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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hurrican Ike beats the shit out of Louisville

Last Sunday My little city, Louisville Ky. got hit by Hurricane Ike. How strange does that sound? We are like 3 states away from the nearest shoreline... lol and yet it hit us harder than any of the other cities it traveled through. Really strange... I was off work that day thankfully... I wake up and I thought it was raining outside, so I went back to sleep.... wake up a little bit later and it sounds the same, so I went on the porch... and the wind... OMG..... the trees were like bending in half... I didn't get ANY pictures of the trees whipping, I really wish I would have. But they said afterwards that it was a constant 60mph wind ALL DAY, and gust of up to 80 MPH. It was insane..... so what did we do? Got dressed and went walking... haha

Of course everyone was outside watching... and all of a sudden EVERYONE loses power.... so then they really start piling outside... lol We spot this tree down across the street so I grabbed the camera and the neighbors and Sean, Mikayla and I go to check shit out... lol There are trees down everywhere.... and as we are standing in the parking lot... one falls right beside us... This lady was like I think I'm going to move my car.... and literally no sooner than she got out of moving it.. this tree falls right where her car used to be. It was nuts....

We were without power for 6 days. Luckily the hot water was untouched so showers and everything like that weren't phased..... lol but entertaining a 6 year old for 6 days with no power (cause schools closed all week too) got REAL hard to do.......

We are troopers though... I credit it to our camping skills... hehe Many people we knew either never lost power or got it restored MUCH quicker than us... and we still stayed in our dark little apt. (I have kitty's, I can't leave em)
Got Bored tho... lol Specially the 3 nights that Industrial Nightmare was open and Sean and Bernie both belft me all night long in the dark by myself... I sat on the couch and read magazines by candlelight and texted people.... haha that's about all I could do. And took pictures. ;)
This is my apt. building's inhabitants... hehe We are an eclectic bunch. I actually enjoyed getting to know them all better in our week long excursion on the porch with no power.. Hard to list em inorder of appearance but Mike is standing.. he's right below us in the apt's. His girly friend Amanda is sitting, then Christina who lives next to Mike... then Tristan with her hands up (lol) she's next door to us up on the 3rd floor.. and her boyfriend Randall is next to her (he blends in lmao) We all decided that from the 2nd floor up, we are the coolest apt. building in the complex. ;)
This was one of the bigger trees we encountered walking around

Mike (Mikayla took this picture)
Sean (Mikayla took this picture)
Me (Mikayla took this picture)
Lmao.... This was the day of the storm... we were walking around like idiots.. this picture actually is about the only one.. if you look at the trees in the background, you can see them blowing around..... But this was directly in front of my grandmas house ironically... but this box blows in front of us from across Frankfort Ave.. and lands right in front of where we're walking..... so we had to snap pictures... lmao
This is during the storm too.... this is Frankfort Ave. It's normally a jam packed busy very clean tidy street.... there is debris everywhere on it.
Mik playing in the dirt... lol we did all kinds of shit to entertain her this weekend. My neighbors are awesome people... They all played right along with her the whole time.
The day of the storm EVERYONE's cell phones were dead... and NO ONE had power... EXCEPT......... Tristans work... lol CVS had partial power still, they were closed but they let her take ALL of our cell's down and charge them... haha So she left that day with cell phones and chargers... funny shit. My work, fyi didn't ever lose power... I still got to go in every day and work all day long with RECORD money days because the rest of the neighborhood resturants were closed..... It SUCKED. I have never been this busy there.. and our owners are conviently on vacation this week.. so they missed every bit of it.... Nice. I'm SO glad it's over now.... lol
This was the Biggest tree we seen down.... these pictures can't even justify it.. this tree is absolutly enourmous. Mikayla is four foot one.... and theres a good four more feet of root above her head. Not to mention the width of it... it just straight uprooted and fell over.
This is the tree across the street from me. This tree broke 3 seperate times in the storm.... in this picture.. you can see the part that's fallen already... break #1. Now look at the rest of the tree NEXT to the house thats still standing.....
Now. Look at the tree after it split in half two more times and fell onto the house in two different spots.
This is underneath the ENormous tree Mik was standing in front of three pictures above. And mind you..... when you walk up on this tree from the street that it's blocking..... you can't see this car.... No.... No..... BUT, if you are Robyn... and I happen to be Robyn.... you're retarded and adventourous and have to go climbing around inside the tree on the ground.... lol But, I found a car! lol Saturn Vue is what this WAS.
See... this is the front view of this tree.... you can't see that fucking car. lol It hit an Explorer too but the owners of it moved it really fast. The stop sign is almost gone even.... lol THis tree is huge.... It also did some damage to that house.
And another Tree. lol There were trees everywhere......

6 days of no power........ it was interesting. Yay Hurricanes. But not an ounce of rain.. it was all wind. When we were out walking in it, there were times that I had to drop Mik to the ground and sheild her with my body cause the 80mph gusts were sending rocks and things flying at us and it stung our legs and shit.... I know I probably shouldn't have had her out in it.. but we're not THAT retarded... We were very closely watching the trees above us and the power lines and everything. We knew were we'd be safe standing. We watched a window bust outward too... that was neat.... but people looted the building because of it, so that wasn't very cool....

Anyway...... thats been my week.... lol


At 11:54 AM, Blogger Osbasso said...

Hey! Sounds like an exciting time! Chatted with others in Indiana who lost power, but not as long as you! Funny how you only get to know your neighbors during "events" like these.

Missed your post from last week too. Sorry about that!

At 3:03 PM, Blogger JrJr Moreys said...

Great Pictures!

At 10:59 PM, Blogger exile said...

yeesh, that sucks but i'm glad you're all ok

i was worried about you kids, but i figured you had enough going on without me pestering you for HNT pics. hehehe

At 5:08 AM, Blogger M said...

I hear ya, I'm about an hour east of you and we got rocked. I was actually driving home from Louisville when it happened.

Hope all is well now :)


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