don't agree with what you do and the manner you do it, I mean, one
post is HNT and the very next is your kid in her underwear painting
Easter eggs. C'mon, at least show a little class and have a family blog
and a HNT blog. Just my opinion. I really only stop by the blog every
once in awhile but it is like a car wreck, you don't want to look at it
but for some reason you just do."

K, I just keep adding and adding to ths post.. lol I think I'm done with it and then I come up with something else to say. Let me make a few things clear so theres no confusion... I'm not starved for attention... I guess some would say I am, but I'm not... I get plenty of attention... and I don't try to make anyone jealous of me... I'm happy with me, and plenty of other people are happy with me.

Actually you know what.... fuck all this.. I'm not explaining myself any further.... I keep feeling like I have to somehow convince myself that I'm not doing anything wrong but why am I doing this? Because Anthony had something to say about it? And no doubt theres an email or two running around about me now... thats just how things go. I guess the short and skinny of it is this. This is my blog... yep I cuss a lot, yep I post pics ofmy family, yep I do HNT, yep I like comments, yep some people don't like it, yep I'm a little pissed about it, but whatever......... I'm sure the whole "this is gonna stir up some shit" comments have also been said but thats prolly half the reason it was said in the first place.. it's like things go good for so long and then drama has to get started just to break the monatany (sp?).

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Front, Back (no side to side tho) HNT!!!

Ok, for some reason I can't get the post below this one to move up above this one so just make sure everyone reads the one below this too. =)


Ok, above are initials. If there is one up there that your name starts with, then chances are.. I'm talking about you. I know ALL kinds of people that say "hey I read your blog all the time" Yet they never leave me a comment. So I'm gonna call you out, hehe. It's easy to make a blogger user name and you don't have to actually blog, you just need the name to be able to post comments. C'mon people.... I'm a comment whore.... I just like to know that you've been here. If you can't think of anything clever to say just say hey I was here. =) Don't make me get postal up in this byotch! I just like to know my followers, hehe.... you know you love me right? you do love me right? *sniff sniff*

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Well we found our Roxy-Roo a home. Not sure if I should be happy or sad about it though. I'm both I guess. I'mhappy that she'll have a good yard with good people and lots of kids to play with but at the same time I'm sad cause she's my dog..... I don't want to get rid of her. I just can't stand to go over there and see her chained up like she is... breaks my heart. So after dinner tonight, we're gonna go get her and take her on our last walk together. It's gonna be hard to explain to Mik.

Sean gets to apply for the job with Terry that he was gonna apply for before. The guy that took that position goes back to his regular job around the first so they'll be filling it again.... hopefully Sean gets it, that way he can just tell the other Terry to go to hell. I'm sure it'll feel good to say that to him. =) I just hope he gets something soon so we don't have to worry about anything. Gonna HOPEFULLY get to clean limos with Mark and make some moula Derby weekend... Would be most pimpin if we could do that... that would help trememdously! TREMENDOUSLY!

Not much to update everyone on today... just been running around for everyone as usual lol. HNT tommorrow! lol

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


So yesterday, I called Seans (ex) boss Terry to find out just when it was that he plans to pay Sean for the last week of work he did. It's been 2 weeks now and it'd be awesome if they'd pay him. So Terry answered and told me that he has just been real busy and all and that he'd call sometime last night when he got home. Yea so he didn't call. But anyway... I asked him while I had him on the phone " So, did you just take it upson yourself to fire Sean and not let Sean in on it?" And he told me that he dind't fire him, and that he could use him this week. Um, ok buddy...... so he's not fired and you think you're gonna just use him when you feel like you need someone extra... yea we can afford to just sit around and wait on your stupid ass. Shit drives me crazy!

Went yesterday and babysat a friend of my cousins little girl for the day. Mik had a blast playing with her and all their toys and stuff all day, and both kids were really good too. =)

Mark and Manda came over last night and we did dinner.... it was nice to see them again.. haven't seen them in awhile.

I got a couple little side jobs lined up this week too so I'll be able to make a little cash this week, so thats always good. lol hard to live off no income lolol

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Saturdays Easter Egg Hunt and Parade. =)

Happy Easter!

I Loved this picture I took today!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Look at that face.... His name is Teek, him an dhis sister don't get along so he stays by himself mostly. He enjoys dining on only the finest foilage and interacts through the gladd at birthday parties. Cool guy! =) Look at that smile. Posted by Picasa

After 4 hours at the zoo in the sun, it's hard to smile *too* big lol. What a fun day for everyone! Posted by Picasa

This is Mik (blue) and Sierra (pink) They are only a wek apart in age.... look how big my kid is.. lol she was standing next to Morgan today and Morgans 5 and they only lacked maybe half an inch of being the same height. Posted by Picasa

Not really a great pic of any of em, but it's theonly one that I got where all 5 of them were visible lol. K, top left is my princess, the middle one is Oliva.. I'm gonna watch her Monday so she came to the zoo with us today so we could get aqquainted, next to her is Sierra, she's my cousin Renaes youngest.. she's a week younger then Mik. The one in the pink shirt is my cousin Lee's oldest daughter Ali, she just turned 11. Yellow shirt is Morgan, she's Renaes oldest. =) Posted by Picasa

Pie and Lemonade anyone? Posted by Picasa

This one almost makes me sad. Posted by Picasa

Look! This giraffe is sticking it's tongue out.. isn't that cool? He just kept doing it and the goofy way digis flash made it real hard to catch.. I actually didn't think I got it until I go thome and looked at my pics on the computer screen. =) Posted by Picasa

Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Easter Egg Project

Had to do this one in 2 parts so I could fit all the pics in without taking up half the page. =) So tonight, we dyed Easter Eggs. As you can see, it got messy. That's half the fun though right? lol We ended up doing 4 dozen of them.. Yea yea I know... 4 dozen. lol We'll eat quite a few of them ourselves but we also distribue them amongst family members too. =)
The one pic of my kid and my hubby in the window wasn't egg-related but I thought it was cute. When I got home from the store this afternoon both of em hollered at me from the window and pressed their faces against it.. it was adorable. lol had to share it. =) Hope Everyone has a great Easter!

The Easter Egg Project- Part 2

Birds Eye View HNT!

Honey helped me take these this week, although it does kinda look like I took them myself. Interesting shot I think. =) It's 3 seperate pics though, not just one turned different colors. =)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Couldn't sleep last night and when I got up, I looked out the window and there were 3 cops outside seraching one of my neighbors cars.. Seen them pull out a baggie of something and give him a citation. Sucks to be that guy. lol I seen him today though go out to his car and pull another baggie out from his wheel well so I guess he knew they were coming and stashed most of it or something. People are nuts!

I think I may have found Roxy a home. =) The landlord here, his brother has a farm with a lot of acreage and he's got kids around Mik's age, and he wants her. I'm so happy that she'll be going somewhere with a lot of room. She's really a great dog and this hurts me so bad to do but I just can't stand to go over to grandmas and see her tied to the leg of the desk in the basement or tied to the tree outside with no room to run and play like she used to. Ho-hum.

Gotta take harold to do his taxes here in a bit, then gotta go to the bank and store for Grandma too so I've got my day all planned ou tlol. Might be going to the zoo with Nae and her kids tomorrow or Friday, so that ought to be fun for Mik (and me hehe).

My cousin Denielle was supposed to be coming into town this month with her 3 kids, but last week she emailed us all and told us that her oldest girl had pneumonia and they had to put her in the hospital and that we'd just have to wait and see how she was doing. Well, I got an email from her last night saying poor Kaelyn became so annemic that they had to give her a blood transfusion and want to keep her an additional week for observation so they had to call off their trip. Breaks my heart... she's 5 or 6 years old I think and they just shouldn't be this sick at that age. I hate to see little ones that sick... so sad... so everyone think about her. =)

Not sure what's going on this weekend with us yet. I know we're supposed to hang out with TnAnAnNnB (lol thats awesome) anyway.... saturday I think we're gonna meet up and do something, and Sunday I'm making Easter Dinner at my grandmas house for my family, well the ones I like anyway hehe. Mik is GOING to make it to the big easter egg hunt this year too... every year before thisone we've made it down there too late and missed it but not this year damnit! She's gonna get to hunt eggs this year! =)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

U Hiring?

Well, I think Sean lost his job. Last week his boss was out of town for Spring Break, and Richard was left in charge. Well, they had 2 jobs they had to get done by that Wed. so when it started raining Monday, Richard decided to call it a day at like noon or a little before. Well Tuesday rolls around and richard tells Sean, we've gotta work till at least midnigh ttonight, and Sean told him he couldn't work that late. So Richard got all mad and said sometimes we have long hours and blah blah but to me.... you should have put in a full day Monday, and a full day tuesday and you'd have finished that job by Wed. NOT go home monday cause it rained a little when you were working inside in the first damned palce... since when does rain interfere with you inside? Sooooo....... Sean didn't hear from Richard anymore last week, and then this week get shere and he hasn't even heard from Terry, his boss. No, hey buddy I'm home let's work or anything. Sean tried to get ahold of him yesterday and just kept getting his voicemail, and today Terry answered at like 9, said let me call you back and still hasn't called back and it's after 1 now... so what would you think? Yea me too.
His friend Terry thought he could get Sean on where he works but that didn't work out either... oh well.. never fear. We always figure things out.. not the first time we've been in a tight spot, won't be the last Im sure. *shrug*
The lady from the demonstrator place called me today, said I should have some work by this weekend, so thats good. That'll help a little... hell I'll go drive an ice cream truck a day or two to make some cash... I've known people who did this for years and loved it so why not right? Plus, Seans gotten a couple "business opportunitys" from a friend of his so that will bring in some cash I'm sure... and Derby's rolling around here and theres a lot of money to be made doing derby jobs too so we'll be all good. Always are. =)

On a side note.... Congrats to Josh and Deena.... accordig to Mandas blog, they bought their house and are closing on it the 20th. Yay for them. I'm just not ready to buy a house yet I guess.. lol guess half my problem is that I don't wanna live in this shithole city my whole life, once I figure out where I wanna root myself, then I'll work on buying a house.. till then it's a renters life for me. =) But I am happy for them....and Deena is back in Fairdale again... hehe take the girl from fairdale but you can never take fairdale from the girl huh? lololol

Monday, April 10, 2006

Yay for camping!

Well, after we waited out the rain, we decided to just go to Otter Creek for the night. So Seanand Me, Billy and Christina, Terry and Amy, and Andrew and Nathan all went camping Saturday night. Between football, teaching the boys how to roast a weeny over the fire, and the airsoft guns... we had a lot of fun. It was a little chilly, think maybe a little too chilly for some of the people with us, but we all made it lol. I was pretty warm in my tent though, but I had on 3 layers of clothes underneath my blanky and sleeping bag. hehe and Yep I said blanky fuckers! lol
Terry, Amy and the boys hopped out of there first thing Sunday morning, I almost didn't get outta bed before thye left lol. But the rest of us stayed the day. Packed up our site and went exploring. Went up and doen the two trails Otter Creek has to offer lol and then went down to the river for lunch.. Hung out for a bit and came home. But all in all it was a lot of fun... I love camping though, so it's always fun for me.

Grandma came home Friday.... and she's pretty pissed at Brian... he's just trashed her house while she was gone... duno what's gonna happen with that just yet. She seems to be getting around pretty well though, I'm so happy she's home though!

I put up a classified Ad friday for Roxy too. We've decided that we need to find her a new home, so Manda ask Anthony if he knows anyone who would want her too for me. We really hate to get rid of her but I don't see any other options we have. I love that Brian offered to keep her but she has the same kind of life his dogs have and thats just not good enough for me. I want her to have ayard and kids or something to play with... not stay chained to a pole ina basement every day all day ya know... oh well.... add it to things that suck for Robyn I guess. lol

Anyway, that was my weekend.... How was everyone elses?

Yea, thats the fire Robyn built! Who's the man??? Posted by Picasa

Terry trying real hard to "be smarter than the tent" lol Posted by Picasa

My sexi bitch hubby and his sexi bitch brother in their digis.... lol any chance they get to run around the woods and shoot at each other..... ohh gaawwdd.. lol Don't think Terry and the boys weren't in on this either.... Just ask my leg!!! Posted by Picasa

Amy and Andrew =) Posted by Picasa

lol, it's like that old timey pic where the old guy is holding the pitchfork hehe Posted by Picasa

waterfall Posted by Picasa

Awww, Billy and Christina on a hike by the cave Posted by Picasa

me and my luv Posted by Picasa

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